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Apple Airpods 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Treblab X5: Which is Better for You

While these giants are battling for the lead with phones, tablets, computers, and earbuds, some companies are focused on creating worthy alternatives.

By: Aleksey Makohon Date: 09 / 05, 2019 Updated: 26.04.2021, video review added
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In 2016, Apple launched the first generation of the AirPods - true wireless earbuds. Although there were cordless headphones before and after this big release, AirPods set the bar for other products in the niche in terms of sound quality, fit, connectivity, special features, etc.



Truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds (2020 upgraded)

7h play + 4 charges
Passive noise-cancelling
IPX4 water resistant
Compatible with ALL devices

Unrivaled Sound Quality And Range

TREBLAB X5 use expandable silicone-tips to reduce outside noise so they can deliver clear, crisp stereo-quality sound thanks to the advanced 8.2mm drivers.

Long-Lasting Battery For Your Busy Lifestyle

X5 truly wireless earbuds can last for over 35-Hours with the portable charging case that can recharge them up to 4x with charging time taking only 2H.

Read more about TREBLAB X5

In 2019, the AirPods 2 came out on the market bringing some significant improvements and, in a way, becoming even more attractive. But the competition were not sleeping either. Thus, Samsung made the Samsung Galaxy Buds, which, according to some reputable tech magazines, can beat Apple in design, wear, battery life, etc.

While these giants are battling for the lead with phones, tablets, computers, and earbuds, some companies are focused on creating worthy alternatives. They combine Galaxy Buds vs AirPods characteristics but with a more budget price tag. This is how TREBLAB came into the arena of true wireless earbuds.

Yet, the average Internet surfer looking for wireless earbuds has no clue why they should favor Samsung Galaxy Buds vs AirPods, or why they might survey more affordable options with the same functionality.

If you are that person, you’re in the right place. We’re here to answer these questions so that you could purchase the most suitable pair of wireless earbuds.

Table of contents

  • Treblab X5 Like Alternatives to AirPods 2 and Galaxy Buds
    • Perfect stereo for iPhone and Android
    • Custom ear-tips and ear-fins
    • Eight hours of playtime on a single charge
    • Four buttons for easy controls
    • Binaural calls
  • The Samsung Galaxy Buds
    • Rich sound
    • Tight seal
    • Six hours of battery longevity
    • Controls are about the number of taps
    • Voice accelerometer
  • Apple Airpods 2
    • Adequate sound
    • Lack of close-fitting seal
    • Five hours of battery life
    • Quick controls and certain personalization
    • Outside noise filter for a good call quality
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds vs AirPods 2 vs Treblab X5

Treblab X5 Like Alternatives to AirPods 2 and Galaxy Buds

Both camps AirPods 2 vs Galaxy Buds have huge ecosystems of people loving their products. Little do they know that there are unique companies that cultivate their ecosystems as well. They use a more personal, custom-oriented approach, where no one is left behind the door. TREBLAB strives for that.

TREBLAB X5 - Wireless Bluetooth Sports EarphonesFor example, if a customer addresses negative feedback, Alex, the founder of TREBLAB, calls back and solves the issue. This is a common practice of all chief officers in the company. Happy customers are at the core of any operation there.With that in mind, TREBLAB created the X5 top-notch Bluetooth earbuds. They can bravely compete with Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple Airpods and even stand out for sound quality, comfort fit, design, and price point. Take a closer look.

Perfect stereo for iPhone and Android

AirPods vs Galaxy Buds sound quality differs but packs the punch amongst hundreds of alternatives. But not with TREBLAB X5.

TREBLAB X5 feature the ACC sound protocol and Bluetooth 5.0, ideal for iPhone and Android. They have a perfect low end. The highs and mids are clear. The earbuds particularly stand out for the deep bass, same accurate at high volume. In a nutshell, all the snares, all the snaps, the vocals are accurate.


The X5 also feature the latest version of Bluetooth - 5.0, which guarantees immediate, seamless connection with minimum distortion. There’s also the Passive Noise cancellation technology. You don’t have to turn up the volume if some ambient noise is competing with your earbuds. Together with a tight seal, it results in excellent sound quality and necessary isolation.

Custom ear-tips and ear-fins

AirPods 2 vs Galaxy Buds in ear wearing method is what most competitors copy as well.In the TREBLAB X5’s box, you can see three sets of silicone ear-tips, three sets of foam ear-tips, and three sets of ear-fins. So, there are no chances not to find the most convenient fit. The good news is that whatever surface you press a silicone or foam tip against, it’s going to mimic that actual surface.TREBLAB X5 - Wireless Bluetooth Sports EarphonesThe TREBLAB X5 are super comfortable and don’t stick out that much at all. Somebody can’t tell that you’re wearing them. The earbuds are not overly big. Furthermore, some reviewers say that they’ve been wearing them for about four and a half hours without any feeling of ear fatigue or pain. These earbuds are also rated IPX4. If you’re working out with these things and you’re sweating a bunch, you get a little bit of sweat on them - no worries, they will be absolutely fine. Besides, the X5 have passed the shake test. If your workouts are quite intense, they will remain in your ears.

Eight hours of playtime on a single charge

The only earbuds that can compete with these in terms of the battery life are the AirPods and Galaxy Buds. The X5 get eight hours of battery life on a single charge. In any AirPodsvs Galaxy Buds review, you’ll learn that the AirPodsand Galaxy Buds get about six hours of battery life.

TREBLAB X5 - Wireless Bluetooth Sports EarphonesMost true wireless earbuds are closer to two or three hours, but eight hours are incredible, and that is a huge thumbs up for theX5.The charging case itself can provide up to four full charges. It means that the TREBLAB X5’s battery can last for 32 hours.

Four buttons for easy controls

You can control the volume, tracks, voice aid activation, and playback remotely.The X5 have buttons that allow quick controls that are typically used to enable Siri or Google Assistant. You can play, pause the current track, switch them, adjust the volume, answer, or end a phone call. When you run or on the treadmill, these device-free controls mean the world.

Binaural calls

Binaural calls mean all the two earbuds hear the phone call. But you can always accept calls with the left earbud. This characteristic is common to Bluetooth 5.0.TREBLAB X5 have a built-in microphone for phone calls. You can call someone, and they won’t even tell you are talking to them through earbuds. The microphone quality is a major win for the X5. We examined the five main characteristics that allow TREBLAB X5 go boldly toe-to-toe with Apple AirPods2and Galaxy Buds. Last but not least strong point on account of TREBLAB X5 is its affordability. They cost $69.97, have almost the same functionality as AirPods, and are worth every single penny.

Now, let’s analyze the Samsung Galaxy Buds that always stack up against the AirPods.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds

Apple AirPods 2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds have a lot in common: a built-in microphone, wireless connection, virtual assistant activation. However, there’s something that makes each of them exceptional. And the choice, in this case, depends on individual preferences. Let us give you some points.

Rich sound

These earbuds have a tighter fitting design that allows blocking out more ambient noise. Also, customers can download the Galaxy Wear app on an Android device. It is software that customizes sound profile and enables you to set the level of ambient noise and make voices stand out. For some, the sound of the Buds might seem thinner and weaker.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Tight seal

When assessing the Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods for the convenience of wearing, both do not differ too much. For example, the Galaxy Buds excel in a more secure seal. The AirPods have no tight seal at all. Both fall out when you’re sweating to death at a gym.The Galaxy Buds are certified with an IPX2 water resistance rating. They promise to withstand intense sweat, but in practice, they don’t. These earbuds are a little bit bigger and protrude more, but they guarantee a better snug fit in ears thanks to different wingtips. In the Galaxy Buds, you feel more confident because of the tighter grip.

Six hours of battery longevity

The new AirPodsvs Galaxy Buds are almost the same when it’s about the battery life. Samsung declares that the Buds can provide up to six hours of playback on a single charge. Some manage to get only 5 hours. However, if you charge the battery for 15 minutes, it will give you an additional 1.7 hours of playtime. Besides, its outstanding asset is wireless charging.

Controls are about the number of taps

The Galaxy Buds don’t have buttons but activate the same controls with Bixby voice commands. Regarding the number of taps performed, you can manage phone calls, trigger the digital assistant and switch tracks. It is also possible to customize a long tap with Quick Ambient Sound, or Voice Command, or Volume Down.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Voice accelerometer

In this Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods 2 battle for call quality, the winner is Apple earbuds. We’ll describe the AirPods’ aspects in the next chapter. Samsung insists on the Galaxy Buds delivering a better sound quality under noisy conditions thanks to the switch between an external and internal microphone. And it has a voice accelerometer to recognize vocals during the call. Yet, the Buds let more ambient noise and voices sound muffled. The price of Samsung Galaxy Buds is $130. After examining the two most prominent alternatives to the AirPods 2, do you want to know how these features actually work with Apple Earbuds as well?

Apple Airpods 2

If you’re an iPhone user, obviously Apple AirPods might seem more appealing to you. Still, the choice becomes clearer when examining their features in light of other models.

Adequate sound

If you read tech reviews about the AirPods 2, you’ll discover that they do not stand out for the sound quality. Due to their open design, they even allow more ambient noise than any other model. That’s why you’ll need to volume up. And the bass there is compensatory because of this very fact.

Apple Airpods 2

To crank up the sound, you may always use an equalizer in your music app. But we’re speaking of “wireless” here. However, some audiophiles prefer the AirPods over the alternatives for commutes or runs where you need to know the surroundings.

Lack of close-fitting seal

The earbuds are so light that you might be asking yourself constantly: “Are they still there?” which makes it already uncomfortable. Besides, they are not water-resistant. Have you an intense workout or run, they might fall out without you noticing it. But, some feel fine with the lightweight build, especially when it’s about extended wear. The lack of hold lets too much ambient noise creep into your ears. Also, some brusque movements can cause the AirPods to fallout as well.

Five hours of battery life

You can listen to music, make calls, or watch videos. But if you charge the case for 15 minutes, the battery promises to provide three hours of playback and two hours of speak time. The first AirPods don’t contain wireless charging. Apple did release the case that can charge wirelessly. But it doesn’t come in the box - you have to pay extra $80.

Apple Airpods 2

Quick controls and certain personalization

With the buttons on AirPods, you are able to turn on Siri and specific controls, such as Play, Pause and Next Track on each stem at a time. If your device runs Android, then you’d rather need to manage controls with your device. With the new AirPods 2, you can activate Siri hands-free.

Apple Airpods 2

Outside noise filter for a good call quality

The AirPods 2 have dual microphones and sensors and isolate the voice better in the call than the Buds. In general, they sound way louder and more precise. Even though the AirPods let in external noises, for the calls, it doesn’t work. The call quality is amazing.You can purchase AirPods 2 for $199.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs AirPods 2 vs Treblab X5

As you can see, the Galaxy Buds offer some extra perks like wireless charging. But it does work only for Galaxy phones. Also, they have more features and grant better customization. But again - it’s all about Android. If you’re after the consistent integration with your iPhone, then the AirPods 2 is a perfect pick. Besides, by paying $80 for the wireless charger, you don’t need to use a lightning cable. 

Apple Airpods 2 and Samsung Galaxy BudsHowever, if you’re looking for something in between - the same impeccable audio quality, snug fit, way longer battery life, programmable controls, and good phone calls quality at a lower price point - then TREBLAB X5 are the way to go.

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