You will be impressed with how convenient it can be to use our best-sounding portable bluetooth speaker.


    Made for outdoor sports

    • IPX 6 water resistant
    • True Wireless Stereo system
    • 20hrs of continuous play



    Brings fun everywhere with HD 360° sound

    • Loud 360 HD sound
    • IPX4 water resistant
    • Changeable color plates



    Best outdoors wireless speaker

    • Rugged outdoor design
    • Up to 35 hours playback time
    • Built In powerbank



    Small but powerful wireless speaker

    • Light weight of 0.8 lb
    • 25 hours of playtime
    • True Wireless Stereo system



Our line of sport-focused headphones and speakers are built to make your workout flawless.

Enjoy the convenience of wireless sound that’s durable, convenient, and with battery-life that will outlast you.

Hit the gym with our earbuds and experience unbelievable HD sound, water-resistance, and forget-they’re-there comfort.

Try our speakers for your next poolside or cycling adventure and marvel at how much incredible sound can come from something so light and rugged. With TREBLAB, it’s just you, the motion, and the music.

Here’s how the best sounding portable Bluetooth speakers on the market can transform your life

When they first came out, portable Bluetooth speakers offered us the ability to change the way we handle events in our lives. They didn’t just bring more fun and a sense of joy to daily life, they also brought us closer, gathering family, friends, and even strangers in one place to listen together.

They also changed the location of such events. Outdoor wireless speakers brought people to beaches, courtyards, parks, and any other place where quality sound has the ability to unite people.

But how did this all begin? Well, back in 1994, a man named Larry Schotz filed a patent for a digital wireless speaker system. At the same time, the Ericsson company was at work developing Bluetooth technology. The two came together and it was a match made in music heaven! The ability to transmit music to devices several hundred feet away was now a reality.

On the outside, wireless speaker technology seems pretty simple. A transmitter sends a sound frequency to a remote receiver. The loudspeaker this receiver was built into then broadcasts the signal.

Suddenly two people could be listening to the same music, with the same stereo quality sound, despite one of them being in the kitchen and the other lying poolside in the backyard.

We won’t go over the entire history of the outdoor Bluetooth speaker system, but if today you are still plugging your phone into a wired speaker and turning the volume up to entertain your guests, then you should definitely consider an update.

Change has never been so clear or so affordable as it is now with portable wireless speakers.

What are waterproof and wireless Bluetooth speakers anyway?

These days wireless stereo speakers come with a lot of great features that any lover of high-quality sound would find really useful. Additionally, wireless stereo speakers are water resistant and offer a host of other benefits. Who wouldn't like to take their music to a lake or on a camping trip? What about listening in the shower?

The total list of features is truly eye-popping:

  • Superior xW sound (might vary according to the type of speaker used) 360° HD sound
  • Playtime of up to half a day on a single charge (we aren’t joking — they really are super powerful)
  • Shockproof body
  • Ability to pair two speakers (if you find a speaker that supports this function, we highly recommend it)
  • Strong bass power output
  • Long battery life (especially beneficial for outdoor activities when time has the tendency to fly by)

Once you know the features you want, all that’s left is to find a manufacturer that can provide them all at a price that fits your budget. Which brings us to TREBLAB.

TREBLAB is a high-end audio products manufacturer and a part of the Productech Corporation, which is headquartered in Miami, Florida. In addition to speakers, TREBLAB produces earbuds and earphones and collaborates with well-known companies around the world, like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Newegg, Rakuten, Wish, and Indiegogo, to name just a few.

Here are the two most important things you need to know about TREBLAB:

#1: TREBLAB took all of the above technologies and packed them into the best waterproof Bluetooth lightweight speaker on the market — the HD77.

But TREBLAB went one step further and made the HD77 with 25W of crisp 360° HD Sound and DualBass double subwoofers. The final result is a crisp, pure sound. The HD77 also allows up to 20 hours of playtime thanks to its PlayXtend battery.

The HD77 is waterproof as well, and sports an IPX 6 rating, rendering the device safe from sweat, heavy rain, and even from being used in the shower. The only thing we don’t recommend? Don’t wash it under a stream of running water.

The HD77 also features high-speed connectivity with iOS, Android, or Windows devices thanks to Bluetooth and the LED indicator. Furthermore, the HD77 has been certified by Amazon, which is known for its high industry standards.

The icing on the cake is the HD77’s ability to pair two speakers thanks to True Wireless Stereo technology. This technology allows you to pair two speakers while maintaining equal sound distribution between the right and left channels to create the best stereo quality sound available. The result is a sort of 3D surround sound effect.

#2: TREBLAB cherishes its customers who are represented across all parts of the global community.

Our customers are composed of all kinds of individuals, from parents busy organizing their children’s birthday parties in the backyard, to street volleyball players, seaside party animals, and all those others who traditionally spend their leisure time outdoors and want to make that time truly unforgettable.

Over the years, TREBLAB’s products have become indispensable to those attempting to reach their athletic goals and to all who are looking to better their lives.

Athletes use TREBLAB’s products to provide focus and motivation for themselves, while ordinary individuals who are eager to get into better shape find TREBLAB’s products beneficial in motivating them to do so.

The TREBLAB team keeps this all in mind, in the meantime providing products to Olympians, sports enthusiasts, and anyone looking to exercise while listening to great, high quality sound. Our goal is to help people achieve their fitness goals without having to worry about their devices or how much they cost.

How can a waterproof, portable Bluetooth speaker positively influence health?

Here’s a sobering statistic for parents: the average American child spends anywhere from five to eight hours a day staring at a screen. Kids have traded outdoor time for screen time, and this has had a serious impact on their mental and physical health.

Are you a parent who’s constantly nagging their child to set aside their device and go outside?

But this isn’t a problem confined to just minors. The average American spends 93% of their life indoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. As a result of statistics like this one, our current generation has been dubbed the “indoor generation.”

Maybe you’re already doing your best to instill a love for nature and healthy activities in your children, or maybe you’re trying to spend more time in the outdoors yourself.

Going outside doesn’t have to be a chore. Simply bring your loudest Bluetooth 5 speaker with you, connect it to your device, put on your favorite playlist, and just enjoy the place, the sound, and the company of those around you.

Because here’s the truth: when you attach positive emotions to something, it becomes easier to make it a habit. In other words, if you begin to associate outdoor activities with happiness, fun, and relaxation, it’ll become easier to incorporate them into your routine. As a result, you’ll spend more time outside, which will, in turn, have a positive impact on your health and the lives and happiness of those around you.