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At TREBLAB, we’re raising awareness about what true outdoor Bluetooth speakers are, their primary characteristics, and what the pack should include in the first place. So, do not buy a portable Bluetooth speaker online until you know what to look for.
We’ll walk you through the process of choosing by going deep on the features that meet your needs the most. So, let’s get down to it.

How Can You Choose Portable Speakers?

If you research, you’ll discover that most Bluetooth wireless speakers online come with a lot of great features that any lover of high-quality sound would find really useful. Additionally, they are water-resistant and offer a host of other benefits. Who wouldn't like to take their music to a lake or on a camping trip? What about listening in the shower?

Here’s the list of features that a true Bluetooth wireless portable speaker must contain:

Superior xW sound, where x is a Watt power

Find out how powerful the speaker’s drivers are to stream the audio as well as what is the handling on any music itself. Learn about the bass, mids, highs, treble. It becomes crucial when organizing events you want your friends to report as unforgettable.

Playtime on a single charge

Usually, the best portable speakers with Bluetooth provide 20 hours and up of seamless playtime. Do not settle for less! TREBLAB FX100 portable speaker, for example, lasts for up to 35 hours. It can definitely outlast any party. Moreover, it serves as a power bank. So, all the while, your other devices won’t die either.

Shockproof body

Any audio Bluetooth speaker must have a durable, rugged construction. You’ll want to use it at home as well as in the open air. That’s why it should be tough enough to be used for all your outdoor sports, hiking, camping, etc.

Water resistance rating

Do not buy a portable music speaker if it’s not waterproof. Usually, speakers are certified with IPX water resistance rating, where X means the level of waterproofing capability. It varies from 1 to 8. The bigger the number, the better the protection is.

Ability to pair two speakers

This technology is called TWS. This technology allows you to pair two speakers while maintaining equal sound distribution between the right and left channels to create the best stereo quality sound available. The result is a sort of 3D surround sound effect. For example, you can pair TREBLAB HD77 with another HD77 to get a real blast of music.

Different perks

Bluetooth speakers may come with other benefits like a built-in microphone for calls, bike mount, replaceable panels, different color bags, etc. They do not particularly define your choice but might be important when comparing the price of a Bluetooth speaker and the overall package.

Once you know the features you want, all that’s left is to find a manufacturer that can provide you all at a price that fits your budget. Which brings you to TREBLAB.

Advantages of Buying Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Online on Treblab Website

Users, who want to buy speakers online in USA from TREBLAB, have access to the whole lineup of products.
As you can see from the section, the TREBLAB speakers' range consists of four flagship speakers: FX100, HD55, HD77, and HD7. We promise that the cost of a Bluetooth speaker will impress you as well. Let us look through them briefly.

FX100 was created for active families and people on the move. The speaker is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, which makes it ideal for trips to the seaside, park, gym, office - you name it!

HD55 was made tough for tough events. Also, it is perfect as a gift. It can become a great addition to street sports, parties, traveling, etc. If you love quality time with amazing soundtracks, then this thing is for you.

HD77 was designed for outdoor sports and adventures. The HD77 is IPX6 waterproof, rendering the device safe from sweat, heavy rain, and even from being used in the shower. HD77 can pair with another speaker thanks to True Wireless Stereo technology.

HD7 is a compact speaker with the same powerful surround sound. It is super handy and IPX6 water resistance rated. The speaker lasts for up to 25 hours on a single charge. It’s a boon for any trip!

To sum up, each of them meets the standards mentioned above and stands out for some particular points. After regarding every speaker closely, you need to learn about the advantages you get when you buy a Bluetooth portable sound speaker from TREBLAB.

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When you buy any product at TREBLAB, you get into a relationship with the brand. You become a part of the family and the huge ecosystem of people living an active lifestyle. In short, you are our number one priority and we’re here to help you make a good choice.
Buy portable Bluetooth speaker online from TREBLAB and enjoy the flawless streaming of music!