The athletic wireless headphones to power through your workout.

Our line of sport-focused headphones and speakers are built to make your workout flawless.

Enjoy the convenience of wireless sound that’s durable, convenient, and with battery-life that will outlast you.

Hit the gym with our earbuds and experience unbelievable HD sound, water-resistance, and forget-they’re-there comfort.

Try our speakers for your next poolside or cycling adventure and marvel at how much incredible sound can come from something so light and rugged. With TREBLAB, it’s just you, the motion, and the music.

TREBLAB online headphone store presents Z2 and BT5 premium headphones. They feature top-notch material and the latest technology of wireless connection and hands-free performance.

TREBLAB Z2 ultra-premium wireless headphones are ideal for hardcore gym rats, travelers, and home chilling lovers. Also, many people use them to disconnect from the outside world.

TREBLAB BT5 advanced wireless headphones are made for people whose workouts are tough, and they care about the comfort most of all. Crossfit fans can find them particularly useful as well.

The Bluetooth headphones price for Z2 and BT5 constitutes $49.97 and $89 respectively.

Here are the characteristics that will help you pick good headphones with mic.

How To Choose Great Headphones?

To buy ideal Bluetooth headphones online, find out if they contain:

Advanced passive noise canceling technology (PNC)

This technology blocks out the ambient noise. You don’t want external sounds or other songs to interrupt your workout plan. That’s why PNC is so necessary. Additionally, the over-ear design gives a tight seal and contributes to drowning out the outside sound.

Latest Bluetooth versions - 4.2 - 5.0

Good headphones to buy must connect in seconds with a device thanks to the Bluetooth technology. The later the version, the better and more seamless the connectivity is.

Needed design

Original headphones have the over-the-ear hold. Their earcups should be soft and made from high-quality material to provide a snug fit. Customers should feel comfortable and confident wearing them at a gym.

Water-resistance rating IPX4-IPX7

Headphones are rarely used for running but more for workout sessions. So, if you do · headphones online shopping and find the headset with the IPX4 rating, don’t hesitate to snatch them up - it is quite enough to withstand sweat.

Easy button controls: switch, play, pause, etc.

Usually, they feature minimum buttons. It’s the number of taps that defines the type of a function: play, pause, switch tracks, adjust volume, enable digital assistants, etc.

Audio codecs relevancy to a particular OS

Bluetooth technology helps to connect. But when it comes down to sound reproduction, there should be an audio codec relevant to a particular operating system. It assures the best audio performance. For example, Apple prefers AAC audio codec.

Remote calls management and digital assistants activation

You don’t want to exercise and distract for calls. That’s why the Bluetooth headphone with mic allows making calls hands-free and activating Siri, Google Assistant, or Bixby.

Long battery life (from at least 20 hours of playtime)

You can buy cheap headphones and still enjoy up to 30 hours of playtime. The Bluetooth headphone with mic might last longer if it features the save-energy technology.

Satisfactory cost of headphones vs value

You don’t have to overpay for high-quality headphones. Do your research, consult with the manufacturer about the material, delivery, fit, etc.

Advantages of Buying Headphones online on Treblab Website

TREBLAB has adopted the custom-oriented approach in every single step of serving people. If you buy Bluetooth headsets online from TREBLAB, you’ll discover what it is like when the brand cherishes its customers.

Our global community of customers is composed of all kinds of individuals: from parents busy organizing their children’s birthday parties in the backyard, to street volleyball players, seaside party animals, and all those others who traditionally spend their leisure time outdoors and want to make that time truly unforgettable.

Over the years, TREBLAB products have become indispensable to those attempting to reach their athletic goals and to all who are looking to better their lives.

Athletes use TREBLAB products to provide focus and motivation for themselves, while ordinary individuals who are eager to get into better shape find TREBLAB products beneficial in motivating them to do so.

The TREBLAB team keeps this all in mind, in the meantime providing products to Olympians, sports enthusiasts, and anyone looking to exercise while listening to great, high-quality sound. Our goal is to help people achieve their fitness goals without having to worry about their devices or the price of headphones.

Here are some solid benefits that the customers who order headphones online get from TREBLAB:

  • Free delivery for USA residents.
  • Win-win Referral Program that brings value to everyone involved in your environment.
  • Support in the long run.
  • Free returns within 30 days.
  • No counterfeit products. Guaranteed.
  • One-year warranty with refund and replace claims.

To make your user experience as successful as possible, the brand suggests registering the product on the site to get the following perks (besides those mentioned above): up to 3 free accessories replacements for your product within 12 months, an opportunity to take part in monthly giveaways of gift cards, and a sweet little surprise from the brand!

You can also manage your orders and track them until the delivery date.