Active Noise cancelling earphones



  • 8h play
    2h charge

  • Passive

  • Secure fit
    with earhooks

  • IPX 7
    water resistant

  • Compatible
    with ALL devices

  • Superb wireless earbuds designed for a secure fit and comfortable wear
  • Water resistant for when your workout gets that intense
  • Anti-drop security fins keep them firmly in place
  • They’re no quitters, with 8 hours of battery life
  • Noise cancelling, letting you enjoy awesome HD sound
  • Compatible with ALL Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Superb wireless earbuds designed for a secure fit and comfortable wear
  • Water resistant for when your workout gets that intense
  • Anti-drop security fins keep them firmly in place
  • They’re no quitters, with 8 hours of battery life
  • Noise cancelling, letting you enjoy awesome HD sound
  • Compatible with ALL Bluetooth-enabled devices


Discover super-comfortable wireless earbuds that stay put when the going gets tough. Superb sound quality and 8 hours of battery life - that’s your soundtrack for sport all sorted.


You’ll enjoy perfect sound clarity while you’re banging out those reps. Ramp up the volume and feel that bass motivating you to perform.


When you need to get through it, keep focused with passive noise-cancelling technology that uses ear-tips to block out external sounds. It helps you to stay focused the whole time you’re training.


Pair up at the push of a button and stay connected time and again. The Treblab XR500 bluetooth earbuds offer reliable connectivity, giving you the freedom to roam.


Make everything you do more fun with XR500 Bluetooth earphones or we’ll give you a refund!
One year warranty and 30-DAY RETURNS makes this a zero-risk purchase. Also expect our world-famous A+ Customer Care.

  • TREBLAB XR500 Earbuds
  • 3 sizes of Silicone Eartips
  • TREBLAB XR500 Carrying case
  • Cable Clip
  • USB/Micro USB Charging cable
  • TREBLAB XR500 User Manual


Ask a Question
  • Can I have a conversation on the phone with these? Was looking for a mic or information on this.

    All of the TREBLAB headphones are equipped with a built-in microphone and can be used as a headset.

  • Do you have a pdf of these TREBLAB XR500?

    You can find all the manuals on the page or on each product's page in the tab "manual".

  • What does the term decibel output mean?

    Decibel output meaning the measurement of a sound level of the earphones. The decibel output for XR500 is 102 (plus or minus 3 db). And supplied ear tips help to block the ambient noise from the environment.   Most headphones are within the range of 85-120 dB SPL/mW. To provide some context, regular city traffic is around 80dB, a shouting voice 105dB, loud thunder is 110dB, rock band 120dB and a jet taking off 130dB.

  • Can you mute the microphone on the earphone or do you have to do that on the phone?

    For the mute function, there is no combination of pressing the buttons on the TREBLAB XR500. Yes, you can do that on the phone.

  • Do the XR500s have support for aptX and aptX HD?

    TREBLAB XR500 headset doesn't support Qualcomm aptX technology. Among the earbuds of our brand, two models have got this feature - TREBLAB J1 and TREBLAB RF100.

  • Can i use my XR500 headphones while taking a shower?

    Please note, as it's stated in the product description and manual, that TREBLAB earbuds are suitable for splashing, rain or snow, showering, accidental exposure to water of up to 3 feet for up to 30 minutes (water resistance rating is ipx7).  But are unsuitable for swimming, diving into water, snorkeling or scuba diving, high-speed watersports, etc.

  • Can you change the song with these?

    Yes, you can change the songs to previous or next, in order to do so please Long press the Volume Up/Down buttons.

  • are these waterproof? working out in pool

    Treblab XR500 is rated ipx7. Meaning XR500 will not be damaged by rain or even in the shower - but we strongly do not recommend using them in a pool.

  • Can i connect these to my smart tv? how? thank you

    To pair the Treblab XR500 with your smart TV please activate each Bluetooth, then press the Home button XR500 for 6 sec, the blue/red light will start to flash. Once your TV finds Treblab, please select it for connection.
    Please contact our support directly for further assistance.

  • What is the maximum decibel output?

    The decibel output for XR500 is 102 (plus or minus 3 db).

  • Do these shut off automatically?

    You can turn the headphones off manually by pressing the Power button for 2 seconds. However, they will go off automatically, when unpaired from a device and there are no active another Bluetooth devices which were paired earlier.

  • What is the warranty on these?

    EVERY BRAND-NEW TREBLAB PRODUCT purchased directly from one of our official selling channels is covered by a 1-year warranty*. REFURBISHED items for sale have a 90-day warranty. The item can be replaced only once within the warranty period. THE WARRANTY PERIOD begins on the date of purchase.   If the product is determined to be defective, TREBLAB will replace the product or its defective parts (with new or refurbished product) or refund your purchase.

  • Are these compatible with iphone 10?

    TREBLAB earphones easily connect with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

  • Se sincroniza con la televisión,A2DP

    Kindly note that TREBLAB XR500 can be easily paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

    The XR500 Bluetooth profiles are: Headset, Hands-free, A2DP, AVRCP.

  • What functions do the buttons have?

    Function                                      Operation
    Power On                                     Long press "HOME BUTTON" for 2 seconds 
    Power Off                                     Long press "HOME BUTTON" for 2 seconds
    In Pairing Mode                            Long press "HOME BUTTON" for 4 seconds
    Answering Call                              Short press "HOME BUTTON" one time
    End Call                                        Short press "HOME BUTTON" one time
    Reject                                           Long press "HOME BUTTON" for 2 seconds
    Redial                                           Double press "HOME BUTTON" one time
    Cancel / End                                 Short press "HOME BUTTON" one time
    Pause / Play                                  Short press "HOME BUTTON" one time
    Volume+ / Volume                        Short press +/ -
    Previous song / Next song              Long press +/ -

  • The volume system is confusing to me. To achieve maximum volume, you can't just turn your phone volume all the way up. You need to click the + button several times until you hear the loud beeping sound and even then it may need a few more clicks to get as loud as possible. How and why does the volume system work like this?

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this feature might cause.

    I would like to let you know that such a volume system has been implemented to provide you with more volume steps so you can find the most comfortable volume level for you.

    However, please note that, once set, the earbuds will remember the volume level. So, you won't need to click the volume + button again and will be able to control the volume level directly from your phone.

  • Can I use when watching tv?

    TREBLAB earphones easily connect with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. If your TV has Bluetooth, the earphones can be paired to your TV.   Тo connect TREBLAB earphones to your device:   Set the buds to discovery mode, by pressing and holding the home button until you see blue and red led’s flashing. Find “TREBLAB” in the Bluetooth menu on your device and click “TREBLAB”.

  • What are the main differences between the xr800 and the xr500? Which has better sound quality? Which has better bass? The size of the drive in both earphones?

    The XR500 and XR800 models have a lot in common. They are both rated ipx7 so you can listen to music in a shower with them. They both provide an amazing quality of sound and comfort and come with a microphone and call management system - so you can’t go wrong whichever one you choose.   However, the TREBLAB XR800 are brand-new 2017 headphones with a new design, featuring a more-comfortable ear hook, so they are more-adjustable and more-forgiving of size differences.   Also, the shape of XR800 is improved for better bass response.  The nozzle size in both earphones is 4 mm.

  • Is the mic noise canceling? If so, how much? Thank you

    TREBLAB XR500 earbuds have СVС 6.0 noise-cancellation technology in the built-in Mic to make phone conversations clearer. However, the microphone is not windproof.

  • Do these support the A2DP profile?

    Yes the Support agreement of X5 is following: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP

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