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Treblab XR500

Ultimate sports earbuds

Wireless earbuds for sports that won’t stop until you do: secure-fit in your ears, sweat-resistant and with extra-long battery life they’re no quitters, delivering your workout hits with awesome HD sound and passive noise cancellation.





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Best Seller
No wires
No hype
Pure sound
  • true
    hd sound

    Crisp treble &
    deep bass

  • water

    No fear of sweat
    with IPX7

  • secure

    Soft but clingy
    rubber ear-hooks

  • longest
    battery life

    9h play / 2h


    Bluetooth 4.1
    pairing in seconds


Unleash yourself from wires with XR500 ultimate workout earphones. Be spontaneous & dynamic without the risk of tripping over wires. Be intense and stubborn without the risk of drowning your XR500 in sweat.

Push your limits - your music will be with you, wireless, waterproof and ready to play 9 hours, no recharge.


Work out till you soak, run in the rain, break the sweat - and own the fun of it with XR500 soundtracking your victories. This ultimate companion is tough enough to endure whatever you endure and has the IPX7 rating to prove it.


The primary purpose of XR500 is to bring you the best sound. Cutting edge components and Bluetooth 4.1 CSR deliver crisp treble and deep bass - full scale of sound for your full-scale inspiration.


  • 1


    4.1 CSR

  • 2

    Bluetooth profiles:


  • 3

    Noise Cancelling:

    СМС 6.0

  • 4

    Operation time:

    up to 9 hours

  • 5

    Charging time:

    2 hours

  • 6

    Signal range:

    38 feet

  • 7


    displayed on device

  • 8


    multi-device connection

what people
are saying about us

what people
are saying about us

In the box

  • TREBLAB XR500 Earbuds
  • TREBLAB XR500 User Manual
  • TREBLAB XR500 Carrying case
  • Cable Clip
  • 3 sizes of Silicone Eartips
  • 3 sizes of Expandable Foam Eartips
  • USB/Micro USB Charging cable


No matter how long you run, your music is here to stay. XR500 long-life battery lasts for amazing 9 hours of play VS 2 hours of recharge. If you need additional stamina - we’ve got it.


XR500 pairs with your phone, tablet, computer or TV in mere seconds. Steady Bluetooth 4.1. CSR makes sure your song won’t stop, unless you gotta get that call with the built-in HD mic and hands-free controls.

product overview

product overview

made for sports

Treblab XR500

Ultimate sports earbuds

Run, push, put your sweat in what you strive for: XR500 won’t stop till you’re done.



  • HD sound: crisp treble & deep bass
  • Water resistant: no fear of sweat with IPX7
  • Secure fit: soft but clingy rubber ear-hooks
  • Endurance: 9h play / 2h charge
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.1 pairing in seconds
  • Hands-free: HD mic & track/volume controls





free shipping on all usa orders!


Customer Reviews

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  • 01.

    How secure is the fit? Can I workout in the gym or jog without worrying that they will jump out of my ears?

    Soft rubber finish and secure ear-hooks ensure a perfectly snug fit and reliable fixation so that they will not fall out throughout the most intense workouts. You can also use the supplied cord clip to ensure additional fixation and proper fit.

  • 02.

    How can I register my TREBLAB XR500 for warranty?

    Please, fill out the form "Warranty" which can be found in the lower section of the website.

  • 03.

    Can I pair TREBLAB XR500 with my TV, iPhone or Android device?

    Yes, your TREBLAB XR500 can be paired with any TV, iOS or Android devices via improved Bluetooth 4.1 technology. XR500 supports multi-device connection and can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  • 04.

    What is the Bluetooth signal range for TREBLAB XR500?

    TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth signal range is up to 38ft, you can use your earphones wirelessly at home or at the gym, without having to carry your phone or another device on you.

  • 05.

    Can I accept phone calls with these earbuds?

    Yes, you can answer the calls and talk on the phone with TREBLAB XR500. Just touch the *HOME* button when someone’s calling and touch again to hang up.

  • 06.

    Is this waterproof, can I swim in the pool with them?

    TREBLAB XR500 are water resistant, meaning they will not be damaged by rain or even in the shower - but we strongly do not recommend using them in a pool.

  • 07.

    What is the battery life of TREBLAB XR500 wireless headphones?

    TREBLAB XR500 wireless headphones have up to 9 hours of battery life.

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