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Wired vs Wireless Headphones: Which is Better for You?

Wired vs wireless headphones - which one to pick? Most people ask themselves when willing to switch from old types of earphones to new, trendy ones.

By: Aleksey Makohon Date: 11 / 13, 2019 Updated: 01.05.2021, video review added
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Wired vs wireless headphones - which one to pick?, most people ask themselves when willing to switch from old types of earphones to new, trendy ones. Does wireless technology really compromise on sound quality? Will it feel sturdy in my ears if purchasing a wireless model? All these questions seem fair when you face the dilemma between the two types. Luckily, we’re here to help you. You’ll understand the difference between them as well as get a clear idea which one is the best particularly for you. 

So, let’s get started right now.

Table of Contents

  • Advantages of Wireless Headphones
    • Convenience of wireless technology
    • Universal compatibility
    • Comfort of wearing
    • Audio decency
  • For Whom Wireless Headphones Is the Best Choice
  • Advantages of Wired Earbuds
    • Terrific sound quality
    • Battery life
    • Price
  • For Whom Wired Headphones Is the Best Choice
  • Conclusion

Advantages of Wireless Headphones 

Bluetooth and wired headphones have distinctive characteristics. The biggest asset of the wireless technology is the convenience of hands-free use.

Convenience of wireless technology

The latest Bluetooth technology allows the signal range of 33 feet (10.06 m) from your device without affecting the sound quality. Obviously, the biggest advantage is the lack of cords that tangle behind the neck. In simple words, wired headphones cannot beat wireless ones in terms of mobility freedom that the latter provide. It especially makes sense when exercise is getting tough and very dynamic. 

wireless technology

Universal compatibility 

Nowadays, any device features Bluetooth mode, which makes any wireless headphones compatible with those devices. Moreover, they can address the issue when a device has no a jack and there’s no adapter. For example, iPhone 7 needs a separate adapter to connect a 3.5 mm cable to a smartphone. The iPhone 7 has no headphone jack, and if you don’t have an adapter, the only way out is connecting via Bluetooth. 



Comfort of wearing

Wired or wireless headset differs by the comfort of wearing. Wireless headphones might come with multiple sets of ear-tips, ear-fins, and ear-hooks in the box to ensure the ultimate comfort of wearing. There are way more options in terms of comfort here. TREBLAB, for example, offers the XR700 wireless headphones with adjustable ear-hooks. You can bend them until you feel that you found a tight hold. 


Let's compare the most popular models on the market: Gear IconX vs Airpods vs Treblab xFit

Audio decency

Wired headphones marketers speculate on the sound defect of wireless headsets. However, wireless headphones have undergone huge shifts in this area, and an advanced audio distribution profile now allows streaming high-quality stereo via SBC codec. Some manufacturers went further and “stuffed” their electronics with aptX codec for even more seamless audio delivering.   

For Whom Wireless Headphones Is the Best Choice 

Wired and wireless headphones maintain different lifestyles. Cordless ones enhance, even empower more active lifestyle. They are ideal for athletes of any level. For example, wireless in-ear earbuds are good for runners outdoors or on a treadmill. They are super light, compact and often come with the charging case that is like a cigarette lighter. It allows having them charged almost all the time. 

Hardcore gym rats might wear them as well but usually they prefer over-the-ear wireless headphones. They provide a tight seal on a head and a complete noise isolation, whereas in-ears allow hearing some noise from surroundings for safety measures. 

Travelers can also benefit from wireless headphones. They help survive long noisy flights and allow immersing into pure music. 

wireless headphones for travelers

Gamers love wireless headsets as well. First of all, they don’t have to sit close to a TV, and the sound quality is good enough to enjoy video games. 

Advantages of Wired Earbuds

Wired earbuds have their strong points as well. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. 

Terrific sound quality

Bluetooth headphones vs wired ones cannot be put in the same line in terms of sound quality. Wired headphones minimize the chances of interference and lag issues that otherwise affect audio reproduction. With Bluetooth connection, there are audio compression and data loss deteriorating stereo quality.

Terrific sound quality

Battery life 

Unlimited use is another asset of a wired headset. A lot of wired headphones don’t need a power supply. So, you can plug them into any device and listen to music anywhere and anytime without worrying about draining the battery.


Wireless earbuds vs wired ones vary by the price tag. Since wired headsets do not rely on a built-in battery, they are more affordable to manufacturers and to users. Another reason is a simple mechanism of functioning. Besides, if you want wireless earbuds to have the same sound quality, you’ll need to pay the double cost.

Wired Headphones Is the Best Choice?

For Whom Wired Headphones Is the Best Choice

This type of headphones is for those who have a sedentary lifestyle. Office employees can combine work and fun, if permitted. For audiophiles, wired headphones is a way better choice due to the sound quality. For example, Djs and sound engineers would like IEMS - in-ear monitors - that stand out for detailed sound and accuracy. However, they are not convenient for exercising and running. 


The purchase of Bluetooth or wired headphones should be based on your lifestyle and needs, in the first place. If you need more portability and freedom of movements, go for wireless options. If the sound quality is super important to you, then use old-school wired headsets. However, keep in mind that wireless ones have adopted tools that allow almost the same quality audio reproduction. It’s only a very meticulous hearing can notice the difference.

For professional use, go for wired ones as well. The battery life is not a selling point as well as the price of headphones with wires. Nowadays, manufacturers of cordless earphones insert rechargeable and energy saving batteries that provide up to 30 hours of playtime. As for the price, it is always possible to find a pair of wireless headphones that work with any budget. In a nutshell, when surveying wireless vs wired earbuds, the only reason for you to stick with a wired option is a specific professional purpose.

If you decide to go wireless, TREBLAB offers a wide range of audio electronics. Let us introduce a few stellar ones:

Treblab Headphones

  • Treblab Z2: made for tough workouts at a gym. They contain active noise canceling technology, water-resistance rating and deliver True-HD sound with deep bass. 
  • Treblab X3 Pro can pair with any device within a 33ft range so you can keep running.
  • The series TREBLAB XR (Xrun, XR500-800) for runners feature signature adjustable ear-hooks, high-quality sound quality, sweatproof rating, and universal compatibility;
  • X2-X5 for runners and gym lovers are often called AirPods Killers due to the same sound quality and snug fit. But these ones come with 3 sets of ear-tips and ear-fins for everyone to find their ideal fit;
  • xFIT and xGo are super compact and meantime super powerful. The charging case is like a gum pack fitting into any pocket. So they can be charged all the time;

The good news is that despite being stuffed with the features of the latest wireless technology, TREBLAB headphones come with under $100 price tag. 

For a better understanding of the difference between the two types, here’s a comparison table. 


Wireless headphones 

Wired headphones


  • Convenience of wireless technology:
    • 33 feet signal range
    • mobility freedom
  • Universal compatibility
  • Comfort of wearing:
    • sets of ear-tips, ear-fins, and ear-hooks
  • Audio Decency thanks to SBC and aptX codec audio codecs
  • Better sound quality due to no distortion that might happen with wireless option
  • Battery life is bigger due to wired connection to a device
  • Price tag might be cheaper


  • Little distortion due to Bluetooth connection
  • Lack of freedom

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