Samsung Gear IconX vs Galaxy Buds vs Treblab Z2: Which is Better for Sports?

Samsung Gear IconX vs Galaxy Buds vs Treblab Z2: Which is Better for Sports?

When examining Galaxy Buds vs IconX, you might get confused because they seem similar. This is fair since they have almost the same performance and sound reproduction. However, each has some signature features that make them stand out. For example, the Gear IconX allow uploading your favorite tracks to the earbuds to enjoy music during exercises, whereas the Galaxy Buds support wireless charging.  

Also, the cost of these earbuds seems too high for some. In this case, it is reasonable to look for a decent alternative.

In this piece, we’ll show clearly the difference between the Samsung Gear IconX and Galaxy Buds and present another pair of wireless headphones - TREBLAB Z2 - that can compete boldly. Ready? Here we go!

TREBLAB Z2 - for workouts

Treblab Z2 as an Alternative to Samsung Gear IconX and Galaxy Buds

TREBLAB Z2 really can stack up against the serious couple Gear IconX vs Galaxy Buds. We’ll prove it from the point of view of the audio quality, battery life, fit, and value vs. money ratio. 

Look at TREBLAB Z2

Pure CD-quality sound straight to the ears

The TREBLAB Z2 premium headphones provide an outstanding audio experience: the immersive audio with weighty and nuanced bass. 

The manufacturer claims this model features AAC, aptX, aptX Low Latency, SBC audio codecs, which means they work great for both Android and iOS. Plus, the sound is protected with the patented T-Quiet Active Noise Cancelling technology. In other words, they don’t let noises from outside creep into your music experience. 

Also, the TREBLAB Z2 boast the latest Bluetooth 5.0 tech.  Thus, there are no problems with connectivity. It actually takes just two seconds to pair the Z2 with your phone.  

30 hours of playtime

These headphones last for over 30 hours. If jumping ahead a bit, we’ll reveal that this couple Galaxy Buds vs Gear IconX don’t come close to such battery life. 

You can test the Z2 by putting them to work for a day and a half at different volumes and with varying genres of music. And they will still stream for the full promised hours of playtime.

Necessary comfort

Here’s the thing - these are over-ear wireless headphones. When compared with the Samsung Gear IconX vs Galaxy Buds, they are different in design and hold. What makes a user feel comfortable? 

Z2 - Most Comfortable

They have soft ear-cups. But the way, the manufacturer uses the same ultra-soft materials, that are also used in A-class cars. The Z2 are not heavy. If you take them to a gym, you won’t be disappointed. These sports Bluetooth headphones are sweat-, and waterproof and won’t slip around if the workout gets tough. 

Value vs money is absolutely beneficial 

The Z2 cost $89. The Gear IconX is priced at $199.99, and the Galaxy Buds - at $129.99. The difference is significant. In the meantime, the general user experience with Z2 is much better, when it comes down to the most critical features that define the choice. So, from the value vs. money perspective, the Z2 prevail.

Look at TREBLAB Z2

Now, let’s take a closer look at their competitors - IconX vs Galaxy Buds. 


Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds

If you have a Samsung phone, Samsung headphones are obviously a perfect match. Besides, a lot of those privileges are available thanks to the Samsung Galaxy wearables app. That’s a huge asset, after all. Here are the most important conclusions about the Galaxy Buds that you should know. 

Rich and detailed sound 

The sound reproduction is accurate. Speaking of connectivity, it’s ideal with all Samsung devices. Besides, the Bluetooth 5.0 firmware contributes to the best connection that wireless headphones might have with minimum distortions. 

As for the audio quality of the Galaxy Buds, they do not support the aptX codec applied to deliver the stereo in non-Android devices. On the flip side, the Buds have the AAC codec - quite sufficient for reproducing the sound in iPhones. 

6.53 hours on a single charge

Here’s the thing - for in-ear wireless earbuds, such battery life is pretty good. We wouldn’t have given more scores to TREBLAB Z2 because of their 30 hours since both differ in the build and the packing. But you can always add extra seven hours with the charging case. 

6.53 hours on a single charge

Classic in-ear design

This pair comes with three sets of silicone eartips and wingtips. Technically, it is enough to get a secure fit and a good seal. 

The wearing experience differs with these Buds. Some users reach a tight seal, while others still feel some room in the ears. But if you’re a big fan of these earbuds and are ready to compromise the fit, it’s always possible to purchase third-party tips to get the needed hold.

Fair cost regarding additional perks 

By perks, we mean that the price includes the wireless charging case. It’s compact so that you can put it in the jeans’ pocket. They say that with 15 minutes of charging, it is possible to get two hours of playtime. 

Also, speaking of the sound, you can always download the Galaxy Wear app to customize the audio profile. But most professional reviewers are absolutely satisfied with the vocals, bass, tonality they hear from the buds themselves.

Samsung Gear IconX 

Samsung Gear IconX

Before even getting to the point about the price, we have to conclude - these earbuds are super expensive. So, if you regard them as your next pair of truly wireless earbuds, the analysis must be double scrupulous. Let’s dive in here too.

Unimpressive sound

The sound is good, clear and detailed at high volume, which is excellent considering the tiny size of the buds. However, the bass seems fake. 

Samsung Gear IconX do not feature any high-quality codecs. It’s just SBC that is quite fine for Android and iOS. You can also download the Samsung Gear app here and adjust the stereo with an equalizer. 

4.2 Bluetooth version - not bad, but 

A few words about the connectivity. It is perfect with both Android phones and an iPhone. By the way, Gear IconX have the 4.2 Bluetooth version (not bad for the connectivity, but obviously Bluetooth 5.0 is way better). 

Battery life is far from great

The manufacturer claims they provide 5 hours of uninterrupted streaming. But we managed to scrape 2 hours at average volume. It’s 100% a point to improve.

The only positive thing here is quick charging. So, after 10 minutes of charging, you’ll get one hour of juice. 

In a nutshell, in the Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Samsung Gear IconX battle for bigger longevity, Galaxy Buds are an undeniable winner. 

Snug fit in the ears

These earbuds have successfully passed the shake and jump test. They do really provide a secure, snug fit, and any of our reviewers didn’t feel discomfort or get worries whether they would stay in the ears when making some drastic moves. The Gear IconX also have an IPX2 sweat-proof rating. 

Super expensive price 

The price is high. It’s individual - to suck it up or not. Still, let’s not forget that these earphones come with some great benefits. For example, the real-time coaching feature. They also have this signature ambient sound pass-through feature. Unfortunately, these features are available only for Android users. 

With the Gear IconX, it is possible to upload your own mp3 tracks to the earbuds and listen to the music while running or working out without a phone connected. How convenient for those who run every day!

Now, after all the comparison, let’s sum up what you can get. 

Samsung Gear Iconx vs Galaxy Buds vs TREBLAB Z2 

It is not hard to pick between Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Gear IconX - the Galaxy Buds definitely stand out here. The Samsung Gear IconX have some signature features, but they are not so important in the first place. Their serious flaw is poor battery life and herewith a very high price point. The Bluetooth version of the Gear IconX is older, and the sound is almost the same in both. So, there’s no reason to overpay, after all. 

Best for running? Or perfect?

Speaking of Samsung Gear Iconx vs Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Treblab Z2, opinions might vary mostly because of their in-ear and over-ear hold. This factor is crucial for athletes. 

So, for runners, the Galaxy Buds are a way out. For gym lovers, the Z2 are the best option since they provide everything you need in wireless headphones and have an amazing price/quality ratio.

Maybe the best for gym

In order to make your process of choosing as simple as possible, please check out our comparison table:



Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Gear IconX





Sound quality

  • immersive audio with weighty and nuanced bass
  • AAC, aptX, aptX Low Latency, SBC audio codecs
  • Active, T-Quiet ANC technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • rich and detailed stereo 
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • AAC codec
  • good, clear and detailed audio at high volume
  • SBC codec
  • Bluetooth 4.2 


  • over-ear design
  • soft ear-cups
  • IPX4 water-resistant and waterproof
  • not heavy
  • in-ear design
  • three sets of silicone eartips and wingtips for a tight seal
  • IPX2 water-resistant rating


  • In-ear design
  • IPX2 waterproof 
  • Secure, snug fit

Battery life

  • Over 30 hours on a single charge
  • 6.53 hours on a single charge
  • 5 hours on a single charge

Value vs. money

  • A winner amongst over-ears
  • A winner amongst in-ears


Additional perks 

  • Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, Alexa
  • built-in mic for calls
  • Wireless Q charging 
  • the Galaxy Wear app for sound customization
  • the real-time coaching feature
  • ambient sound pass-through feature
  • the Samsung Gear app for sound customization

Look at TREBLAB Z2

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