The athletic wireless headphones to power through your workout.

Our line of sport-focused headphones and speakers are built to make your workout flawless.

Enjoy the convenience of wireless sound that’s durable, convenient, and with battery-life that will outlast you.

Hit the gym with our earbuds and experience unbelievable HD sound, water-resistance, and forget-they’re-there comfort.

Try our speakers for your next poolside or cycling adventure and marvel at how much incredible sound can come from something so light and rugged. With TREBLAB, it’s just you, the motion, and the music.

Wireless audio devices make your sports activity more fun, energetic and satisfying! Choosing the right wireless headphones for sport needs you to tick off a host of features. Here are some of those features that make Treblab’s wireless headphones an ideal choice to add music to your motion!

How Do You Choose Sport Wireless Headphones?


You don’t want your sports experience to be comprised if the weather plays foul. With Treblab’s wireless headphones, you can continue enjoying the splash of rain on your back with uninterrupted sports. Your headphones are sure to egg you on even in the harshest of rains with a complete waterproof build that refuses to disappoint. 

Sound Quality

When it comes to wireless headphones, the quality is paramount in ensuring a seamless sound and volume experience. You can trust Treblab’s world-class wireless headphones’ noise-canceling technology to block out the unnecessary humdrum noises that are out to spoil your mojo. With music that’s crisp, clear and pulsating, It’s just you, the music and your motion! 

What’s more, you can tune into your incoming calls on this wireless Bluetooth headphones with a mic that’s built-in. Treblab allows you the option of tuning in and out of the world without having to move an inch! Needless to say, the quality of that voice call is on par with the music that keeps your workout at its precipice!

Sweat Resistance

Buying wireless headphones that are sweat-resistant ensures you can enjoy them even during the most rigorous and challenging activities. Having to take off your earpiece to wipe off the sweat every now and then from fear of damage does not help the cause of it being on in the first place. To buy wireless headsets for sport means to not have to worry about damage from sweat. That’s where Treblab comes in!

Long Battery Life

Your sport earpieces should have a long battery life to keep you going through long runs and drives. Treblab earpieces have up to 20 hours of battery life, making it ideal for not just sport but also travel! What’s more, the pair can be shared/split between family making it a convenient and lucrative buy. 

And, if you’re someone who swears by environment-friendly products, Treblab has that covered too! We as a brand are sensitive about environmental safety, which is why the batteries are completely recycled.

Fitting Size

The last thing you want during your sport is to find your headphones coming in the way of your range of movement. You need to look for a custom, snug fit if you are looking to buy wireless Bluetooth earphones. 

Focus on the detail and shape of the earpiece to suit your ear cavity. Completely wireless headphones from Treblab slot themselves well into your ears leaving no hassle of frequent fiddling and adjustments with a lightweight headband and ear pads that score full points on comfort! 

Advantages of Buying Treblab Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Designed For Sport

Music helps find a rhythm in sports. Whether it’s a long run or rough-terrain biking, you need your device to provide seamless, good quality audio without the need to have to adjust it frequently. 

Most earbuds need the slightest jerk or reflex to slip off. But not with Treblab. Through your dynamic movements and energetic leaps, trust Treblab wireless earbuds to provide consistent music in quality and sound. Its sleek and attractive design also ups the ante of your sports attire to add to your spunk and style.

High Sound Quality

Patchy sound quality can not only compromise the experience of your earpiece, but it can also cause many momentary lapses in attention when your attention is on the intermittent and sporadic music. You want to invest in wireless Bluetooth earbuds that don’t break your tempo and allow you to focus entirely on your sport. 

The pure, clear and rich sound quality from a good set of earbuds does a whole lot to improve the adrenaline rush and pump you up to perform better. Wireless headphones for sport from Treblab achieve all this and more!

Waterproof & Sweat-Resistant

The rain may not stop your spirit, but neither should it stop your music. Wireless Bluetooth headsets & earbuds from Treblab are completely waterproof. Despite its soft ear pads, you can trust the earpieces to be entirely resistant to water through the strongest of rainfalls. Its waterproof feature also makes it sweat-resistant, leaving you to worry about nothing but your pace and energy.

Lightweight, Ergonomic Design

You need music earbuds that don’t weigh you down or make you conscious of an external device on you during your run. Treblab’s wireless headphones and earbuds are designed to seamlessly slip in your ear cavity. This makes listening to music on the go an entirely effortless exercise with a perfectly snug fit that’s got comfort ticked-off. Any type of wireless earbuds from Treblab is certain to give you the same unparalleled experience. 

Once you’ve compared the various Treblab products and decided on the Treblab earpieces you want to buy, the entire shopping process couldn’t possibly get any easier! Simply add the product to your shopping cart, reads the terms of shipping, return and warranty and proceed to checkout. 

We are constantly adding great offers to make wireless earbuds prices even more exciting to our clients. Simply apply a promo code on the cost of wireless headphones and get a whopping discount. Next, fill in your contact information and shipping address. You can proceed to pay the wireless headphones price through a credit card. 

You can enjoy free shipping for all US orders if you buy wireless headphones online! With standard shipping of 3-8 business days, we are committed to getting to you your prized earpieces at the earliest!

Once your Treblab earpieces are delivered to you, register them on the website within 14 days to enjoy a 1-year warranty and lifetime support. What’s more, you also get 3 complimentary accessories replacements for the duration of the warranty period, a surprise from us and the chance to bag some exciting monthly giveaways!