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Exercising is crucial to stay fit, productive, and on top of your game. However, if your whole body aches and you don’t feel like working out, a pair of good headphones are the best way to motivate you to keep up with and improve your daily workout routine. There are dozens of factors that come into play when choosing headphones for workout online. Here is a brief guide that will help you find the best earbuds for sports and exercise. 

How to Choose Good Earphones For Working Out

The right tempo and a motivating beat can help you get into the zone while training and even lose track of time. To get your mind off of your weary muscles, consider plugging in a pair of headphones at the gym.

Trying to buy headphones for working out is not easy. There are multiple deal-breakers when it comes to sport earbuds models — battery life, sweat-resistance, and comfort being primary factors. In case you don’t know what to pay attention to when choosing between models, here are the six most important selection criteria. 


Immersion and sound quality are important for feeling the vibe of the track to the fullest during a workout. When choosing work out earphones online, you want to have a clear sound with rich detail in middle-range and bottom-end tones. It makes more sense to choose a closed-back over an open design — if you’re running at the gym, you wouldn’t want strangers to hear your jam.

Ear tips

Having to pick up cheap earbuds for working out that keep falling out as you run is the opposite of an enjoyable exercise. When choosing a pair of fitness earphones, make sure the tips fit your ears comfortably and securely. 

Apart from trying the headphones on at the shop, buy earbuds for working out that offer additional ways for the earbuds to stay put. There are models with physical hooks or cables you can wear around the ear. 

Another way to find headphones that are a secure fit is to settle for a custom-designed option. Some earphones fit like hearing aids, while others use extensions that attach the buds to the inner ear crevices. 

Battery life

As you compare working out headphones, look for a pair that can last for a couple hours of playback. Some earphones for working out have over 10 hours of battery life, but 5 hours is the golden standard in the industry.


Reaching for your smartphone in the middle of your workout to change a track is not comfortable or healthy. A good pair of earbuds for exercising should be easy to control. For instance, you can choose a pair that has some cool features like the ability to switch, replay tracks, or answer calls. 

Noise canceling

It’s best to have no distractions when hitting the gym. Choosing a pair of headphones that absorb ambient sounds is a great way to get in the zone and not be irritated by others while listening to your favorite tracks. This is where noise cancelation comes into play. Not all noise cancelling models are equal — there’s active and passive cancelation that distinguishes inexpensive earbuds for running from the more expensive ones. 

  • Passive noise cancelling — these headphones are padded with dense foam or other noise-absorbing material;
  • Active noise cancelling — a built-in microphone picks up outside noises and intercepts them. These headphones are more comfortable to wear and provide you with more situational awareness outside. 


It’s tempting to crank your headphones all the way up at the gym. However, choosing a pair of loud earbuds will not benefit your hearing or concentration. To ensure your next favorite earbuds are not too loud, run a short test drive:

  • Put the headphones at an arm’s length. If you can hear the melody and the beat clearly, the earbuds might be too loud — you’ll risk damaging your hearing and distracting people at the gym if you use them for too long. 
  • Make sure the volume of your headphones is around 95 decibels. You can check the value with a sound meter. 
  • Ask a friend if he can hear what’s playing in your headphones. If the type of headphones you are considering is good, others should hear no beat. 

Advantages of Buying Treblab Headphones For Working Out

As you look for a pair of earbuds for working out, consider choosing from models that are custom designed for fitness. Treblab has a wide range of models geared towards sports enthusiasts — consider checking out our catalog. 

Treblab headphones have a well thought out design and a superior sound quality to most models on the market. Features include:

  • HD Sound. Boost lower and mid-range tones with a custom feature to enjoy the clear tone of your favorite tracks. 
  • Water-resistant. Treblab headphones have the IP4 water protection certificate — meaning they are resistant to rain and other light amounts of water. 
  • Sweat-resistant. Your cans will not absorb sweat at the gym over time — they are going to become your go-to gym favorites. 
  • Well-fitting ear hooks. Treblab headphones are fully adjustable — the tips will not slide or fall out of your ears. 
  • Stylish design. An intuitive design and easy-to-use control make our earbuds comfortable and good-looking in public places. 

Choosing Treblab, you get continuous support every step once you buy earbuds for working out online from us. On top of that, you’ll get:

  • Free return and shipping. We’ll bring a pair of headphones to your doorstep — the delivery is fast and free of charge. 
  • A wide selection of headphones. We have dozens of wireless earbuds models for fitness enthusiasts — choose the one that fits your ear shape and needs. 
  • Customer support. In case you have any questions or issues regarding the product, feel free to contact our support service. We’ll offer tried-and-true tips on getting the most out of Treblab headphones. 
  • Fast delivery. Shipping around the US only takes 2 days — you’ll be able to enjoy your headphones in no time!