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The athletic wireless headphones to power through your workout.

Our line of sport-focused headphones and speakers are built to make your workout flawless.

Enjoy the convenience of wireless sound that’s durable, convenient, and with battery-life that will outlast you.

Hit the gym with our earbuds and experience unbelievable HD sound, water-resistance, and forget-they’re-there comfort.

Try our speakers for your next poolside or cycling adventure and marvel at how much incredible sound can come from something so light and rugged. With TREBLAB, it’s just you, the motion, and the music.

Earbuds for working out are mainstream now on the market of sports electronics. Everybody wants to keep fit, and the best way to do it is to turn this physical struggle into something joyful and fun. 

However, it’s not always easy to find a good pair of headphones for workout online among thousands of manufacturers and products. TREBLAB, for example, created the lineup of products designed specifically for athletes, be it a runner or hardcore gym rat. 

The brand stands out among others with its approach to listen up to the vital wants of the customers. It is strongly engraved in its policy. For example, before launching any new item, the company gathers customers’ feedback, learns likes and dislikes, as well as recommendations on what to improve. This is how every product was “conceived”. 

In this piece, we’ll focus particularly on the earphones for working out and their characteristics. Keep on reading, and you’ll get a clear idea of what kind of headset to bring with you to the gym.

How to Choose Good Gym Earphones?

To buy headphones for working out won’t seem murky if you know what exactly to pay attention to. And we’re here to enlighten you on the matter. 

Find your perfect fit.

Many gym lovers prefer inexpensive earbuds for running over on-ear headphones just because they combine running elsewhere outside and a treadmill at the gym. In this case, in-ear earbuds providing a tight seal inside the ears would be a perfect choice. Basically, they come with different-size ear-tips, ear-fins, and ear-hooks. Thus, everybody can find their best fit. 

If the gym machine is your realm, then you need on-ear headphones. They feature on-ear ear-pads that are supposed to hold tight the ear. In the meantime, the seal doesn’t cause pressure leading to sore ears and pain over the head.

Noise-cancelling capacity

On-ear headphones allow users to focus on exercise and music by blocking out ambient noise. Usually, they feature Active Noise cancelling technology. It uses additional sound to beat the external one. That way, there’s complete isolation from the outside world. 

There’s also passive noise isolation that you can stumble upon when surveying cheap earbuds for working out. It reduces ambient noise but does not block it completely. So, a user can still hear noises and voices around. This type is more convenient for running since it’s safer while doing it to know the situation around. 

Audio Codecs

Audio codecs are used for sound reproduction. Some might be better tailored for iOS devices, some - for Android. For example, the Beats, the brand highlighted by Apple, feature AAC audio codec, which is ideal for Apple products. 

You might hit also SBC which works well for Android devices. There are also aptX, aptX Low Latency, which is sort of next step after SBC. It’s important to mention that there are the headsets containing both AAC and SBC. 

Without going deeply into details, find the headphones whose audio codec is more compatible with your device’s operating system.

Bluetooth version

The higher the version is, the better the connectivity is. The best Bluetooth headphones are those that feature the 5.0 version. The good news is that this specification doesn’t influence the price tag. Moreover, it’s possible to find more expensive headsets with the earlier versions of Bluetooth, such as 4.1 or 4.2. 

Battery life

No one likes charging the working out headphones every time they go to the gym. Furthermore, it’s even better to do it twice or three times a week. It is absolutely possible since most high-quality headsets allow streaming music for 20 hours nonstop at the average volume. 

Sound quality

Most gym fans love working out to bright bass. It’s scientifically proved that hardcore beats do really help exercise by stimulating brain impulses. 

So, deep bass is not a rare thing in headphones. However, some manufacturers make the sound balanced without significant extremes. Before buying work out earphones online, examine if they deliver bass at the level you need. 


Water-resistance is a must because tough exercise suggests sweating. This is why most headphones are certified with the IPX water-resistance rating. It simply shows how waterproof the item is. There are nine levels of water-resistance - from IPX1 to IPX9. However, some giant brands like the Bose made their famous QuietComfort 35 not waterproof at all. 

The most widely spread headphones’ rating is IPX4. It means that the headset is capable of tolerating insignificant splashes of water, including sweat. But you cannot swim with them. 

Futuristic features

If you want to combine work and other things with your workouts, you should look for the following features inbuilt:

  • Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa or Bixby activation
  • Applications to customize sound profile
  • AR-based features like Bose AR

These are the most crucial things to pay attention to if you’re about to buy earbuds for working out. Now, let’s regard what benefits you have when purchasing from TREBLAB.

Advantages of Buying Treblab Headphones for Gym

TREBLAB offers premium on-ear Bluetooth headphones that feature the following characteristics:

  • Swivel, ultra-soft ear-cups for comfortable wearing
  • High-end materials used for luxury cars (i.e., Alcantara)
  • Signature Active, T-Quiet™ ANC technology
  • AAC, aptX, aptX Low Latency, SBC, which makes them the best amongst competitors
  • 5.0 Bluetooth version
  • Up to 30 hours of playtime (at 50% volume)
  • Deep bass and powerful sound
  • IPX4 water-resistance rating
  • Siri, GVA, Bixby and Alexa activation
  • Affordable price tag - $89.97

If you purchase directly from the site, you may have the following perks:

  • Participation in the Referral Program

You send the link to your friend with a 10% off discount, which gets back to you as a rebate equal to 10% of their purchase. 

  • Free shipment for the US residents

All products might be delivered for free within the Continental United States. 

  • Free returns

You can return the products within 30 days for free. Fill out the form on the site. 

  • One-year warranty 

The company also offers a direct, one-year warranty if the item is found defective.