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Best 10 Headphones for Sales Calls

Evaluating the most important features for optimizing headphones to achieve sales call excellence. Active noise filtering, natural microphone sound pickup and dynamic UC platform integration allow distraction-free vocal communications.

By: Aleksey Makohon Date: 02 / 28, 2024
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As a sales professional, clear communication is absolutely essential for closing deals and building strong relationships with clients. The quality of the audio experience during those critical calls directly impacts your ability to have productive conversations. That's why having the right headset is a key ingredient for sales success.

I've tested countless headphones in my role as an audio technician and product manager. Throughout my over 20 years of experience, I've seen firsthand how much difference the right pair can make when it comes to conducting winning sales calls. The ideal headphones accurately transmit your voice while filtering out background noise so your clients hear every word clearly. They allow you to focus intently on the discussion without straining to understand muffled speech. And high-quality materials provide durability and comfort so you can concentrate for long periods without distraction.



Best Headphones for Sales Calls

35h play, 2.5h charge
Active Hybrid ANC technology
Secure fit
IPX4 water resistant

Unrivaled Comfort + Sound

Discover your favorite sound/music with ultra-comfortable headphones made of soft leather and memory foam.

Top-Tier Playtime & Charging

Jam out for days with a 45 hr battery life. Once depleted, each Bluetooth headphone with microphone can be fully charged in 2.5 hours, or quick charge in 20 minutes for 5 hrs of playtime.

Read more about TREBLAB Z7-PRO

In this guide to the top headphones for sales calls, I'll draw on my expertise to break down exactly what to look for. Key features like noise cancellation, microphone quality, comfort, and wireless connectivity can optimize your headset for communicating clearly and closing more deals. I'll provide specific product recommendations showcasing these important attributes as well as detail the pros and cons of over-ear compared to on-ear styles.

By the end, you'll know what separates average audio from sales call excellence. And more importantly, how to choose the right headset to give your pitches the clarity and focus they deserve while also impressing your clients with your professionalism. So whether you're just getting started in sales or are looking to upgrade your equipment, read on for everything needed to communicate at your very best.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Headset for Sales

Headphones for Sales Calls image 1

Choosing the right headset for conducting sales calls requires balancing several key factors. The ideal headphones for a sales professional allow you to communicate clearly, filter out external distractions, and stay comfortable during extended conversations. Here are some of the most important purchasing considerations:

Wired vs. Wireless Headsets

One of the first decisions is whether you want the convenience of wireless Bluetooth headphones or the reliability of a wired connection. Wireless headsets give you increased mobility during calls without tangled cables restricting your movement. However, wired models ensure a dependable connection without concerns over battery life or wireless interference cutting out during critical conversations.

If interested in wireless, over-ear headphones like the Treblab Z7 Pro allow multi-device pairing so you can quickly switch audio sources between your computer and mobile phone. But quality wired headsets like the Logitech G535 offer crystal clear call transmission free from Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Price vs. Quality

Sales headphones range widely in terms of pricing. On the lower end, you can find competent headsets between $50 to $100. But stepping up above $200 brings premium materials and noise-cancelling technology that filter sound better for improved call focus.

Set your budget then narrow choices to the best-reviewed headsets that meet your needs. As a product manager immersed in the audio world, I've found you can get excellent call quality without necessarily breaking the bank. Do your research to find those value sweet spots.

Over-Ear vs. On-Ear vs. In-Ear

When selecting a headset for sales calls, one of the first decisions involves the wearing style - over-ear, on-ear, or in-ear. Each form factor provides distinct advantages and tradeoffs.


Over-ear headsets fully enclose the ear inside large oval or round earcups. This closed-back design passively blocks outside noise through sound insulation. Thick padding around the ears also enhances comfort for prolonged wear during long calls.


On-ear headsets rest directly on top of the ear without surround it. The smaller design increases portability and allows some ambient awareness. However, less padding results in lower passive noise blocking capabilities.


In-ear headsets use earbuds that fit directly into the ear canal, isolating audio internally rather than around the ear. Noise isolation depends heavily on achieving a tight seal inside the ear.

 For stationary sales call use, over-ear models provide the best blend of sustained comfort, passive and active noise cancellation, and durable construction to meet communication needs. On-ears work for portable use while in-ears lack necessary noise isolation in loud settings.

Top 10 Headphones for Sales Calls

1. TREBLAB Z7-Pro - Best Overall

Headphones for Sales Calls - TREBLAB Z7-Pro


The TREBLAB Z7-Pro over-ear Bluetooth headphones deliver superb active noise cancellation and crystal clear call transmission specifically tailored for sales professionals.

Designed with 6 built-in microphones utilizing cVc 8.0 tech for echo and noise suppression, these headphones filter out ambient sound so your voice projects loud and natural. The protein leather memory foam earcups also create a tight seal for sound isolation while remaining ultra-plush for comfortable long wearing.

With up to 45 hours of battery life, you'll make it through your longest calls and busiest days without losing power. Quick charging generates 5 extra hours from just 20 minutes of charging. The intuitive on-ear touch controls allow easy volume, track, and call management without ever grabbing your phone.

+ Pros:

  • Active noise cancelling removes distractions for focus
  • Natural microphone sound transmission
  • 45+ hour battery life
  • Soft comfortable fit for all-day wear
  • On-ear touch controls

- Cons:

  • Touch controls can be finicky
  • Noise cancellation lacks adjustability
  • Expensive

Why we recommend it for sales calls

For sales professionals needing to clearly communicate for hours on end, the Z7-Pro headphones check all the boxes. The combination of crisp HD stereo sound, a filtered noise-free environment, exceptional battery stamina, and luxe comfort creates the ultimate sales call companion.

I've tested these headphones extensively for call performance and they stand out noticeably above competitors. The hybrid ANC instantly tunes out background noise without any pressure discomfort. Interference-free Bluetooth connects reliably to pair seamlessly between computer and mobile devices.

Without breaking the bank, the Z7-Pros provide enterprise-level features tailored for all-day sales call excellence. That rare blend of comfort, battery life, call clarity and noise isolation makes these my top choice as the best overall headphones for conducting winning sales conversations.

2. Sony WH-1000XM5

Headphones for Sales Calls image 10


As Sony's newest flagship noise-cancelling headphones, the WH-1000XM5s represent the gold standard for blocking external noise during sales calls. The improved eight microphone system delivers Sony's best ever call quality for natural voice pickup that ensures clients hear every word.

With a sleeker design that's still supremely comfortable for all-day wear, these lightweight Bluetooth over-ears include speak-to-chat technology that automatically pauses playback so you can engage in quick conversations without removing the headset. They also excel at switching between devices to pair instantly with both computer and phone.

+ Pros:

  • Best-in-class noise cancelling for zero distractions
  • Eight microphones deliver crystal clear call audio
  • Supreme comfort for prolonged wear
  • Seamless device switching

- Cons:

  • Very expensive
  • Touch controls take practice
  • Battery life lags some competitors

Why we recommend it for sales calls

From noise filtering to voice call transmission to wearability, the WH-1000XM5s dominate every category that matters for sales call excellence. Their ability to eliminate external noise through a comfortable over-ear design can't be overstated for keeping conversations distraction-free.

If you demand the absolute pinnacle of Bluetooth headset performance during client calls, Sony leaves no doubt through continuous innovation why they remain the premier name in noise cancellation and call clarity. When only the best will do, the WH-1000XM5s earn their place among the elite.

3. Bose QuietComfort 45

Headphones for Sales Calls image 11


The QuietComfort 45 over-ear headphones continue Bose's legacy of providing first-rate noise cancellation tailored specifically for clear phone communication.

Featuring an upgraded microphone system from previous versions, the QC45s deliver excellent voice transmission so clients only hear you without any outside interference. The world-class Bose noise cancellation also eliminates ambient sound to prevent call distraction.

+ Pros:

  • Renowned Bose noise cancellation
  • Microphone optimized for call clarity
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • 24 hour battery life

- Cons:

  • Bulky design
  • Not as adjustable as other Bose models
  • Expensive for feature set

Why we recommend it for sales calls

With a focus solely on blocking distractions for better call focus, the streamlined QC45s simplify controls and amplification aligned to that singular mission. The crisp, balanced sound provides excellent call quality for long stretches without any listening fatigue.

For sales professionals who just want industry leading noise cancellation in a fuss-free over-ear design, the QuietComfort 45s continue to set the standard through upgraded performance. Their sole purpose centers on keeping your calls quiet, clear and comfortable.

4. Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless

Headphones for Sales Calls image 12


Legendary German audio brand Sennheiser builds on their revered reputation for premium sound with the feature-packed Momentum 4 over-ear Bluetooth headset.

Designed for supreme comfort during long wearing sessions, the soft leather earcups isolate external noise while providing customizable transparency mode and adaptive noise cancellation. The advanced microphone system also delivers Sennheiser's renowned speech clarity for professional communication.

+ Pros:

  • Sennheiser reputation for audio excellence
  • Customizable noise cancellation settings
  • Plush comfortable leather fit
  • 60 hour battery life

- Cons:

  • Bulky design
  • Connectivity issues reported
  • Very expensive

Why we recommend it for sales calls

With personalized noise cancellation and transparency settings, you can fine tune the Momentum 4 for your specific sales call needs. The crisp, balanced audio optimizes voice transmission so clients only hear clear directing focused conversations without ambient interference.

For those needing reputation-backed performance to match the Sennheiser aura, the Momentum 4 headphones validate their premium price tag by showcasing the brand's audio innovations tailored for clear unambiguous communication.

5. Jabra Evolve2 75

Headphones for Sales Calls image 14


As a leading communications brand tailored specifically for professional use, Jabra builds on their strong reputation with the wireless Evolve2 75.

Designed for UC platforms like Microsoft Teams, the headset allows easy integration for seamless call management directly through your device ecosystem. The powerful microphone also filters ambient noise for optimal voice transmission while the oval earcups dampen surroundings for enhanced concentration.

+ Pros:

  • Seamless integration with UC platforms
  • Powerful microphone technology
  • 37 hour battery life
  • Comfortable oval earcup design

- Cons:

  • UC platform dependent
  • Materials show wear
  • Bulky aesthetics

Why we recommend it for sales calls

For sales professionals deeply embedded in their communication software, the UC-optimized connectivity of the Evolve2 75s allows robust call functionality. Features like busylight indicators and multiple device pairing further boost productivity when hopping between computer and mobile.

As headsets purpose-built for vocal clarity and ambient noise elimination, the Evolve2 75s showcase Jabra's specialized expertise to give sales calls the focus they demand through intuitive features and durability.

6. Logitech G355 Wired

Headphones for Sales Calls image 15


As a rare wired option built for communication clarity, the Logitech G355 headset delivers pro-grade microphone quality and noise isolation in a very affordable package.

The noise-cancelling boom mic blocks ambient sound for clear voice pickup even in loud environments. The closed-ear cups mute outside interference without needing batteries or charging. Durable construction also allows for daily wearing without concern over breakage.

+ Pros:

  • Excellent noise-cancelling microphone
  • Comfortable closed-ear design
  • Durable construction
  • Affordable pricing

- Cons:

  • Wired connectivity only
  • Materials show wear
  • Very bulky design

Why we recommend it for sales calls

For sales professionals wanting excellent call clarity at a budget price point, the no-frills performance focus of the G355s keeps your conversations distraction-free. Crisp microphone audio combined with passive noise dampening gives voip calls the clarity they need at a fraction of the price.

Though lacking features of premium brands, Logitech's stellar call quality credentials at an affordable cost make the G355s a reliable wired option when battery life and wireless connectivity take a backseat to pure verbal communication polish.

7. Mpow 071 USB

Headphones for Sales Calls image 16


Providing onboard noise cancellation in an ultra-affordable package, the Mpow 071 USB headset gives budget-conscious sales professionals solid call clarity without breaking the bank.

Plugging directly into any USB-A port, the 071s work universally across laptops, PCs and PS4/Xbox controllers for platform-agnostic compatibility. The flexible boom mic also reduces ambient noise so your voice projects crisply on the other end.

+ Pros:

  • Onboard noise cancellation
  • Universal USB-A plug-and-play
  • Flexible boom microphone
  • Extremely affordable

- Cons:

  • Wired connectivity only
  • Materials show wear
  • Limited noise filtering capability

Why we recommend it for sales calls

For sales professionals on a tight budget, the Mpow 071s provide vital call clarity fundamentals like noise-dampening microphone pick-up and padded closed-ear construction at an unbeatable value.

Though range of motion remains limited by wired connectivity, the universal USB plug-and-play functionality amplifies compatibility across devices while keeping cost ultra-low. For vital vocal transmission polish on a budget, the 071s more than justify their meager price tag.

8. BlueParrott B550-XT

Headphones for Sales Calls image 17


Optimized specifically for noisy environments, the BlueParrott B550-XT headset allows up to 24 hours of uninterrupted talk time with industry-leading noise cancellation.

The over-ear headphones feature a transparent hear-through mode that lets in critical sound when you need it. The customizable padded headband also enhances durability while the voice-controlled AI assistant improves call efficiency without screen use.

+ Pros:

  • Purpose-built for noisy settings
  • Leading noise cancellation levels
  • Transparent hear-through mode
  • 24 hour battery life

- Cons:

  • Bulky aesthetics
  • Materials show wear
  • Very expensive

Why we recommend it for sales calls

For sales professionals regularly dealing with loud settings, BlueParrott engineered the B550-XTs directly for that challenging use case. The enhanced microphone clarity plus ability to adjust ambient sound settings gives claro voip calls no matter the surroundings.

With BlueParrott's legacy of creating headsets for noisy workplaces, the premium ANC capability, unrivaled talk time and customizable transparency of the B550-XTs make them perfect for non-traditional sales environments.

9. Jabra Evolve 75

Headphones for Sales Calls image 17


Jabra builds on their market-leading legacy in communication headsets with the wireless Evolve 75 featuring powerful noise cancellation.

With fully adjustable ambient listening, you control how much outside noise filters in so you remain aware of your surroundings. Integrated busy lights also indicate when you're unavailable so colleagues know not to disturb you mid-call.

+ Pros:

  • Fully adjustable noise cancellation
  • Ambient listening control
  • Visual "do not disturb" indicators
  • Up to 15 hours talk time

- Cons:

  • UC platform dependent
  • Materials show wear
  • Bulky aesthetics

Why we recommend it for sales calls

For sales professionals needing awareness of their environment alongside industry-leading noise filtering, the Evolve 75s deliver with full personalization over sound settings and visual notifications to maintain focus.

Jabra's expertise in tuning headsets for vocal communication clarity shines through with the Evolve 75's combination of adjustability, platform integration and performance contributing to an optimal sales call companion.

10. Poly Voyager Focus UC B825M

Headphones for Sales Calls image 18


Poly makes communication headphones their speciality as shown through the Voyager Focus UC B825Ms tuned specifically for UC platforms like Microsoft Teams.

The Bluetooth over-ear headset allows hands-free control off voice commands to Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant for convenient voip call management. Active noise cancelling technology also blocks nearby sound while the boom arm mic isolates your voice pickup.

+ Pros:

  • Hands-free voice assistant control
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Reliable UC platform connectivity
  • Up to 19 hours talk time

- Cons:

  • UC platform dependent
  • Materials show wear
  • Bulky design

Why we recommend it for sales calls

For sales professionals deeply reliant on UC ecosystems, Poly optimized the B825Ms through smart assistant integration and next-gen noise filtering so calls maintain clarity. Features like muting alerts during meetings also minimize unwanted distractions.

With reputable noise cancellation competency alongside smart UC optimization, the Voyager Focus B825Ms uphold Poly's communications niche by keeping sales calls quiet, connected and controlled.

Key Features for Sales Call Headphones

Headphones for Sales Calls image 2

Conducting effective sales calls requires headphones purpose-built to maximize vocal clarity while minimizing environmental distractions. Certain attributes prove especially vital to optimize headphones specifically for professional remote communication.

Over-Ear vs On-Ear Styles

Over-ear headphone designs fully enclose the ear inside padded oval or circular earcups. This closed-back structure passively blocks outside noise through sound insulation so you hear less ambient interference. The thick foam padding adds to noise isolation while remaining ultra-soft for headset comfort over many hours of continuous wear.

On-ear headphones rest directly on top of the ear without fully surrounding it. While increased portability and breathability comes from a smaller design, on-ear models leak in more outside noise compared to over-ear due to less passive insulation. However, on-ears remain useful for quick public use with phones for short calls versus all-day computer use cases.

Over-ear designs work better than on-ear models for home office sales call use since maximum sound isolation proves essential. When considering headphones optimized specifically for vocal communication clarity, over-ear comfort and noise blocking capacity makes them the superior choice.

Noise Cancelling Technology

Noise cancelling headphones utilize built-in microphones to measure incoming ambient sound around you, then generate the inverse audio frequency to actively tune out those waves before they reach your ears. This technology allows consistent noises like vehicle rumble, airflow systems and crowd chatter to get identified and minimized for a more focused listening environment optimized for communication.

Active noise cancelling (ANC) effectiveness varies widely among different models depending on microphone sensitivity and inverse wave generation capabilities. Premium noise cancelling brands like Bose and Sony tend to offer category-leading effectiveness while maintaining comfort for prolonged wear versus budget models with inferior ANC performance.

Seek headphones with high marks specifically regarding ANC quality if prioritizing noise filtering for improved call focus. Headsets lacking any noise cancellation depend solely on passive insulation via closed-ear materials for sound dampening. Combining both passive and high-performing active noise control makes for the best possible experience when ambient interference threatens sales call success.

Microphone Quality

While headphone audio performance remains undoubtedly important, microphone quality proves even more vital for optimizing remote sales call communications. Built-in boom mics or external microphone stalks prominently featured on headsets utilize noise cancellation ability alongside voice isolation algorithms for clarifying speech pickup free of distortion before transmitting signals.

Multi-microphone configurations measure vocal patterns more accurately while filtering out echo, reverb and pops. This leads directly to more professional-sounding audio coming through on the other line. Headsets with at least 4-6 dedicated microphones for voice optimization deliver noticeably cleaner call reception compared to models with only single omnidirectional mics.

Savvy brands market their headset models specifically for call functionality excellence because microphone clarity makes such an impact on effective sales conversations. When evaluating options, prioritize headset reviews focused on crisp microphone performance for discerning both words spoken as well as vocal tone conveyed during extended client interactions.


Headphones worn for many hours daily require ample padding and a secure yet gentle fit to avoid pain points from forming. Earcups made of plush protein leather or other soft synthetic materials add critical sound insulation while remaining ultra-comfortable against skin even during prolonged wearing sessions.

Memory foam inserts conform closely to match the shape of your head for personalized comfort. Deep earcup cavities fully enclose ears to block noise while spacious oval openings prevent any pinching sensation. Extendable steel headbands lined with dense padding evenly distribute weight across the skull without creating pressure points over time.

Seeking both over-ear enclosure and deluxe materials pays dividends in sales call environments demanding excellent noise filtering for hours on end. When ears and head feel relaxed and distraction-free, you can focus purely on the conversation rather than physical discomforts.

Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

Wireless capability allows free movement around a workspace without worrying about cords restricting range of motion or getting tangled. Bluetooth also enables easy device switching to pair instantly between a desktop computer and mobile phone for managing sales calls across hardware.

However, Bluetooth relies on battery power to transmit signals which requires periodic charging. While headsets marketed for communication excellence offer 20+ hours of talk time, adding further wireless capability on top of active noise cancellation reduces operation time between charges. Out of range mobility also risks static or dropout if moving too far from the connected device.

If choosing wireless headphones for sales calls, focus selections on headsets sold specifically for their Bluetooth reliability and call functionality prowess. When wireless capability complements communication clarity rather than acting as a primary feature, headset brands typically optimize connectivity dependability along with other premium attributes like noise cancellation effectiveness. Hardwired 3.5mm wired models provide reliable device connectivity minus battery worries in exchange for mobility constraints.

Durability and Build Quality

Regularly used devices require durable constructions able to withstand daily wear and tear over months of consistent use. Examine headphones for reinforced joints, thick stainless steel headbands and impact resistance materials throughout rather than flimsier all-plastic builds prone to breaking easily.

Padded compartments protect headsets when stowing them inside carrying cases for transport beyond the home office. Premium leather and synthetic protein blends making up headphone earcups and padding prove more tear-resistant than cheaper polyester layers which can degrade quickly. Detachable components add useful modularity for repairs down the road by simply replacing individual damaged pieces instead of the entire unit.

When evaluating construction quality, consider use case scenarios like tossing inside crowded bags, inadvertent dropping on hard surfaces or exposure to moisture from weather conditions. Then scrutinize resilience competency that dictates whether a headset holds up across years of reliable daily use or only last temporarily before requiring replacement - an important factor when tallying total cost of ownership alongside purchase pricing.

Compatibility With Devices and Platforms

Seeking out headsets natively compatible with leading unified communications platforms like Microsoft Teams or Google Meet substantially boosts call control efficiency. Direct integration allows managing notifications and settings along with activating talk functions completely through desktop or mobile software rather than touch controls on the headset itself.

Utilizing dedicated support for UC ecosystems in tandem with premium hardware features cultivated specifically for call optimization enables huge improvements to sales communication productivity. Jabra and Poly headphones tailored for Microsoft Teams or other infrastructure, for example, grant helpful tools like muting notifications during meetings, busylight indicators when on calls, and advanced microphone configurations honed over years to deliver vocal transparency across the world's most popular software services.

When identifying headphones for sales calls, verify seamless compatibility with daily productivity software beyond general playback use cases. Models crafted through experience enhancing popular programs rely on that tight bespoke integration to unlock next-level functionality. Combined with core microphone and noise filtering competencies explicitly calibrated for remote talk exchanges, you get a formidable communication asset guaranteeing call clarity from both a technical software standpoint and premium audio component perspective.


What are the most important things to look for in a sales call headset?

The top priorities are excellent noise cancellation to eliminate ambient noise, high-quality microphone pickup to isolate your voice transmission, and comfortable padding for long wear. Great battery life, durability and UC platform compatibility also prove vital.

How much does price matter when choosing sales headphones?

While premium brands over $200 offer category-leading features, great call clarity can be achieved between $100 to $150 by brands focused specifically on communication versus music. Set your budget then examine professional reviews to identify best noise cancellation and microphone quality available at each price tier.

Should I choose wireless Bluetooth or wired headphones?

If constantly moving between computer and phone, wireless Bluetooth allows that flexibility to pair across multiple devices. However, wired models ensure consistent connectivity without battery concerns. Lightning and USB-C wired options also exist for modern device compatibility.

What's the better wearing style - on-ear or over-ear?

For noise isolation and comfort vital during extended sales calls, over-ear models fully enclose ears inside plush padded earcups to physically block ambient noises better than smaller on-ear wearing options.

How do noise-cancelling headphones enhance call clarity?

Microphones actively measure external sound waves then generate inverse frequencies to effectively tune them out before reaching your ears. This focuses audio directly to the headset speaker so outside commotion gets minimized rather than bleeding into call reception.

Can headphones optimize my voice sound quality?

Yes, headsets designed for calls include tuned microphone systems to isolate, measure and transmit voice pickup in natural tones. Noise filtering, echo cancellation and audio shaping prevents distortion for professional speech transmission.

What battery life should I expect for wireless headphones?

Models focused on communication excellence rather than music offer 20+ hours of talk time for extended sales calls. Quick charging generates several extra hours between longer recharging sessions. Newer releases are stretching battery duration even longer through efficiency gains.


Communicating clearly without distraction represents a vital ingredient driving sales call success. As external noise constantly threatens to undermine effective client conversations, the right headphones deliver tools specifically tuned to amplify vocal transparency.

Advanced microphone systems isolate speech and filter ambient interference to ensure crisp transmission pickup. Customizable noise cancellation minimizes disruptive background levels so you focus entirely on discussion without straining to hear every word. Premium materials like memory foam and protein leather remain gentle against skin even during full workday wearing sessions.

While core call functionality proves most critical, features like UC ecosystem integration, wireless flexibility and AI assistant optimization further empower sales productivity when directly embedded into headsets purpose-built for vocal enhancement. Durability across core joint and fabric touchpoints also brings confidence of daily use across years rather than months.

This guide showcases models explicitly designed to nurture sales call excellence through better listening dynamics and distraction reduction. Their communication competency shines through across every intended application. With any luck, breaking down those essentialcall clarity attributes in detail helps identify your perfect sales discussion companion primed for verbal transparency every time your phone rings.

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