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Spotify Premium vs. Spotify Free: Which Music Streaming Experience is Right for You?

Our detailed guide explores how Spotify Premium and Spotify Free compare across categories like library access, sound quality, offline downloads, personalization features, and overall user experience. Learn the pros and cons of each version to determine if upgrading to ad-free Premium streaming is worth it based on your listening habits and budget.

By: Aleksey Makohon Date: 11 / 17, 2023
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Music streaming has become one of the most popular ways people listen to tunes these days. With instant access to vast libraries of songs and playlists at your fingertips, it's easy to see why services like Spotify have become so ubiquitous. But Spotify offers both a free, ad-supported version, and a paid Premium option without ads. So which one should you choose?

This comprehensive guide will compare the key features and experience of Spotify Free vs. Premium, so you can determine which is the better fit for your listening needs and budget. We'll break down the differences in playback control, music library access, sound quality, personalization, discovery, user experience, and more. Read on for the full breakdown.

Spotify Premium vs. Spotify Free image 1

Feature Comparison

When it comes to features, Spotify Premium clearly has some significant advantages over the free version. Let's explore the key differences in functionality.

Playback Control

Premium allows for seamless, uninterrupted listening without the limitations imposed on free users. Some key advantages include:

  • Unlimited skips: Listeners can freely skip tracks, rather than being restricted to 6 skips per hour. This allows for flexible playlist listening.
  • Unlimited shuffle mode: Premium users can shuffle any playlist or album without restrictions, while free users can only shuffle play 15 playlists.
  • On-demand playback: Immediately play any track in any order, rather than being forced to listen to playlists or albums in order.
  • No playback limits: Listen as much as you want without caps on daily or weekly listening that free users face.

The freedom in playback control allows Premium subscribers to fully customize their listening experience.

Ad-Free Listening

One of the biggest differences between the two versions is the inclusion of audio and display ads in the free service. These ads play at regular intervals, disrupting your listening flow.

Premium offers completely uninterrupted, ad-free listening across Spotify. You can get lost in the music without pesky ads cutting in constantly. This makes for a much more pleasurable listening environment.

Music Library Access

When it comes to accessing Spotify's extensive music library, Premium members get full unrestricted access. Meanwhile, free users face some limitations, such as:

  • Delayed album releases: Free accounts get delayed access to new album releases by major artists. Premium members can listen right away.
  • Personalized playlists: Playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar are limited to shuffled play for free listeners, while Premium members can play tracks in any order.
  • Full music catalog: Not all tracks may be accessible on the ad-supported plan due to licensing restrictions. With Premium, you can stream any song.

So Premium offers more flexibility in exploring Spotify's huge catalog of music and creating personalized playlists.

Offline Listening

One major function limited to Premium is offline listening. Premium allows you to:

  • Download any playlist, album or podcast to your device's storage. This lets you listen offline when you don't have an internet connection, like on planes or in remote areas.
  • Sync music across all your devices. Access your downloaded content seamlessly on phone, tablet, desktop etc.
  • Listen to music without eating up your mobile data. Great for when you have limited data allowance.

Offline listening is a lifesaver for frequent travelers or any listeners without consistent internet access. It's a key benefit of Premium not available on the free plan.

Sound Quality

Finally, Premium offers higher sound quality thanks to streaming at 320 kbps with the "Very High" setting. Meanwhile, free users are limited to 160 kbps streams.

The improved audio bitrate on Premium results in richer, more nuanced sound quality. You'll hear your music as the artists intended it. So audiophiles will definitely appreciate the enhanced listening experience.

Personalization and Discovery

In addition to core features, Spotify Premium also unlocks more advanced personalization and music discovery capabilities.

Spotify Premium vs. Spotify Free image 2

Personalized Data

Premium provides listeners with deeper insights into their listening habits through personalized playlists and stats. For example:

  • Wrapped: This annual roundup provides Premium users with a snapshot of their top artists, songs, genres and podcasts. It lets you reflect on your listening from the past year.
  • Artist discovery: Learn which new artists you discovered over various time frames.
  • Playlist personalization: Playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar are more personalized for Premium users based on their full listening history.

These personalized insights help listeners stay tuned into their own musical tastes and preferences as they evolve.

Discovery Features

Both Premium and free members get access to Spotify's proprietary playlists geared around music discovery:

  • Discover Weekly: A customized playlist of new song recommendations released every Monday for all users.
  • Release Radar: A weekly playlist of newest song releases based on the artists you follow.
  • Daily Mix: Playlists grouped by genres and styles you regularly listen to.

However, Premium users get these playlists in higher audio quality and with greater personalization based on full listening data.

Advanced New Releases

Paying subscribers also gain early access to new album releases through Premium-only offerings like Spotify Premium First Listen. This gives members advance previews of hot new albums days before the official release. It's a major perk for music fans eager to hear fresh tracks as soon as possible.

The discovery features coupled with early releases give Premium listeners the inside track on brand new music tailored specifically to their taste.

Spotify Premium vs. Spotify Free image 3

Cost and Plans

When trying to decide between Spotify's free and Premium versions, you need to consider the costs associated with each option. While the free version has no monetary cost, there are some limitations. Premium removes the restrictions and ads in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. Let's take a deeper look at the pricing and available plans.

Premium Subscription Costs

For individual listeners, Spotify Premium costs $9.99 per month. That equals out to just $0.69 per day for unlimited, ad-free music streaming.

Other available Premium plans include:

  • Duo Plan: At $12.99 per month, this plan covers two Premium subscriptions for couples or family members living together. It's a nice way for two people to save a little money compared to individual plans.
  • Family Plan: For $15.99 per month, you can cover up to six Premium subscriptions for family members under one account. This can be a major cost saver for larger families with multiple Spotify users.
  • Student Plan: Full-time university or college students can get a steep discount on Premium for just $4.99 per month. All that's required is a valid school-issued email address to verify eligibility.

Over the course of a year, here's what you would pay for each plan option:

  • Individual: $9.99 x 12 months = $119.88
  • Duo: $12.99 x 12 months = $155.88
  • Family: $15.99 x 12 months = $191.88
  • Student: $4.99 x 12 months = $59.88

Compared to buying songs individually on iTunes for $1.29 or purchasing full albums, these annual costs result in huge savings and effectively "unlimited" music.

Comparing Free and Premium Costs

The "free" version of Spotify has no direct monetary cost. However, users have to tolerate constant audio and visual advertisements interspersed into their listening sessions. These ads can range from 15 to 30 seconds and play every few songs.

Premium eliminates ads, but costs between $5-16 per month depending on the plan. The monetary cost gives you uninterrupted listening and full access to Spotify's features.

Based purely on dollar amounts, the free option seems enticing. But many users feel the benefits and superior experience of Premium make the paid subscription worthwhile. The average Spotify listener streams 25 hours of music per month. That means listening to 500+ ads monthly for free users. Many decide paying a small monthly rate is preferable to constant advertising.

Discounts and Promotions

Luckily, Spotify offers deals and promotions to reduce the cost of Premium:

  • 1 Month for $0.99: Spotify frequently runs promotions where new users can get their first month of Premium for just $0.99 instead of $9.99. This makes it easy to try out Premium at very low cost.
  • Annual Plan: Paying for a full year of Premium upfront entitles you to a 15% discount, reducing the effective monthly cost to around $8.50.
  • Free via T-Mobile: Some cell carrier plans like T-Mobile offer Spotify Premium subscriptions bundled in for free.
  • Student Hulu Bundle: Students who buy Spotify Premium can add basic Hulu for free, saving them $7.99 per month on Hulu.

Taking advantage of discounted and bundled plans is a great way to reduce the overall expenditure on Premium. The first month for $0.99 gives new users a low-risk trial period as well.

Considering these Spotify Premium costs and discounts can help determine if the paid version fits your budget and listening habits better than the ad-supported free option.

Spotify Premium vs. Spotify Free image 4

The Superior User Experience of Spotify Premium

Beyond just features, Spotify Premium delivers a smoother, more enjoyable overall user experience compared to the free version. Let's dive deeper into how the restrictions and limitations of the free tier can actually hinder your listening enjoyment.

Unlimited Playback Options

The free version of Spotify comes with strict limits on playback control:

  • You only get a limited number of skips per hour, making it hard to customize your playlist flow. This can get frustrating.
  • Shuffle mode is restricted to a small number of playlists and albums. You can't freely shuffle songs to mix things up.
  • There are caps on total daily/weekly listening, preventing marathon music sessions.

Premium lifts all these restrictive barriers. You can listen to any song, any way you want, for as long as you want. The freedom of control makes listening much more personalized and enjoyable.

Premium also unlocks advanced playback options like crossfade, which smoothly transitions between songs. These extras further enhance the listening experience.

Maintaining a Linear Listening Experience

For many music lovers, there is joy in listening to albums as full start-to-finish works of art. But Spotify Free makes this difficult by shuffling songs and albums by default.

Although you can play full albums linearly, this is limited to a set number of times per album. Beyond that, you have to shuffle again. This disrupts the cohesive artistic experience.

Meanwhile, Premium lets you play any album linearly with no restrictions. You can vibe to the musical narrative the way the artists intended. Especially for concept albums or classical music, Premium offers a richer listening environment.

Travel Anywhere with Your Music Offline

Thanks to offline listening, Premium subscribers can download any playlist, album or podcast to their device storage and listen without an internet connection.

This makes travel incredibly seamless. Frequent flyers can stock their devices with playlists for long flights. Commuters can listen offline if they lose signal during their rides.

And when visiting foreign countries, you'll always have your personal soundtrack on hand even without buying international data. Your music library goes wherever you go.

An Ad-Free Soundscape

Finally, the barrage of constant advertising on the free version heavily disrupts the listening flow. Audio ads jar you out of your music-focused headspace. Visual ads clutter the interface.

Premium grants you an ad-free soundscape for uninterrupted listening. You can get fully immersed in the music without pesky sonic distractions. Especially for activities like studying or working out, an ad-free zone makes concentration easier.

With all limits and interruptions eliminated, Spotify Premium offers a fluid, flexible, and personalized listening experience for music lovers. The freedom enhances your enjoyment and connection to the music.

Determining if Spotify Premium is Worth the Cost

With all the differences between Spotify's free and Premium tiers outlined, the big question remains: is upgrading to Premium ultimately worth it for the average listener? Let's do a deeper evaluation of the value-added benefits you gain from the paid subscription.

Key Benefits of Premium

Here are some of the most significant advantages you unlock with a Premium subscription compared to free Spotify:

  • Ad-free listening experience: No audio or visual ads disrupting your music sessions. This enables uninterrupted enjoyment.
  • Higher audio bitrate streaming: Premium streams music in 320 kbps "Very High" quality vs 160 kbps on free. You'll notice richer sound.
  • Full on-demand playback controls: Unlimited skips, shuffling, and full albums anytime. Customize your soundtrack.
  • Enhanced personalization: Features like Wrapped and hyper-personalized playlists leverage more listening data.
  • Complete music catalog access: No restrictions on latest song and album releases like with the free version.
  • Offline listening and downloads: Take your music on the go without internet with offline mode.
  • Advanced features: Like crossfade, lyrics search, and audio analysis for playlists. Additional ways to enhance your experience.

Altogether, these benefits add up to a significantly upgraded listening experience compared to the free option.

Spotify Premium vs. Spotify Free image 5

User Testimonials on the Value of Premium

Here's what some passionate Spotify users have said about how Premium positively impacts their enjoyment:

"Paying for Premium was a great decision. The ability to download playlists alone is worth it for my frequent flights and commutes." – Amanda T., Chicago

"The sound quality improvement on Premium is really noticeable, especially with my high-end headphones. Totally worth it for an audiophile like me." – Michael L., San Francisco

"Ad-free listening makes such a difference in my enjoyment. No disruptions, just smooth uninterrupted music all day." - James P., Austin

"My annual Spotify Wrapped statistics are my favorite thing! I'm obsessed with diving into all my listening stats from the past year." - Julia K., Los Angeles

These perspectives demonstrate how Premium takes the overall experience to the next level for many users.

Evaluating Your Listening Habits

Casual listeners who just have Spotify on in the background may be satisfied with the free option. But frequent listeners who care about sound quality and discovery will find excellent value in Premium.

Think about your typical listening habits:

  • How often do you stream music in a day?
  • Do disruptive ads significantly impact your enjoyment?
  • Do you listen to full albums regularly?
  • Do you use Spotify across multiple devices?
  • Is offline listening important for your situation?

Based on your specific listening lifestyle and priorities as a music fan, you can determine if the benefits of Premium justify the monthly cost for you.

Upgrading to enjoy your favorite music ad-free, in high fidelity, and with more personalization can be an investment worth making for music lovers who are serious about their Spotify streaming experience.


What is the difference between Spotify free and Spotify Premium?

There are several key differences between the free, ad-supported version of Spotify and the paid Premium subscription. With a Premium account, you get an completely ad-free listening experience with no disruptive audio or display ads interrupting your music. Premium also allows for unrestricted on-demand playback - you can listen to any song or album whenever you want with unlimited skips. The free version has limits on skipping and shuffling capabilities. In addition, Spotify Premium users can download songs, albums or playlists to their devices for offline listening even without an internet connection. This is not possible on the free plan. When it comes to audio quality, Premium streams music at a higher 320 kbps bitrate compared to just 160 kbps for free accounts, resulting in richer, higher fidelity sound.

Is Spotify Premium worth it?

For frequent listeners who care about sound quality and uninterrupted listening, Spotify Premium is usually worth the cost. But more casual users may be fine saving money with the free ad-supported plan.

Is it safe to use Spotify Premium for free?

No, the only legal and safe way to get Spotify Premium is to pay for an official subscription. Any free Premium "hacks" usually involve piracy, cracked APKs, or stolen accounts, which are not recommended.

How long is free Spotify?

The free ad-supported version of Spotify has no time limits. However, it has restrictions like only being able to skip 6 tracks per hour and limited daily skips. Premium removes all limits for unrestricted listening.

Does free Spotify have ads?

Yes, Spotify's free tier includes both audio and display ads that regularly interrupt listening. Paying for Premium removes all ads completely.

Can you make playlists on Spotify free?

Yes, users of both Spotify free and Premium can make customized playlists of songs, albums, and podcasts. However, Free users have limited skips and shuffle plays for playlists.

Can you permanently download songs from Spotify?

Unfortunately no, even Premium users cannot permanently download and own songs for use outside of Spotify. But you can save songs offline for as long as you have an active Premium subscription.

Can I cancel Spotify Premium after the free trial?

Yes, you can cancel immediately after starting your free trial month if you decide you don't want to pay for Premium. Just be sure to cancel before the month is up to avoid being charged.

Conclusion: Finding the Right Spotify Plan for You

When weighing Spotify Free against Premium, there are clearly major differences in features and user experience. Premium provides a big upgrade, but comes with a monthly cost.

Hopefully this comprehensive comparison has outlined all the key distinctions between the two plans. To recap, Premium offers ad-free listening, unlimited skips and shuffling, enhanced sound quality, offline listening, and personalized music discovery features. Meanwhile, the free option still provides access to Spotify's huge music library, but with ads and strict limits.

Casual listeners who have Spotify on just in the background may be fine saving money with the free plan. But frequent listeners who care deeply about music will find great value in the upgraded Premium experience.

Think carefully about your listening habits and budget considerations when deciding which version suits you better. If you listen to a lot of full albums and playlists, take your music on the go, or care about high fidelity, the improvements of Premium may be worth the monthly subscription cost for you. But if you just casually stream tunes during your commute or while exercising, the free plan should meet your needs.

Whichever version you choose, Spotify offers an incredible on-demand library of music at your fingertips. Go Premium for the very best ad-free listening experience, or stick with free if you just need solid basics. Now you have all the key details to make the choice that's right for your personal listening lifestyle!

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