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Best Headphones for Call of Duty in 2024 - Top Models for Immersive Gameplay

Level up your Call of Duty audio arsenal with a capable new headset purpose-built for competitive domination. We break down 2024's top models spanning various prices and features like precise surround sound, custom EQs, marathon battery life, premium comfort, and battle-tested durability for ultimate immersive gameplay. Vanquish opponents through superior audio intelligence with the ideal headphones!

By: Aleksey Makohon Date: 02 / 01, 2024
article image

If you're a serious Call of Duty player, you know that audio can make or break your gaming experience. The subtle footsteps behind you, bullets whizzing past your head, that clicking sound right before a grenade goes off—getting the full auditory immersion gives you the split-second edge you need to vanquish online foes and finish single-player campaigns.

But not all headphones are created equal when it comes to delivering the bone-rattling explosions, chest-thumping weapon sounds, and spatial awareness that CoD demands. You need a pair that can keep up with the action while enhancing critical in-game sounds.

As a hardcore CoD player and self-proclaimed audiophile who has tested countless headphones over the past decade, I've developed plenty of opinions about what to look for. Read on as I break down my top 10 picks for taking your Call of Duty audio to the next level.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Why audio quality matters so much in CoD
  • How to customize your audio settings for competitive edge
  • Key features that make a headset CoD-ready
  • If you should go wired or wireless
  • Whether noise-cancellation and surround sound are worth it
  • How to balance game audio and voice chat
  • And much more!

I realize $300+ headphones are not realistic for all budgets, so I've incorporated options across pricing tiers, use cases, and platforms. My goal is that you walk away with a tailored shortlist to meet your specific needs and improve your K/D ratio.

From expansive soundstages to enhance spatial awareness, to dynamic drivers that add thump to explosions, we will cover the audio elements that draw you deeper into the on-screen action.



Best Headphones for Call of Duty

35h play, 2.5h charge
Active Hybrid ANC technology
Secure fit
IPX4 water resistant

Unrivaled Comfort + Sound

Discover your favorite sound/music with ultra-comfortable headphones made of soft leather and memory foam.

Top-Tier Playtime & Charging

Jam out for days with a 45 hr battery life. Once depleted, each Bluetooth headphone with microphone can be fully charged in 2.5 hours, or quick charge in 20 minutes for 5 hrs of playtime.

Read more about TREBLAB Z7-PRO
treblab z7 pro

Comfort and durability also come into play during those marathon sessions. Ever had headphones that felt like a vise grip on your head after an hour? Or a flimsy pair that snapped after one too many rage quits? Yeah, we want to avoid those.

Finally, we’ll address the everlasting debate between wired and wireless, closed-back and open-back, noise-cancelling or not. Which is best for CoD? (Spoiler: It depends).

Let’s start by looking at why sound quality matters so much in competitive first-person shooters like Call of Duty before jumping into the gear.

The Importance of Audio in Call of Duty

Audio might seem secondary to gameplay and graphics at first glance, but make no mistake—it plays a pivotal role in the CoD experience.

Pinpoint Footsteps & Spatial Awareness

Ever had an enemy sneak up behind you without making a peep? Pretty frustrating, right? Precise audio design lets you pinpoint even subtle footsteps so you can watch your six. From faint rustling noises to boots stomping on various surfaces, quality headphones enhance spatial imaging so you know exactly where sounds originate.

This situational awareness translates to a competitive edge. You'll have the intel to duck right as shots fire over your head. Turn a corner pre-aiming at the exact spot an opponent lies in wait. Toss a cooked grenade toward an enemy's position before they realize you've outed them. Hearing is believing, so equip yourself.

Immersive Weapon Sounds

The bone-rattling cha-chk of racking a round. The startling hiss-pop when you attach a silencer. Crisp bullet casing pings as shells eject after each trigger pull. Authentic weapon sounds blur the line between game and reality.

This acoustic immersion draws you deeper into firefights, making victories more triumphant and defeats more crushing. Feel the tension ratchet up through audio cues signaling a clip running dry. Hear the bullet impacts of your wild spray tracking toward an enemy. High-fidelity headphones add tactility and nuance so weapons feel true extensions of your hands.

Booming Explosions & Vivid Action

Let's be honest: CoD wouldn't occupy so much cultural mindspace without its over-the-top Michael Bay moments. The chest-thumping kabooms. Window-rattling Killstreak rewards. Wall-distorting gunfights. Audio puts you right in the boots on the ground.

Make sure your headphones can handle the dynamic range. Deep bass brings gravitas to explosions, while detailed mids/highs ensure you still hear critical noises like reloads over the cacophony. Battle through the campaign with amplitutde or hop into multiplayer lobbies with confidence.

Clear Comms with Teammates

Communication can make or break objective-based matches in CoD. Crisp voice chat ensures your squad calls out enemy positions, Strategic coordinated breach plans. Requesting support fire or Killstreak air drops.

A quality boom mic picks up natural voice tones so your teammates actually know who's talking. Noise cancellation weeds out background sounds like HVAC units or barking dogs. With clear comms, your squad operates as a cohesive unit to achieve victory.

Atmospheric Music & Soundtracks

Look, we get tunnel vision plowing through enemies sometimes. But occasionally lift your head up to appreciate the ambiance too. The stirring orchestral score rising during an intense campaign scene. The militaristic menu music preparing you for battle. Well-crafted atmosphere through audio transports you into theCall of Duty mindset.

Make sure wide frequency response and range can capture these sparkling highs and booming lows. Open soundstages mix various elements cleanly so the details poke through. Once you emerge from mission focus, you'll better enjoy the artistry crafted into each audio moment.

Step Up Your Call of Duty Skills with the Right Headphones

best headphones for call of duty image 1

TV Speakers Don't Cut It

Let’s be honest: your ultra-thin LED TV speakers leave much to be desired. Designed to be compact and visually appealing rather than sonically impressive, these tiny drivers lack the frequency range, separation, and power to do a war game like Call of Duty justice.

Switch to a dedicated gaming headset and prepare to hear the action like never before. Explosions gain added weight and impact. Bullets pierce the air with pinpoint precision. Reloads, grenade pins, footsteps each occupy their own distinct space as virtual surround sound puts you at the center.

The difference leaves TV speakers sounding downright primitive and twinny by comparison—and actually places you at a disadvantage. Read on for key benefits to equip yourself with the right audio gear.

Enhanced Spatial Awareness

Locate enemies based on the source of gunfire and movement before you even see them visually. Pinpoint whether that footstep originates from the left, right, front, or back based on subtle sonic cues. Gain a split-second edge to get your sights up first or pie the corner prepared.

Quality headphones provide imaging that mimics human ears to faithfully represent sound origins. Driver placements around the earcups and virtual surround formats deliver heightened positional accuracy. Consider weapons your primary tools and audio your sixth sense.

Identify Sound Directionality

Struggling to determine where snipers are firing from as bullets whiz by? Having trouble finding cover when grenades start raining down? Upgrading to surround sound headphones equips you to quickly identify threats based on precise directionality cues.

Whether a basic virtual format or more advanced object-based mixing, your ears become highly attuned to origin points. Combine this spatial awareness with in-game visuals to piece together battlefield intelligence faster. Fewer surprise deaths and cheap kills suffered makes for better K/D spreads.

Hear All Game Details

Ever struggled to hear quiet details like enemy callouts or trigger clicks over the whump-whump of chopper blades? Or completely missed subtle sounds like the safety release of a shotgun due to washed out mixing?

Amplify the minutiae through clearer audio reproduction—from a broader frequency range to capture highs/lows to superior stereo imaging. Crisper sound helps distinguish varied elements even within chaos. Catch audio cues you never noticed before to inform strategy adjustments and snap reactions.

Isolate from Distractions

Kids yelling downstairs. Neighbors mowing the lawn outside. Phone pings and app alerts from your desktop. Typical household noises constantly threaten to break game immersion.

Quality headphones provide physical isolation between earcups and padding to truly cocoon you. Active noise cancelling uses dual mics to measure and cancel exterior distractions. Either way, fewer disruptions keep you dialed into matches from loadout to victory screen.

Immerse with Surround Sound

Plain stereo audio feels flat once you've experienced the immersion of surround sound. Hear the helicopter arrive behind you, bullets whizzing past from the right channel. Grenades explode with thump and sizzle at different depths. Audio envelops you from all angles to mimic actually occupying the map.

Whether built-in virtual surround or external DACs/mixers, transform plain stereo into 3D audioscape. Most headphones covered in this guide offer some level of surround capability for added realism. Let your senses believe the simulation through environmentalized audio.

Dial In Your Audio for Competitive Edge

Transform Plain Stereo into Surround Sound

Start by enabling one of the virtual surround formats compatible with your headphones and platform. Popular options include:

Windows Sonic - Built into Windows 10 and Xbox, this free solution provides basic 3D audio using HRTF cues.

Dolby Atmos - More advanced object-based mix translation that costs extra but offers heightened realism.

DTS Headphone:X - Channel-based surround that focuses more on space and immersion.

Each uses slightly different methods to take a surround mix and "downmix" it to stereo headphones. Results vary, so try out the formats to discover your favorite.

Tweak the Audio Presets

Most CoD titles now include audio presets that serve as a starting point. Here are common options and what they prioritize:

Headphones - Optimized EQ curve for typical headphone frequency response

Boost High - Emphasizes treble detail at the cost of realism

Boost Low - Favors explosive bass even if it muddies the mids

Midrange Boost - Makes footstep/reload details more audible

As a frame of reference, I tend to favor the Headphones or Midrange boost presets. The key is choosing what best matches your audio gear strengths.

Set Individual Volume Levels

Like an audio engineer mixing a Hollywood blockbuster, you become the sound designer. Adjust volume sliders individually for music, dialogue, weapons SFX, ambient noise and more.

This lets you amplify critical layers like footsteps while lowering distractions like overtly loud killstreaks. Just be careful about pushing weapon SFX too high during long sessions to avoid ear fatigue.

Play with EQ Settings

Still can't hear certain elements clearly? Resist the urge to simply max all volumes. Instead, try tweaking the equalizer bands.

Boost highs to hear bullet whizzes and casing pings. Attenuate boomy low-mids to cut distortion. Play with midrange to clarify dialogue or footsteps. Subtle EQ moves make a big perception difference.

The key is balancing sound elements so nothing gets drowned out while preserving realistic audio perspectives. Dial it in until you hear and feel immersed by the mix.

Top 10 Headphones for Call of Duty

1. TREBLAB Z7-Pro - Best Overall


best headphones for call of duty - Treblab Z7 Pro

The TREBLAB Z7-Pro over-ear headphones top my list for offering the complete package to enhance your Call of Duty gameplay across key categories. Featuring powerful 50mm neodymium drivers encased in protein leather earcups, these cans pump out expansive, immersive audio to put you right in the action.


  • Thumping bass and clear mids/highs
  • Custom EQ via mobile app
  • Active noise canceling and ambient modes
  • On-ear volume/track controls
  • 30-hour battery + quick charge


  • Bulky aesthetic
  • Can get uncomfortable during long sessions


In terms of core sound performance for CoD, the Z7-Pro checks every box. The large drivers deliver impactful low-end for explosions and gunfire along with clear reproduction of midrange elements like footsteps and reloads. You can also tweak the custom EQ to find your perfect balance of thump versus detail.

I especially appreciate how the Z7-Pro allows you to shift between active noise canceling to block out external sounds and an ambient listening mode to let some sound in. This allows me to dial in the right amount of noise isolation depending on my current gameplay goals.

The on-ear controls provide convenient access to volume, track skipping, play/pause, and voice assistant activation. You can also customize functions via the mobile app. Battery life clocks in at a solid 30 hours per charge, with quick charging support to juice back up during brief breaks.

Ideal for CoD Because:

When considering the expansive frequency reproduction, thunderous low-end, surround sound support, and flexible listening modes, the Z7-Pro ranks as my top overall pick for Call of Duty. The audio performance, customization options, and well-rounded feature set give you everything needed to conquer multiplayer maps and immerse in thrilling campaign firefights.

2. Sennheiser GSP 300 - Top Budget Pick


best headphones for call of duty image 2

If you're looking for an affordable yet high-performing option, the Sennheiser GSP 300 over-ear gaming headset should be on your radar. Retailing for around $100, these cans deliver unexpectedly premium sound and features considering the budget price tag. Let's break down why they make for an ideal companion for thrilling Call of Duty play.


  • Clear, balanced audio reproduction
  • Lightweight yet durable build
  • Flip-to-mute microphone
  • Memory foam cushions for comfort


  • Non-removable cable
  • Mic position could be improved


Starting with the audio quality, the GSP 300 headset utilizes a closed-back design with plush memory foam cushions that isolate noise while creating an expansive soundstage. The 40mm neodymium drivers pump out excellent clarity across the frequency range, allowing you to precisely pinpoint directional noises like enemy movements and gunfire.

While the sound signature prioritizes accuracy over hard-hitting bass, there's still a nice sense of punch and immediacy to explosions that keeps action thrilling. Crisp highs add detail to subtle noises like bullet whizzes and shell casings.

In terms of design and comfort, the memory foam ear cushions contour nicely to the head without pinching. The lightweight plastic build includes a self-adjusting headband that distributes clamping force evenly. I especially like the intuitive flip-to-mute microphone that clicks satisfyingly when raised into the muted position.

Ideal for CoD Because:

For those wanting an affordable but high-performing option the Sennheiser GSP 300 gaming headset should excel for Call of Duty thanks to the expansive audio reproduction, noise isolation, and lightweight comfort. The accurate sound profile allows you to analyze the rich layers of action while still enjoying thump during intense firefights.

3. HyperX Cloud Alpha - Top for Customization


best headphones for call of duty image 3

The HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset brings signature HyperX comfort and sound to the table along with more customization options compared to previous models. These versatile cans give you multiple ways to tailor the audio experience for thrilling Call of Duty action.


  • Customizable bass sliders
  • Detachable braided cable
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Memory foam ear cushions


  • Non-removable microphone
  • Can get uncomfortable during long sessions


Kicking things off with the core sound quality, the Cloud Alpha impresses with its dynamic 50mm neodymium drivers that reproduce crisp highs, smooth mids, and hard-hitting lows. The included bass sliders allow you to physically tune the low-end to your liking depending on if you want bombastic explosions or more balanced audio.

The closed-back design paired with plush memory foam ear cushions provides a nice seal for immersive gameplay. I also appreciate the durable aluminum frame with self-adjusting headband that should hold up well even after rough treatment.

In terms of quality of life touches, HyperX checks the right boxes by including a detachable braided cable along with convenient in-line volume/mic controls. Just note the boom mic itself is fixed rather than removable.

Ideal for CoD Because:

With its blend of comfort, customization options, and high-fidelity audio reproduction, the versatile HyperX Cloud Alpha headset ranks among the top options for thrilling Call of Duty gameplay. Tune that low-end rumble to your liking then immerse yourself in the explosive action.

4. SteelSeries Arctis Pro - Most Durable


best headphones for call of duty image 4

If you want a headset that can withstand daily abuse, look no further than the battle-tested SteelSeries Arctis Pro. Between its durable aluminum alloy frame and sturdy steel headband, this thing is built to last through rage quits and beyond.


  • Sturdy and durable build quality
  • Retractable microphone
  • RGB lighting customization
  • Great noise isolation


  • Ear cups can get uncomfortable during long sessions
  • Proprietary cables


Starting with the robust construction, the Arctis Pro utilizes aircraft grade aluminum alloy for the adjustable side pieces along with steel reinforced headband that can take a beating. Despite the metal materials, the ski goggle suspension style headband keeps things lightweight on your head.

In terms of audio performance, these closed-back cans provide great noise isolation for immersive gaming. The large oval ear cushions work well at blocking out external distractions. Sound reproduction emphasizes clarity and detail over hard hitting bass, but the profile still works well for picking up subtle audio cues in CoD.

Extra flourishes like RGB lighting - customizable via software - along with on-ear controls for volume, chat mix, and mic mute increase the quality of life. Just note that mic and cable connections use proprietary designs rather than standard 3.5mm ports.

Ideal for CoD Because:

If you want a headset that can stand up to daily gaming abuse and keep performing, the rugged SteelSeries Arctis Pro comes out on top for Call of Duty thanks to its nearly indestructible build and great noise-isolating audio.

5. Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL - Best Wireless Pick


best headphones for call of duty image 5

If you want the freedom of wireless connectivity without compromising on audio quality, the Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL premium gaming headset should be on your radar. Providing rich, detailed sound reproduction without any cables holding you back, these are my top wireless cans for Call of Duty.


  • Crisp and balanced sound signature
  • Extremely lightweight comfort
  • Flexible boom microphone
  • Good passive noise isolation


  • Battery life could be longer
  • Connectivity can be spotty


Audio-Technica has taken its studio monitor pedigree and adapted it nicely for the ATH-G1WL gaming headset. The 45mm proprietary drivers enclosed in soft fabric earpads deliver excellent clarity across the frequency range. Crisp highs allow you to hear subtle audio cues while tight bass packs punch without muddying the mix.

I'm also a huge fan of the lightweight design at just 285 grams. The thick memory foam cushions contour nicely to the head, providing a secure fit that barely feels there even during marathon sessions. And the flexible boom mic picks up natural vocal tones for squad communications.

In terms of wireless performance, just take note that the USB dongle's range may be limited in some setups. As long as you position it carefully to avoid interference, the audio comes through solidly. Just expect to charge more frequently compared to other wireless headsets.

Ideal for CoD Because:

The Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL gaming headset provides detailed, immersive sound reproduction without weighing you down. As long as you set up the USB dongle properly, the wireless freedom pairs nicely with pinpoint audio cues to emerge victorious in Call of Duty.

6. Epos H3Pro Hybrid - Most Versatile


best headphones for call of duty image 6

If you want a versatile headset that can connect to virtually any device, check out the feature-packed Epos H3Pro Hybrid. With simultaneous wireless and Bluetooth connections, this headset acts as a central audio hub to meet all your Call of Duty needs.


  • Simultaneous connections
  • Premium materials and build
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • Customizable audio


  • Dongle range could be better
  • Clunky on-headset controls


Starting with connectivity, the H3Pro Hybrid stands out by allowing simultaneous connections over low-latency 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth. For example, connect to your gaming machine via USB dongle then pair to your phone over Bluetooth within the same session.

In terms of audio performance, these closed-back headphones deliver excellent clarity and spatial imaging to pinpoint enemy locations. The bundled software also provides custom EQ presets and surround sound options to tune things precisely.

While on-headset controls feel a bit clunky compared to scroll wheels, I appreciate touches like the intuitive flip-to-mute microphone. The lightweight yet premium feel also keeps things comfortable during extended matches.

Ideal for CoD Because:

If you want one headset to rule them all, the Epos H3Pro Hybrid is my top versatility pick for Call of Duty. Hop between wireless sources without compromising immersive positional audio or squad communications.

7. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max - Best Wireless Comfort


best headphones for call of duty image 7

If you want a supremely comfortable wireless headset, look no further than the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max. The lightweight yet rugged design plus plush cooling gel infused ear cushions allow you to game for hours without fatigue.


  • Extremely comfortable fit
  • Flip-up mic mute
  • Bluetooth mobile connectivity
  • 40+ hour battery life


  • Occasional connectivity quirks
  • Controls could be improved


Turtle Beach nails the comfort factor with thick cooling gel memory foam ear cushions that prevent overheating and pressure buildup. The padded headband also feels great and stays securely in place. I'm a fan of small touches like the ProSpecs glasses relief system that accommodates eyewear.

In terms of core sound performance, the large 50mm Nanoclear drivers deliver excellent detail across the spectrum from crisp highs to thumping lows. This helps you pinpoint enemies in CoD through subtle audio cues. And I appreciate the intuitive mic that easily mutes when flipped up.

This headset also connects simultaneously via low latency wireless to console/PC and Bluetooth to mobile. Just take note of potential connectivity quirks with the USB transmitter. The on-headset controls also feel a bit clumsy compared to scroll wheels.

Ideal for CoD Because:

If you want a supremely comfortable wireless headset, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max allows you to immerse in Call of Duty for hours thanks to cooling gel cushions, glasses friendly design, and detailed sound.

8. Logitech G Pro X - Best Customization


best headphones for call of duty image 8

If you want deep customization options to craft your ideal audio experience, the feature-packed Logitech G Pro X gaming headset is a top choice. Between adjustable EQ, Blue Voice mic tweaks, and surround sound, you can fine-tune things to truly suit your playstyle.


  • Granular audio customization
  • Premium design with metal accents
  • Detachable microphone
  • Durable construction


  • Clamping force may be tight for some
  • Surround sound impacts audio quality


The Logitech G Pro X headset sports a durable design accented by sleek metal components on the earcups and headband. Memory foam ear cushions provide a nice seal and comfortable fit. Just take note that the clamping force feels snug, which helps with noise isolation but may cause discomfort over time for some users.

In terms of customization, this headset really shines. The easy-to-use Logitech G Hub software lets you tweak equalizer settings to perfection. It also enables manipulation of mic settings using Blue Voice technology for studio-quality vocal clarity in squad comms.

While virtual 7.1 surround sound is featured, I typically keep this disabled, as it negatively impacts audio quality in my experience. But you have the option to toggle it on for a more spacious effect if desired.

Ideal for CoD Because:

The Logitech G Pro X gaming headset is a top pick for Call of Duty thanks to its outstanding customization options that let you craft audio and mic settings precisely to your needs. Just don't enable virtual surround sound if high fidelity is the priority.

9. Corsair HS70 Wireless - Best Battery Life


best headphones for call of duty image 9

If marathon battery life is a priority, the Corsair HS70 Wireless gaming headset delivers with its whopping 16+ hours on a single charge. You can game for days without worrying about your audio cutting out at a critical moment.


  • 16+ hour battery life
  • Detachable microphone
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Affordable pricing


  • Sound lacks detail
  • Tight clamping force


Sporting large 50mm neodymium drivers, the closed-back HS70 Wireless headset provides thumping lows and clear mids/highs. The sound profile emphasizes bass impact over subtle audio details, so footsteps don't come through as precisely for competitive shooters. But the lively sound adds excitement during explosive action sequences.

In terms of comfort, the memory foam ear cushions contour nicely to the head, although the tight clamping force may cause discomfort over time for some users. I do appreciate the intuitive microphone that mutes when flipped up into the stored position.

The star feature of this headset is definitely the marathon 16+ hours of battery life on a single charge. You can game for days without worrying about losing wireless connectivity right when things get intense. The range is also solid at up to 40 feet.

Ideal for CoD Because:

If you want a wireless headset that can go the distance thanks to insane battery life, the Corsair HS70 Wireless is a top choice for Call of Duty. Just don't expect the crispiest directional audio during competitive multiplayer.

10. ROCCAT Elo 7.1 Air - Best Budget Wireless


best headphones for call of duty image 10

If you're seeking quality wireless performance on a budget, the ROCCAT Elo 7.1 Air gaming headset punches well above its affordable price point. Delivering immersive virtual 7.1 surround sound and 24 hours of battery life, these are my top budget wireless pick for Call of Duty.


  • Impressive value
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Detachable microphone
  • 24 hour battery life


  • Mediocre software
  • Tight clamping force


Starting with the wireless performance, the Elo 7.1 Air headset provides a solid connection within range along with excellent 24 hour battery life between charges. The 2.4GHz USB transmitter ensures low latency for competitive gaming.

In terms of audio quality, these closed-back cans utilize large 50mm drivers to pump out surprisingly clear and impactful sound considering the budget price. Crisp highs and clean mids pair nicely with punchy lows. And I appreciate the intuitive microphone that mutes when flipped up.

Comfort-wise, the self-adjusting headband and thick memory foam ear cushions contour nicely to the head. Although some users may find the clamping force too tight for extended wear.

Ideal for CoD Because:

If you're shopping on a budget but still want quality wireless performance for Call of Duty, the ROCCAT Elo 7.1 Air gaming headset provides excellent value without cutting corners. Just don't expect absolute top-tier audio fidelity at this price point.

Wired vs Wireless Headphones for Call of Duty

The wired vs wireless debate has raged in the gaming community for years. When shopping for a Call of Duty headset, you'll inevitably face this decision. Let's break down the core considerations.

Latency and Connectivity

Wireless headsets must transmit audio over the air, inherently introducing potential latency (lag) since the signal takes longer to reach your ears. Although modern wireless protocols have near-instant response, even the smallest delay can mean life or death in hardcore CoD matches.

Wired headsets connected directly through 3.5mm or USB cables eliminate transmission time, providing more reactive feedback. Just deal with potential snags from cables.

Convenience and Mobility

Wireless headsets offer seamless convenience, allowing you to freely move around without worrying about cables. Go for a snack run mid-match without missing any action.

Wired cans keep you physically tethered nearby your gaming device. Tripping over cords can quickly wreck your momentum. Although modern braided cables reduce this annoyance.

Audio Quality

Analog wired connections technically offer the purest audio reproduction quality by avoiding encoding/transmission compression from wireless. Although modern Bluetooth codecs like aptX and AAC have minimized this fidelity gap.

The Verdict?

For hardcore competitive Call of Duty players where every millisecond matters, avoiding even the slightest potential wireless latency makes wired the way to go. The plug-and-play simplicity also guarantees reliability.

However, wireless now provides good enough fidelity and response for most users while offering superior convenience. The mobility freedom is unparalleled. Just ensure your wireless headset has the latest fast connectivity protocols.

So choose your priorities - pure audio performance or untamed mobility? Thankfully, there are excellent headset options to suit either preference these days.

Noise-Cancelling vs Open-Back Headphones for Call of Duty

best headphones for call of duty image 11

Another key decision - do you want a headset that seals out exterior distractions or one that lets outside sound bleed in? Let's explore the differences between noise-cancelling and open-back cans for CoD.

Noise Cancellation: Sound Isolation

Noise-cancelling headsets utilize padding and active electronic trickery to block ambient noise from around you. This sound isolation plunges you into an immersive bubble with the game audio.

ANC allows you to crank up the volume freely without distractions. Fully focus on the intricate layers of a match's soundscape to analyze directional cues.

Open-Back: Spatial Awareness

Open-back headsets feature cages or vents instead of sealed earcup padding. This allows external noise to naturally blend into the audio mix.

While less isolating, open-back models provide more realistic spacial awareness matching your natural ears. Hear opponents sneaking up behind you or chatter from your squadmates in the room.

Audio Quality Differences

Closed-back noise cancelling headsets offer more booming bass since all audio waves resonate internally. However, the isolation can feel unconducive for picking up subtle audio layers.

Open-back models provide more airy and natural reproduction, albeit with less thump. The blending of game and real-world sounds creates a hyper-realistic hybrid environment.

So which leads to better audio quality comes down to preference. Do you want that isolated thrill ride or a lifelike hybrid experience?

Recommendations by Play Style

Sweaty try-hard competitors will appreciate noise-cancelling headphones for zero distractions from exterior chaos. Immerse fully in CoD's world.

However, more casual players may prefer open-back models to retain spatial awareness, chat with nearby friends, and avoid sensory overload.

There's no universally "better" option. Choose headphones aligning with your personal play style needs.

Comfort and Durability Considerations for Call of Duty Headphones

While audio performance justifiably grabs attention when choosing CoD headphones, comfort and durability also play pivotal roles. Don't underestimate these factors for accessories worn hours on end daily.

All-Day Headband & Ear Pad Comfort

Even the best sounding headphones become worthless if massive ear fatigue or throbbing headaches cut sessions short. Seek ample padding for both headband and ear cups suited for marathon wear.

Memory foam ear pads will contour delicately around most ears, although velour and other breathable materials make better long-term companions. Just ensure your specific ear shape fits properly within the openings.

Weight Support & Adjustability

Take note of total headphone weight including frames and pads. Lighter models with distributed clamping force cause less neck strain during all-day use. This allows you to fully focus Mental stamina on matches rather than physical discomforts.

Also confirm earcups and headbands adjust adequately and that your particular head size isn't painfully squeezed or left loose. Proper tension keeps things comfortably anchored and stable during intense gameplay.

Durable Build Materials

Let's be honest - gaming gear endures above average punishment, especially headphones slammed down after frustrating defeats. Ensure your Call of Duty headset holds up with solid metals and high-grade plastics rather than flimsy budget builds prone to snapping off.

Detachable cables also hugely boost product lifespans when wires inevitably fray over time. Consider replaceable ear pads too since padding breaks down after years of sweat and wear.

Sweat-Resistance & Breathability

Scan product details and reviews for confirmation that your potential headset handles sweat decently. Excessive moisture and heat leads to accelerated wear along with outright grossness. Not fun!

Prioritize open-back or breathable ear pad fabrics for optimal ventilation, keeping environmental sound flowing. This reduces stuffy ears and ensures you literally and figuratively stay cool under fire during sweaty matches.


Do I Really Need a High-End Headset for CoD?

While ultra premium audiophile cans arguably provide the most realistic and detailed soundscape, more affordable gaming-focused options have closed the gap drastically. Models around $100 can deliver highly capable virtual surround sound and audio precision to suit most players. Higher prices bring diminishing returns.

What Features Impact Sound Quality?

Larger high-performance drivers, quality DACs, bespoke tuning software, and surround sound support all contribute to improved fidelity. Seek a wide and accurate frequency range to hear everything from delicate footsteps to booming set piece explosions in clarity.

How Does Virtual Surround Sound Work?

Virtual surround uses head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) to simulate multi-channel audio through standard stereo headphones. By subtly tweaking phase/timing while creating a 3D soundscape, your brain perceives discrete directional and distance cues like real surround upmixes over speakers.

Do Expensive Headsets Last Longer?

Not necessarily. While premium materials used on high-end headphones tend to increase resilience against daily wear and tear, proper care hugely impacts product longevity regardless of price. Following best practices like storage cases, gentleness while handling, and sweat mitigation means even budget headsets can still last years.

Any Other Buying Tips?

Don't underestimate the importance of comfort during marathon gaming sessions. Seek ample padding, lightweight build materials, and self-adjusting headbands when possible. Sound means nothing if discomfort means you constantly rip off headphones, disrupting focus.


With an array of excellent Call of Duty headphones now available spanning various form factors, price points, and feature sets, there’s an ideal pair ready to take your gaming audio to the next level.

Key considerations like audio precision, customization, battery life, comfort, and connectivity preference all play pivotal roles in determining which model best suits your playstyle needs.

Hopefully breaking down the top contenders highlighted above while exploring wired vs wireless performance, noise isolation, long-term usage wisdom, and common questions aids your buying journey.

Now equipped with authoritative buying advice direct from a competitive CoD aficionado, pull the trigger on a capable new headset with confidence then immerse into heart-thumping audio action. The ultimate battle royale glory awaits – time to vanquish the opposition through superior audio intelligence!

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