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Best golf cart speaker mount

Golf cart speakers come in a wide range of uses. A speaker in the golf cart signifies that the golf cart is a bit more sophisticated. As speakers are helpful in creating sounds, golf cart speakers ...

By: Aleksey Makohon Date: 03 / 29, 2022
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Golf cart speakers come in a wide range of uses. A speaker in the golf cart signifies that the golf cart is a bit more sophisticated. As speakers are helpful in creating sounds, golf cart speakers become quite excellent and accurate to provide the music or play the radio or news. During the ride to the golf court, the golfer may listen to a music track or listen to essential daily news or even talk shows and get information about the latest games via the speaker. They cannot just be put or used in the golf cart. That is why mounting is also an important consideration.

But what is mounting?

As the speaker was already stated, below is a short explanation of mounting. Generally speaking, mounting is a type of clamping system or adjustment system than can be used to mount the speaker on the golf cart. The face of the dashboard is a perfect area to attach the speaker. You can also use them as portable speakers by holding them in your hand. Below are a few of the golf cart speakers and mounts offered along with the specifications and details that have been provided.

Options for Bluetooth speaker mount for Golf Cart

Although there are many different speaker mounts for golf cart, chances are that the one that most suits your individual needs is the one that you can mount between the front and back of your golf cart. This way, you can mount the speakers anywhere on the cart and still hear everything that is going on around you.


Treblab Bluetooth speaker mount

Best speaker mount for golf cart

Compatible with most 8"-12" diameter portable speakers.

Takes a few seconds to attach to the golf cart.

Anti-vibration pad absorbs shock, preventing speaker from rattling.

Made of non-slip material, which provides a secure fit of the mount and the speaker.

More about TREBLAB speaker mount
TREBLAB Speaker mount

Since there are many different types of speaker mounts for golf carts, it all comes down to your personal preferences and preferences. The Aida Principle is a basic approach to audio that states that the best speaker mount for golf cart should be designed so that the driver can hear clearly and uninterrupted while talking to their guests. Or, to put it another way, the driver should be able to focus on his game and not on the cart.

A speaker can only provide good audio quality if it is properly mounted in your golf cart. For smaller speakers, a simple installation system is all that is needed to mount the speaker in a convenient location.

However, for more complicated models with a number of individual parts, you will need to use more complicated mounting methods. Look for speakers that can be attached with a cable tie to quickly change locations.

Treblab Bluetooth speaker mount for golf cart – Best overall

Treblab speaker mount for golf cart

The TREBLAB SM-1 speaker mount for golf cart has 7-inch supporting harnesses that wind around the frame of the golf cart. While other speaker mounts feature smaller harnesses that may not provide the proper performance. This bracket is built with slip-resistant materials that ensure a tight grip on both the mount and the speaker. The Velcro fasteners on the Treblab mount are extremely durable and hold the speaker tight and snug to the golf cart frame. Plus, it's nice to know that Treblab supports its products with responsive after-sales support. Really uncomplicated and easy to work with. Absolutely no hassle, no bad purchase. This mount serves exactly the intended purpose for which it was created. It allows the speaker to be used in more than one spot.

+ Pros:

  • Compatible with almost every portable speaker from 8" to 12" in diameter.
  • Can be attached to your golf cart in just a few seconds
  • Anti-vibration pad soaks up impacts

- Cons:

  • The straps somehow interfere with the control of the speakers

Bushwhacker Original Portable Speaker Mount for Golf

Bushwhacker Portable Speaker Mount for Golf Cart Railing

The Bushwhacker Portable Speaker Mount for Golf Cart Railing comes as an expandable belt bracket designed to match your golf cart rod by using three customizable belts. Offering flexibility and strength, this mount is approximately 2.39 ounces in weight. Since Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, this mount will fit any shape effortlessly. There are 3 clips with independent belts to fasten the speaker to your golf cart. From vertical to horizontal, this mount is fully customizable to accommodate any angle. The belt is entirely adaptable to secure portable speakers measuring within 12 inches in diameter, meanwhile, the half-inch upholstery is helpful in dampening bumps and getting rid of speaker clatter.

+ Pros:

  • Sufficiently stretchy inside to protect against stains or damage during extended use
  • 3 separate customizable straps for lasting adjustment
  • The inner part contains a non-slip characteristic that can prevent falling in case of shock

- Cons:

  • The harness can interfere with the volume control

Portable Speaker Mount for Golf Cart

Portable Speaker Mount for Golf Cart Railing

The item addresses the issue that you will have to permanently mount and dismount your Bluetooth speaker from your golf cart railing bike. The item comes with customizable harness straps that allow you to secure and remove the speaker from the railing without any hassle. The customizable strap can be suitable for the majority of wireless speakers (7.5"-12" in size) available on the market, like Doss, OontZ, Anker, Bose, JBL and etc. One-half-inch upholstery absorbs impacts and keeps the speaker from chattering. The speaker mount for golf cart is compact and weightless, and there is no need to use tools to assemble it. The product also has a strong and firm mounting, which keeps the speakers from dropping on the ground.

+ Pros:

  • Made of premium PU leather and finished by accurate sewing handwork
  • Is safe and sturdy on the rails and bars
  • Is appropriate for portable speakers with a size of up to 14.2 inches

- Cons:

  • Not waterproof
  • Not intended for use with speakers with a circumference over 14.2 inches

HomeMount Speaker Mount for Golf Cart

HomeMount Portablу Speaker Mount for Golf Cart

This mount can be mounted together with the speaker on the handlebar or the side rails of the golf cart. The basic material of this mount is nylon. As nylon is a highly efficient and durable material, there are no trade-offs in the quality of this mount. The adjustable belt of this mount is sufficiently strong and the firmness can be set in accordance with the hitches. There is no danger of dropping even during heavy shocks or trips, as the inner part features a sturdy enough partition. A peak railing size of 3 inches is perfect enough to set the mount with no hassle. Moreover, HomeMount Company is concerned about its customers enough by offering a great after-sale support service.

+ Pros:

  • Is scratch resistant and features a solid speaker strap to keep the speaker firmly mounted to the railing
  • Is customizable to match any Bluetooth speaker strap mount with a 13-inch diameter circumference
  • Is great for everyone who likes enjoying music while playing golf

- Cons:

  • A strap in the middle leads directly over the power and Bluetooth buttons

Golf Bluetooth Speaker with Mount, Ampcaddy Version 3

Golf Bluetooth Speaker with Mount, Ampcaddy Version 3

The Ampcaddy speaker is all you'll ever need at the golf field. Featuring a handheld and simple-to-use mounting system, it fits on nearly every golf cart rack or secure shaft with a diameter ranging from a half-inch to two inches. Developed for outdoor use, the speaker delivers a stunning bass output with enough battery power to hold roughly two rounds of golf. When mounted, the speaker rotates left and right in order to guarantee that the sound gets to you when you're on the tee box or on the greens course.

+ Pros:

  • Built-in sound amplifier for the maximum sound quality and a wide range of Bluetooth connections.
  • Completely waterproof and backed by a 100% money refund guarantee.
  • Simple to use and can be paired with any smart gadget.

- Cons:

  • The speaker may be a bit too noisy for some people


The Treblab mount is ideal for golf cart that need excellent sound stability. The mount features adjustable straps in order to achieve the perfect fitting for your cart. Moreover, the mount is built from durable materials and features a built-in shock absorber to ensure your cart stays firm in any condition. Listen to the tracks, get everyday updates, and access the radio from anywhere and at any time in your golf cart. Secure the mount to the handlebars and plug in the speaker. Never mind the placement and just enjoy your time. Why be bored in the cart with a good entertainment item with its savior. Make every minute and time precious.


How to mount a Bluetooth speaker on a golf cart?

Installing a speaker on a golf cart differs depending on the type of speaker. You need to install all the hardware on the cart, then mount four speakers on a golf cart.

Where do you mount speakers on a golf cart?

The dashboard, under the seat, on the top, or on the back panel of the golf car may be appropriate spots for mounting the speakers. Any of these options are suitable for the use of portable speakers.

How to mount a portable speaker to a golf bag?

When considering mounting solutions, consider your golf bag and how it's usually used - obviously, a carabiner is simple enough to fit on any bag, though anything that goes in a pocket or cup holder may muffle the sound, based on the materials of your bag.

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