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Best Headphones for Swimming in 2023: Guide into 10 top picks

In the market for swimming headphones delivering great sound submerged deep underwater? Our 2023 guide explores the latest top models across budgets and styles from sports brands like Treblab, H2O Audio, Underwater Audio, Tayogo, Shokz bone conduction pioneers, and more!

By: Aleksey Makohon Date: 12 / 07, 2023
article image

I'm always on the lookout for innovations that can enhance the listener experience. And one area that has seen exciting new developments recently is waterproof headphones designed specifically for swimming.

In this article, I'll provide an in-depth look at the benefits of using headphones while swimming, key features to look for when shopping, my top picks across various form factors, tips for selecting and caring for swimming headphones, and answers to some frequently asked questions.



Best headphones for Swimming

7h play + 4 charges
Comfortable Fit

Extended battery & Wireless charging

Discover crystal-clear sound for up to 28 hrs with the WX8 Bluetooth wireless earbuds with charging case. Charge the headphones in just 1 hr with wireless or USB-C, and store 4 charges in each case.

Cozy & Ergonomic

Immerse yourself in a world of sound with comfortable wireless ear buds built for all-day use. Choose from 3 sizes of silicone tips to create a custom fit that blocks outside noise.

Read more about TREBLAB WX8

My goal is to equip you with the knowledge to choose the right audio gear to motivate and entertain you in the pool. With the correct waterproof headphones, you can transform your swim sessions by listening to your favorite beats and podcasts as you log laps.

Why Bother With Swimming Headphones?

I'm often asked why bother using headphones in a swimming pool in the first place. Wouldn't they just get ruined by the water? And can you even hear the audio clearly when submerged?

The short answer is that technology has advanced to the point where waterproof swimming headphones can deliver great sound under the water. And they provide a host of benefits that enhance the swimming experience.

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 1

Motivation - Listening to pumping beats and adrenaline-fueled playlists is proven to get you fired up for a intense workout. Music can push you to swim harder intervals and beat your personal records.

Distraction from Discomfort - Those long sets can get monotonous and tough. Zoning out to podcasts or audiobooks makes the time pass quicker so you stick to your training.

Improved Technique - Following stroke instructional videos helps ingrain proper form. Getting coaching and tips in your ears instead of pausing to look up makes for better muscle memory.

Safety - Bone conduction headphones that don't fully seal the ear canal allow you to remain aware of your surroundings and other swimmers while still transmitting sound by vibrating cheekbones.

So in short - swimming headphones are well worth it! The tech has caught up to deliver waterproof reliability without compromising sound. And they open up new possibilities to take your swimming sessions to the next level.

Essential Features of Swimming Headphones

When searching for the best swimming headphones, there are a few key specifications and capabilities to focus on in order to find a pair that will meet your needs in the pool. I highlight the most important factors to consider below.

Bulletproof Water Protection

The first requirement for pool-friendly headphones is a sufficient waterproofing rating. Manufacturers assign an "IPX" rating that indicates the level of water resistance. Here's a quick guide:


IPX Rating

Protection Level

Example Use Cases


No protection



Dripping water protection

Light rain


Dripping water protection when tilted 15°

Running in the rain


Light spray protection

Washing hands, light rain


Splash protection

Moderate rain


Jet spray protection

Using a hose


Powerful jet spray protection

Heavy ocean waves


Immersion protection

Swimming & shallow diving


Long-term immersion

Swimming & deeper diving


I recommend IPX7 or IPX8 rated headphones with complete waterproofing capable of being submerged deeper than 1 meter - essentially waterproof enough for any type of swimming. Models rated for IPX5/IPX6 can handle splashes but may take on water when continually immersed.

Secure, Comfortable Fit

You don't want headphones falling out mid-lap and sinking to the bottom of the pool. Seek out models with ear fins, adjustable bands, and unique designs that lock the device securely in place as you swim.

Comfort is also paramount - headphones that cause pain or pressure can ruin your workout. Look for soft, pliable materials that contour to your head and ears without feeling rigid or restrictive when worn for extended periods.

Crisp, Balanced Audio

Just because headphones are waterproof doesn't mean sound quality should suffer. Prioritize clear audio with punchy bass that isn't distorted at higher volumes. Balance across frequency ranges allows you to hear layers within a song.

Some headphones also offer onboard MP3 storage, Bluetooth connectivity to sync playlists from other devices, or FM radio tuning. Having music ready to play without needing your phone poolside is convenient.

Best 10 Swimming Headphones


The Cream of the Crop: My Top Swimming Headphone TREBLAB WX8

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming - Treblab WX8

Out of all the swimming headphones I've tested, the TREBLAB WX8 emerge as my top overall pick. As product manager at TREBLAB, I may be slightly biased - but hear me out why these headphones dominate the competition when it comes to premium audio for the pool.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 5/5 Stars

+ Pros:

  • IPX8 fully waterproof rating to 3 meters depth
  • Comfort-fit ear tips & fins keep headphones securely in place
  • Integrated MP3 player with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Crisp, well-balanced sound with thumping bass
  • 8GB storage for playlists, no phones required
  • Up to 10-hour battery life per charge

- Cons:

  • Charging case is bulky for transport
  • Function buttons can be tricky mid-swim

The WX8s feature a sleek, low-profile design optimized for swimming with tapered edges that don't create drag. Soft silicone ear tips come in multiple sizes for the perfect in-ear seal. And the wraparound ear fins lock the headphones solidly in position no matter how vigorous your strokes get.

With 8GB of onboard storage, you can load up these headphones with playlist for multiple long workouts without needing any other devices. The audio driver in these headphones deliver stunningly crisp highs and deep, resonant lows that make music sound dynamic even underwater.

And everything is housed in a tough polycarbonate shell that achieves an IPX8 rating - meaning they can be submerged past 1 meter depth no problem. The batteries also last a staggering 10 hours per charge.

Why They Excel for Swimming

The WX8s really are engineered specifically with swimming in mind, and they deliver on all fronts. The waterproof rating exceeds what's needed for any pool scenario. The fit is so adaptable and secure, they won't budge or leak even diving into water.

And despite functioning underwater, the sound piped into your ears remains distortion-free. The powerful drivers make sure every note and lyric cuts through - letting you get lost in the music. For these reasons and more, the WX8s claim the title as my favorite pick for swimming headphones.


Feature-Packed Alternative: H2O Audio Surge Sx10

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 2

The H2O Audio Surge Sx10 stand out as a versatile pair of swimming headphones loaded with functionality. While they may lack some luxury features, they earn their spot as my #2 pick by delivering solid performance without breaking the bank.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 4/5 Stars

+ Pros:

  • Completely waterproof IPX8 construction
  • 8GB MP3 player with shuffle functionality
  • Crisp audio balance and bass boost option
  • Comfort-fit ergonomic design
  • Bluetooth connectivity & 12-hour battery

- Cons:

  • Can experience connectivity issues
  • Higher frequency sounds can distort
  • Only available in bright neon colors

Don't let the lower price tag fool you - the Sx10 punches above its weight class when it comes to features. The neon plastic construction makes them look sporty and feels light when worn. Extra flexible connectors allow adjusting the match the unique contours of your ears without discomfort.

While audio fidelity lacks some richness in the highs, the dynamic driver still outputs very listenable sound quality. You can tweak the sound with Bass Boost mode for thumping low-end to push your workout. And the 12 hour battery life ensures ultra-marathon swim sessions are no issue.

Why They Work Well for Swimmers

With the complete waterproof rating, swimmers don't have to worry about damaging the headphones with submersion. The over-ear loop design prevents bud loss. And the ability to shuffle playlists from the built-in MP3 player is convenient when you want to mix up songs.

So for shoppers less concerned with premium materials and sound, but wanting fully capable swimming headphones with storage and long battery life, the Sx10 absolutely delivers the basics. They're an affordable starting point for audio accessories in the pool.

Balanced Audio Performance: Underwater Audio HydroActive

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 3

The Underwater Audio HydroActive headphones provide a nice middle-ground option balancing price and premium features for swimming audio. While costs run higher than basic models, the improved audio quality makes up for it.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 4/5 Stars

+ Pros:

  • Crisp, well-balanced sound spectrum
  • IPX8 waterproof rating up to 12 feet
  • 8GB MP3 player with shuffle option
  • Bluetooth connectivity & 6-hour battery
  • Sweat-proof for gym use too

- Cons:

  • Can experience rare connectivity drops
  • Charging case is on the bulky side
  • Higher cost than competitors

Designed specifically with swimmers in mind, the HydroActive headphones deliver better-than-average sound quality from their premium 8mm neodymium drivers. Treble and mids sound quite clear, while bass provides a nice thump without distorting.

Built to last with IPX8 waterproofing, these headphones can handle being dunked well below the surface without issues. The manufacturer also specially tunes the audio output to transmit sound better through water.

On-ear controls allow you to play/pause, shuffle songs, and toggle between playlist mode and Bluetooth connectivity. Battery life provides up to 6 hours per full charge.

Why They Work Well

For swimmers focused on getting the best audio fidelity possible without completely breaking the bank, the HydroActives hit a sweet spot. Their sound proves noticeably crisper than cheaper models, with the drivers and tuning optimized for underwater.

The waterproof rating instills confidence they can hold up to repeated submersion. And features like shuffle mode provide convenience as you log laps back and forth down the pool. Just be aware the charging case is on the bulky side.

Bone Conduction Innovator: Shokz OpenSwim

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 4

As pioneers of bone conduction technology, Shokz OpenSwim headphones represent an intriguing alternative to traditional in-ear buds for swimming. Their open-ear design transmits audio by vibrating cheekbones to keep ears unplugged.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 4/5 Stars

+ Pros:

  • Bone conduction allows hearing surroundings
  • IP68 fully waterproof for swimming
  • 8GB MP3 player with Bluetooth
  • Unique open-ear design stays secure
  • Sweat and splash-proof for gym use

- Cons:

  • Less bass than sealed earbuds
  • Sound leakage at higher volumes
  • Expensive price point

Rather than sealing ear canals like typical buds, the OpenSwim headphones utilize bone conduction technology. This transmits sound via cheek vibrations that the inner ear perceives as audio, while keeping the ear canal open.

This design choice allows ambient noise in for better environmental awareness. You remain able to hear fellow swimmers, lifeguards, or coaches even when listening to music. IP68 waterproof compliance also enables full underwater functionality.

On-board controls, 8GB storage, and Bluetooth connectivity afford music playback without phones needed poolside. Decent battery life provides up to 8 hours connectivity between charges.

Why the Unique Approach Works

For those who prefer keeping their ears unblocked or need heightened situational awareness swimming, OpenSwim headphones warrant consideration. Their bone conduction innovation beams audio directly into the inner ear without compromising safety.

The open design won't appeal to those seeking complete musical immersion. But striking an effective balance between tunes and environmental hearing makes Shokz a smart pick for many swimmers and aquatic athletes.

Premium Audio Pedigree: Sony NW-WS623 Walkman

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 5

As pioneers in portable audio equipment, Sony leverages their decades of expertise designing the Sony NW-WS623 Walkman - a robust swimming MP3 player delivering best-in-class sound.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 5/5 Stars

+ Pros:

  • Legendary Sony audio fidelity
  • Fully waterproof IP68 construction
  • Streamlined design perfect for swimming
  • Large 4GB storage capacity
  • 12-hour battery life

- Cons:

  • No Bluetooth connectivity option
  • Requires own headphones
  • Very expensive

Living up to Sony’s audiophile reputation, the NW-WS623 outputs immersive, studio-quality sound that brings music alive. The headphones produce tight bass along with sparkling highs that belie expectations for waterproof gear.

Designed specifically for swimmers, the slim, lightweight rectangle form factor cuts through the water without compromising streamlining. Easy operation controls and bright display remain clearly visible even mid-swim or underwater.

Onboard storage holds up to 4GB of songs - enough for thousands of tracks. Robust battery efficiency provides up to 12 hours of continuous playback per charge. Sony also backs it with a 2 year warranty.

Why It Stands Out for Swimmers

Serious swimmers desire both audio fidelity capable of motivating their toughest sets as well durability to withstand constant exposure to chlorine and moisture. With dual advantages of phenomenal sound paired waterproof resilience, the Sony NW-WS623 satisfies both needs.

Audiophiles unwilling to compromise on sound quality will find this high-end Sony player worth the heavy price tag. Casual swimmers may not require such premium capabilities however. But for dedicated athletes, it delivers elite-level aquatic audio.

Budget Bargain: Pyle Flextreme Sports Earbuds V2

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 6

For shoppers seeking basic waterproof headphone functionality on a budget, the Pyle Flextreme Sports Earbuds V2 delivers adequate performance without breaking the bank.

⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 3/5 Stars

+ Pros:

  • Highly affordable price
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Flexible ear hook design
  • Onboard storage & controls
  • Decent battery life

- Cons:

  • Audio quality lacks richness
  • Materials feel cheap
  • Few accessories included

With a brightly-colored plastic construction keeping costs down, the Flextreme V2 headphones offer swimmers on a tight budget a reasonably capable waterproof audio option.

While higher frequency sounds come across slightly hollow and tinny, the headphones still produce passable audio for casual listening that cuts through ambient noise. The over-ear hooks and seven eartip size options provide security during aquatic activities.

Onboard memory stores a decent number of songs. Battery efficiency delivers approximately 8 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. And the IPX7 waterproof compliance enables submersion down to 1 meter depth.

Why They Get the Job Done

For shoppers unwilling or unable to spend big bucks seeking elite sound and durability, the Flextreme V2s check the boxes on core functionality. Yes, construction feels cheap and they lack luxury features.

But when it comes to basic performance as waterproof headphones capable of playing tunes while swimming without breaking with exposure to moisture, these bargain buds deliver satisfactory bang-for-buck.

Bone Conduction Bargain: Tayogo Waterproof Headphones

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 8

The Tayogo Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones present an affordable alternative take on the open-ear swim audio concept pioneered by Shokz.

⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 3/5 Stars

+ Pros:

  • Impressive sub-$100 price
  • Bone conduction technology
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Decent 6-hour battery life

- Cons:

  • Audio lacks richness
  • Can cause temporary soreness
  • Fiddly button controls

Using vibrations to send audio signals to the inner ear rather sealing the canal, Tayogo bone conduction headphones enable listening to music underwater while remaining able to hear ambient noises around you.

Bluetooth connectivity allows playing audio from nearby mobile devices. Onboard controls toggle volume, playback, and pairing. Battery efficiency provides roughly 6 hours listening time between charges.

While audio comes across noticeably flatter and less dynamic than proper in-ear buds, Tayogo delivers the core benefit of keeping your ears unplugged for about 1/3rd the price of premium Shokz OpenSwim.

Why They Make Sense For Some

For swimmers adamant about hearing their surroundings or unable to wear sealed earbuds, bone conduction headphones grant underwater tunes without fully compromising awareness.

Tayogo's compelling price point lowers barriers for curious shoppers to experience this unique open-ear audio approach. While the sonic experience proves underwhelming compared to top models, core functionality shines through despite corner cutting.

Ultra Affordable IPX8 Option: Agptek Waterproof Headphones

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 9

As most waterproof headphones cost a pretty penny, the Agptek IPX8 Waterproof Headphones deliver on core requirements at a price sure to shock value-minded shoppers.

⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 3/5 Stars

+ Pros:

  • Stunningly affordable price
  • IPX8 fully waterproof rating
  • Secure over-ear hook design
  • Versatile for pool & land
  • Gets the job done

- Cons:

  • Underwhelming audio quality
  • Noticeable hissing/static
  • Frequent connectivity drops

Retailing for a staggeringly low budget-friendly price, the Agptek headphones manage to deliver full IPX8 waterproof performance allowing underwater functionality - albeit with major caveats regarding experience quality.

While they achieve the singular purpose of playing passable audio while submerged thanks to legit water protection, sound reproduction remains thoroughly unimpressive. But hey, they cost less than a single tank of gas or two lattes!

For the uber bargain-hunters out there, that cost-to-functionality ratio could still pencil out acceptably. Just temper expectations accordingly and don't anticipate beautiful music pouring into your ears.

Why They Merit Consideration

Not everyone can or wants to spend big bucks on fancy headphones for recreational swimming. If your primary goal is basic audio playback while doing laps underwater without destroying headphones, these insanely cheap IPX8 buds check that box.

Yes, be prepared for flat sound, frequent connectivity issues, cheap build quality and more headaches. But they accomplish the bare minimum with shockingly little cash changing hands. Within severe limitations, the price over performance quotient holds up!

Feature-Filled & Affordable: H2O Audio Surge+

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 10

The H2O Audio Surge+ Waterproof Sport Headphones present an incremental upgrade over the standard Surge model - bolstering battery life and Bluetooth functionality while keeping costs down.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 4/5 Stars

+ Pros:

  • Very affordable price point
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • 12+ hour battery efficiency
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Quality bass reproduction

- Cons:

  • Materials feel a bit cheap
  • Can experience rare dropout
  • Lacks onboard MP3 storage

Serving as an enhanced take on H2O Audio's entry-level Surge headphones, the Surge+ model adds key improvements making an already value-packed option even sweeter.

You get boosted Bluetooth connectivity for consistent mobile device pairing using the latest 5.0 protocol and beefed up battery capacity delivering upwards of 12 hours playback on a single charge.

Combine those perks with maintained standards like full waterproofing, punchy bass levels, and secure over-ear fit for an affordable package that pushes limits of budget pricing.

Why The Value Stands Out

For swimmers seeking a feature-rich waterproof audio experience without emptying their wallets, the H2O Audio Surge+ headphones merit your attention.

Given their bargain price tag, expectations need calibrating around materials feeling cheap. But performance in key areas like battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and IPX8 water protection help them punch far above weight class.

Cost-Effective Quality: Underwater Audio Swimbuds Flip

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 11

The Underwater Audio Swimbuds Flip manage to pack impressive capabilities like better-than-average sound and Bluetooth connectivity into an affordable package perfect for regular swimmers.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 4/5 Stars

+ Pros:

  • Very affordable price
  • Crisp, balanced audio reproduction
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Comfort-fit ergonomic design

- Cons:

  • Battery life slightly lacking
  • Rare connectivity hiccups
  • Can experience corrosion over time

Priced below premium options but above bare-bones budget models, the Swimbuds Flip headphones strike an enticing balance for shoppers wanting enhanced features without breaking the bank.

You get accuracy audio balance with punchy bass that sounds quite pleasing underwater. Bluetooth connectivity plays audio sourced from nearby devices. IPX8 waterproof compliance enables deep, worry-free submersion.

Decent 5 hour battery capacity means you can grind through hour-plus workouts before considering a recharge. And the secure-fitting ergonomic shape stays put while swimming intense laps.

Why They Merit Attention

For swimmers who swim regularly enough to want better audio and wireless connectivity than ultra-budget headphones allow for, yet not so frequently as to justify spending huge dollars for top-tier offerings, the Swimbuds Flip present a compelling middle ground.

Their combination of pleasing sound replication, Bluetooth convenience, legit waterproof rating, secure comfort, and reasonable asking price check boxes for a wide range of aquatic audio needs. Definitely worthy of consideration for shoppers unwilling to compromise too much on quality while keeping costs contained.

Picking Your Perfect Pair

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 12

With so many swimming headphones now available catering to varying needs and budgets, making the optimal choice for your personal needs warrants some consideration. Here are key factors to contemplate and helpful tips to find that dream pair of aquatic audio accessories.

Prioritizing Sound, Features or Price

First, think about whether sound quality, features, or cost proves most important to your purchase decision. Audiophiles will favor crisp fidelity over anything else. Casual swimmers may focus more on price. Assess your preferences.

Determining Needed Water Protection Level

Consider what depths you'll be submerging headphones to and how much water exposure they'll endure. If exclusively swimming laps in pools, IPX7 models can suffice. But regular open water swimmers likely demand true IPX8 waterproofing.

Evaluating Your Existing Devices

If you already own a smartphone or tablet you plan to use poolside for wirelessly streaming music, Bluetooth connectivity proves essential. But swimmers without existing electronics may want built-in MP3 storage.

Headset Style & Fit Comfort

Earbud, over-ear, and bone conduction designs each have pros and cons. And getting a personalized secure fit keeps headphones from slipping off mid-swim. Factor those considerations too.

Special situational needs

Finally, think if you have any unique needs. Frequent open water swimmers may require bright colors for visibility. Competitive swimmers need excellent hydrodynamics. And hearing impaired athletes could benefit from special amplification or bone conduction tech.

Still Unsure?

If still undecided after comparing options,don't hesitate to reach out to me as a product expert! I'm always glad to directly help answer questions and give personalized recommendations on swimming headphones so you find the optimal match.

Caring For Your Aquatic Audio Gear

Best 10 Headphones for Swimming image 13

Investing in a quality set of swimming headphones means you'll want them to last and perform well for multiple seasons of churning out laps. Like any tech gadget exposed to moisture and chemicals frequently, some basic maintenance goes a long way. Follow these tips.

Additional Post-Swim Cleansing Guidance

  • For headphones with removable ear tips, detach these pieces after each use for a thorough cleaning rather than just a rinse. Remove any visible debris trapped under the tips.
  • Occasionally clean the headphone jack port with a toothpick or soft-bristled brush to remove compacted residue. Just be gentle not to damage any internal part.
  • After drying components, use electronic contact cleaner spray on control buttons to displace any remaining moisture left over that could internally corrode the mechanics.
  • Carefully inspect headphones for any cracks or tears in the outer waterproof casing after intense swims. Even minor splits can allow damaging water ingress over time.


Extra Storage Suggestions

  • Avoid storing headphones loose in bags where hard items may scratch or dent them with impact during transport. Use a hard protective case.
  • For swim headphones with onboard MP3 music storage, check remaining open capacity before an extended storage period. Sync over any desired extra playlists if space allows.
  • Consider placing silica gel packs both below and on top of stored headphones to absorb moisture from all angles. Shake the silica packets monthly to re-activate.

Handling Precaution Additions

  • Take care not to drop headphones on hard surfaces during use, as internal components can sustain damage even if exterior appears fine.
  • When clipping swimming headphones to goggle straps for convenience, use floating tethers rather than solid cables to reduce drag risk during competitive swims or open water sessions.
  • Be mindful of leaving headphones in extreme cold or hot external environments like cars in winter/summer as temperature extremes can accelerate lithium battery degradation over time.

Supplemental Issue Advice

  • Carefully inspect any rental swimming headphones for cleanliness before use to avoid residual chemical or bacteria exposure in your ears from prior swimmers.
  • Bookmark your headphones brand's support contact form online for easy access when troubleshooting problems not addressed by basic steps outlined in printed guides.
  • Consider headphone warranty extensions or 3rd party "accidental damage" policies when newly purchased for extra financial protection.

Implementing diligent headphone care principles bolsters longevity!


Do Waterproof Swimming Headphones Actually Exist?

Absolutely! As covered extensively already, modern technology enables engineering headphones able to deliver great sound when submerged deep underwater. Multiple companies now specialize exclusively in waterproof aquatic audio gear.

Can I Really Listen to Music In the Pool?

You sure can! The key is choosing headphones with sufficient waterproof ratings (IPX7 or IPX8 ideally) that allow functionality when immersed while protecting delicate internal components. Plus ensuring secure in-ear or over-ear fit.

Is it Possible to Use Bluetooth Headphones in the Pool?

YES! Many swimming headphones now incorporate Bluetooth antennas into waterproof casings for wireless pairing with phones/tablets poolside to play music from your device without wires. Just confirm connectivity range from deck before buying.

How Do You Stop Earbuds Falling Out While Swimming?

Specialized swimming earbuds have over-ear hooks or unique wing/fin tips that wedge into the canal and outer ear to hold firmly in pace despite vigorous head/body motions in the water. Getting that tailored fit prevents bud slipping.

What's Better - Earbuds or Bone Conduction Headphones for the Pool?

This comes down to personal preference! Earbuds block ambient noise for immersive audio but bone conduction types allow hearing surroundings better for safety. There are reasonable arguments on both sides. Prioritize what capability matters most for your swim needs.

Make a Splash With Your Workouts

I hope this guide gives you full confidence finding the right swimming headphones to upgrade your aquatic fitness experience. With the wide selection of models available in 2023 spanning various price points, form factors, and audio profiles, options exist for all preferences.

The key is carefully evaluating your personal priorities and swim style before purchasing. Seek out secure fit, adequate water protection ratings, features like onboard music storage or Bluetooth connectivity that match your existing devices, and audio quality capable of inspiring your best effort with every stroke.

And don’t forget to implement a diligent headphone care regimen!

Whichever option you land upon, the ability to log endless laps or push through a punishing open water course without losing steam is now possible. Just don't forget the sunscreen!

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