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Best Headphones for Fitbit

If you're a gym freak, you're probably familiar with Fitbit, which is designed to help users track their activities such as exercise, calories burned, walking, and running. Recently, Fitbit has tri...

By: Aleksey Makohon Date: 01 / 04, 2022
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If you're a gym freak, you're probably familiar with Fitbit, which is designed to help users track their activities such as exercise, calories burned, walking, and running.

Recently, Fitbit has tried to shake up the smartwatch market by releasing the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatches, which have rivaled the Apple Watch.

However, the Versa watches are not its first watch, as the Iconic is the patent. The three common features of the watches are long battery life, attractive design, and good fitness features.

The first watches, including the Fitbit Ionic, the original Fitbit Versa, and its follow-up Fitbit Versa 2, struggled to connect with third-party earbuds and headphones. The company's Fitbit Flyer paired without a problem too, but fans booed it because of its premium price. Supposedly, Fitbit has resolved the pairing problem with its latest watches like the Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense. You can connect third-party headphones to these watches with ease.

The latest Versa models offer support for all kinds of wireless connectivity. You can pick among headphones, earbuds, in-ear headphones, as well as even Bluetooth speakers. But most people opt for earbuds or headphones because of their portability.

Fitbit has always focused on keeping their customers in good health, and through their watches, they are able to help everyone keep track of their fitness, which proportionally has a positive effect on their health as well. Besides all these benefits, many users complain that the watches can't be paired with headphones because they are not compatible. In this article, we will present six different headphones that can be easily paired with the Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Versa 2, and Ionic. So let's take a look at what the wizards are!



Ultimate over-ear headphones for fitbit

35h play, 3h charge
Active, T-Quiet™ ANC technology
Secure fit
IPX4 water resistant

Hyper-HD aptX Sound Quality

Our wireless workout headphones come with Advanced Sound 2.0 Technology and aptX high-performance neodymium-backed 40mm speakers.

Ultra Premium Materials | Super Soft Ear Pads

They’re super-comfortable, made of high-end, ultra-soft materials that mold to the natural shape of your ear for a custom fit.

Read more about TREBLAB Z2

Best overall – Treblab Z2

TREBLAB Z2 has great, well-rounded audio and the battery life is extraordinary. The bass is powerful enough to enjoy, yet it is not going to blow your brains out. When you consider the affordable price, getting a pair of Z2s is a true bargain. The long runtime battery, ultra-soft ear cushions, and water-resistant design make them a great choice for cozy Sunday trips, Netflix watching, or exercise rounds.

+ Pros:

  • Ultra-soft ear cups
  • Outstanding sound quality with aptX HD
  • Lightweight and tough

- Cons:

  • ANC does not fully eliminate voices

Top 6 Best wireless headphones for Fitbit

Treblab Z2 – Our top choice for Fitbit

1. Treblab Z2 – Our top choice for Fitbit

The large ear cups make them a bit larger than other headphones, but if you're worried about comfort, they should feel pretty comfortable on your head and ears.

These headphones are a great accessory for the Fitbit watches. It always helps when headphones sound really good at this price, but they also do it by finding the right balance between good bass and active treble. Even if you're not going for strong bass, you should like the overall sound signature Treblab was able to create here. The ANC feature is also a big plus, as it works best when low frequencies are cut out.

Bluetooth connectivity is solid, which is always good. And it's hard to argue with the battery life of up to 35 hours, which gives you plenty of time to listen before you need to recharge. Unfortunately, you'll have to do that via micro-USB when the time comes, so no fast charging is possible.

+ Pros:

  • Excellent sound quality
  • User-friendly ANC
  • Pleasant fit
  • Solid Bluetooth connection
  • Durable battery runtime

- Cons:

  • Micro USB for charging

Treblab X3 - a nice alternative for those who want in-ear headphones and not over-ear for Fitbit

2. Treblab X3 - a nice alternative for those who want in-ear headphones and not over-ear for Fitbit

These earbuds are a great accessory for the Fitbit watches. The Treblab X3 Pro Earbuds can probably be considered the finest wireless earbuds for working out. They are gorgeous, premium earbuds that are simple to use and convenient to wear. This pair of earbuds have an ergonomic ear hook design to provide a snugger and a more confident fit. This means you don't need to be concerned about them falling out while running or performing jumping jacks. The ear tips are available in three sizes for the utmost comfort.

When it comes to connectivity, it comes with Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to perform your workouts free from the annoying wires. It uses a Qualcomm QCC chipset powered by aptX to provide high-quality sound. The earbuds feature a built-in microphone that lets you take incoming calls while running without stopping your workout.

The earbuds are water-resistant, and the pair maintains an IPX7 waterproof rating. This means you can sweat as hard as you like during your workout with no worries of damaging your earbuds.

Overall, this is one of the best wireless earbuds for workouts, plus you get to enjoy up to 45 hours of battery life.

+ Pros:

  • Great price-performance ratio
  • Sturdy, gym-ready fit
  • Reasonable battery runtime

- Cons:

  • Trebles are a little dominant

Sony WF-1000XM3 - Extra light earbuds for Fitbit

3. Sony WF-1000XM3 - Extra light earbuds for Fitbit

These earbuds can be easily paired with the Fitbit watch and support the newest Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Sony has equipped these earbuds packed with high-performance functions. There is a wearable detection proximity sensor inside. Touch controls let you easily get access to the voice assistant and browse through the music library. ANC noise cancellation will block out any sounds nearby (surprisingly, it lacks volume control).

The battery life will vary based on ANC usage. If you switch off noise cancellation, the earbuds will play music for up to 7 hours. The case supports fast charging and is powerful enough to recharge the earbuds two times.

These earbuds are sleek and provide good audio performance. With above-average battery life and high-performance features like ANC and Quick Attention, they make a great option as a Fitbit partner.

+ Pros:

  • Effective noise canceling
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Extended features

- Cons:

  • Pricey
  • Missing volume control

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds - Best noise-canceling Earbuds for Fitbit

4. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds - Best noise-canceling Earbuds for Fitbit

Bose QuietComfort is the king of noise canceling. With 9 ANC modes, you can turn off the distraction when jogging. You can couple it right to your Fitbit and smartphones, and thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology, you won't experience any latency in sound.

The QC earbuds deliver unmatched comfort and are a perfect fit. When you use the proper earbud covers, they won't fall off even when you're performing jumping jacks.

The sound quality of the earbuds is likewise stunning and is mainly what you pay for. Besides the ANC modes mentioned above, they feature music control, volume control, as well as access to the watch's voice assistant.

Lastly, the earbuds' battery runtime is a bit less than the previously listed models. They last 6 hours between charges, and the supplied bulky box allows them to be recharged twice.

+ Pros:

  • Best wireless earbuds with noise-canceling function.
  • Superior sound quality and comfortable, safe fit
  • Reasonable battery life

- Cons:

  • High price tag
  • Big carrying case

Razer Hammerhead Pro – Best for Mobile-Gamers

5. Razer Hammerhead Pro – Best for Mobile-Gamers

We recommend mobile gamers who like fitness to try these earphones. In terms of design, these are the typical stick earbuds. They feature a matte black surface, which increases the elegance factor, and they are less curvy.

You can tap and hold to get access to gesture controls, excluding the volume control (use the Fitbit watch to set). A microphone on the bottom of the stem gets used for active noise cancellation as well as accepting calls.

The earbuds are IPX4 rated, so they are well suited for exercising and keeping sweat away from your earbuds.

The earphones hold up to four hours on one charge, while the charging case provides an extra 16 hours of listening time.

+ Pros:

  • Robust audio output with deep bass
  • Many possibilities for in-channel earbuds

- Cons:

  • Average noise canceling
  • Short runtime of the battery

Bose QC 35 II – Best noise-canceling over-ear for Fitbit

6. Bose QC 35 II – Best noise-canceling over-ear for Fitbit

There are a lot of reasons why we believe and feel that they are a superb option for the urban dweller.

The superior noise canceling and noise reduction provided by the Bose QuietComfort 35 II is impossible to ignore. In an urban or loud setting, they perform completely over the top and are tough to beat for their cost.

Besides their outstanding noise-canceling capabilities, they also provide a premium and detailed sound.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II represents a smooth upgrade from the original model. All the best features have been kept, while the newly integrated online assistance button is a welcome extra.

+ Pros:

  • Highly convenient
  • Individual button for the online assistant
  • Outstanding noise canceling
  • You can use both wired and wireless

- Cons:

  • The battery cannot be replaced
  • There is no mute button


Can you use headphones with Fitbit? Yes, you can. Fitbit works with headphones, earbuds, earbuds, and other Bluetooth sound systems. You can choose from any of these systems. However, we think earbuds and headphones work best with the Fitbit because they are much more exercise-friendly.

While there are a lot of reasons to pick up a certain pair of headphones, and the kind of earphones you want is really up to you in the end.

If you primarily use your headphones as a training partner, we would recommend the Treblab Z2. They have awesome audio, plus the price is an unbelievable deal for how well the Treblab Z2 performs in all kinds of settings.


How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Fitbit versa?

To couple your headphones with these watches, you have to switch on the Bluetooth feature of the headphones and then open the "Settings" app on the watch, go to "Bluetooth" and then tap on "+ Audio Device". The watch will begin scanning for nearby Bluetooth audio gadgets and show a list of those on the screen. Pick your gadget by tapping on its name. Once paired, a pop-up notification is displayed on the screen.

Do you have to use Fitbit Flyers with your Fitbit Ionic?

With one word: No. You might not want to use your Ionic to listen to music at all. In this case, not having headphones is not an issue. But if you do, feel free to use any compatible Bluetooth headphones.

Is it possible to use any brand of headphones with the Fitbit?

Yes, provided they are Bluetooth-enabled and offer Bluetooth 4. x Support.

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