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Stay Tuned In: Finding the Best Headphones for Cold Weather

Don't let winter ruin your headphones and audio. Read our guide to the best wireless earbuds and over-ear headphones purpose-built for cold weather and snowy activities. We cover top brands and features that conquer the elements.

By: Aleksey Makohon Date: 11 / 06, 2023
article image

For many people, listening to music or podcasts is an essential part of enjoying cold weather activities. Whether you're skiing down a mountain, running on snowy trails, or simply commuting in frigid temperatures, a good pair of headphones can keep you entertained and motivated. However, the freezing temperatures and elements present unique challenges for headphone use. Condensation, stiff wires, and quickly drained batteries can cut your tunes short.

Choosing headphones designed specifically to withstand cold conditions is key to enjoying seamless music and calls in the winter months. The right pair will be crafted with weather-resistant materials, optimized battery life, and innovative features to keep you plugged into your audio, no matter the weather. Considering factors like durability, comfort, and sound quality will ensure you find the perfect cold weather headphones for your needs.



Best Headphones for Cold Weather

35h play, 3h charge
Compatible with ALL devices
Active, T-Quiet™ ANC technology
IPX4 water resistant

Active noise cancellation

Our best wireless workout headphones come with Advanced Sound 2.0 Technology and aptX high-performance neodymium-backed 40mm speakers.

Ultra Premium Materials | Super Soft Ear Pads

They’re super-comfortable, made of high-end, ultra-soft materials that mold to the natural shape of your ear for a custom fit.

Read more about TREBLAB Z2

In this guide, we'll cover the advantages and disadvantages of various headphone types for use in the cold. We'll also make recommendations for our top picks for keeping your ears warm and the music playing even in the most frigid conditions. Let's explore what to look for in cold weather headphones so you can make an informed decision for every snow day and winter adventure. With the proper pair, you can avoid audio disruptions and safely enjoy your favorite tunes, podcasts, and calls no matter where your cold weather excursions take you.

Key Features for Keeping the Music Playing in Cold Conditions

When researching headphones to use in freezing temperatures, there are several important factors to consider:

Rugged and Weatherproof Design

Frigid conditions can quickly damage more delicate electronics not designed for the elements. Choosing headphones with durable, cold-weather specific construction ensures they withstand exposure to snow, sleet, and icy winds. Metal and plastic exteriors are more durable than fabric. Opt for rubberized, textured surfaces that won’t easily slip from mittened hands. Water-resistance ratings like IPX-4 can indicate protection from splashes and sweat.

Battery Built for the Cold

Lithium-ion batteries common in wireless headphones drain faster in cold conditions. Bulkier over-ear headphones allow space for larger batteries with longer playback than compact earbuds. However, some brands optimize earbuds specifically for winter use with batteries lasting 8+ hours even in the cold. Quick charge features help refuel when stopping indoors. Consider carrying an external charger in very cold climates.

Comfort and Warmth

Over-ear, closed back designs with plush, padded ear cups block wind while trapping body heat. Leather, faux-leather, and velour ear pads insulate better than smooth fabrics. The headband padding should be substantial enough to prevent pressure points from knit hats. Earbuds and in-ear monitors need eartips that seal out cold air and won’t painfully freeze against your ear canal.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 1

Crisp, Clear Audio

Sound quality can’t be compromised just because you’re outdoors. Circumaural headphones enclose the ears entirely for immersive sound insulation. Noise isolation and cancellation features helpblock wind noise for clearer audio and calls. Wide frequency ranges and soundstage recreate music accurately. You’ve still got sophisticated taste even in rugged conditions.

Stay Put Security

Choosing headphones that will stay firmly in place is crucial when active in winter pursuits like skiing or running. Earbuds with earhooks, fins, or wings add stability. Over-ear headphones should have thick, molded headbands that grip comfortably without sliding. Some sport headphones even have cord management to handle bouncing wires. Getting quality audio is tough if your headphones fall off on the slopes!

Considering factors like weatherproofing, battery life, warmth, audio quality, and fit will ensure your headphones function flawlessly even in the harshest winter environments. Don’t settle for less than ideal audio just because it’s cold.

Finding Your Best Fit: Headphone Types for Winter Weather

When selecting headphones for cold conditions, considering the form factors and attributes of different types can help narrow your choices.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 2

Over-Ear Headphones

These larger, ear-enclosing headphones are ideal for keeping ears warm while blocking wind noise. Padded ear cups provide a comfortable, insulating seal around the ears for hours of wear. Larger drivers in over-ear models also deliver booming sound. Popular cold weather models like the Bose QuietComfort 45 have noise cancellation to reduce distracting winds. Over-ear headphones work well with winter hats but the bulkier size makes them less convenient to pack.

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear monitors (IEMs) use eartips to seal inside the ear canal, blocking external noise while channeling sound directly into your ears. With no bulky exterior, they easily fit under hats and hoods. However, getting a good seal can be difficult with ear tips freezing. The small size limits battery power. Models like Shure SE215 have replaceable cables, extending durability.

Wireless Earbuds

Completely cordless earbuds are ultra-convenient and portable. Top picks like the Jabra Elite 7 Active let you easily listen on the go without wires flapping in the wind or getting tangled. However, the smaller size reduces battery life. Frequently recharging in the cold can be a hassle. Opt for models with wingtips or earfins to keep them securely in place.

Wired Earbuds

Simple, wired earbuds are affordable and provide good sound for most people. Durable Kevlar-reinforced cables hold up to pulling and snags. Models with noise-isolating design like Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK block ambient sounds. Without batteries, you don’t have to worry about charge in cold temps. Just be careful not to catch the cords.

With pros and cons to each, you can narrow your preferences based on sport, budget, features and more. Don’t limit yourself to just one option - having both wireless earbuds and over-ear headphones enables you to choose the best tool for each winter activity!

Top 10 Best Headphones for Cold Weather

Best Headphones for Cold Weather - Treblab Z2

TREBLAB Z2 - Best overall Rugged Wireless Earbuds Ready for Adventure

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

+ Pros:

  • IPX4 waterproof rating withstands snow and sleet
  • Flexible earhooks provide a secure fit for active winter sports
  • 35 hour battery life outlasts freezing temps
  • CVC 8.0 noise-cancelling removes distracting wind noise
  • Withstands sub-zero temperatures down to -25°C/-13°F

- Cons:

  • Bulky case is less pocketable than some earbuds
  • Bass emphasis can overpower other frequencies


Specifically engineered for vigorous use in any climate, the TREBLAB Z2 wireless earbuds feature a rugged build and design quirks ideal for winter weather. The IPX4 rating ensures water-resistance to splashing liquids like melting snow, while internal nanocoating protects the electronics from moisture.

Custom-designed earhooks crafted from flexible TPU firmly lock the Z2 earbuds into place during intense physical activity. Unlike smooth plastic, the supple rubber hooks won’t painfully press into your ears underneath winter headgear. Their ergonomic over-ear fit also helps block cold winds.

Providing up to 35 hours total listening time with the charging case, the Z2 battery outpaces most wireless earbuds in frigid conditions. QuickCharge technology gives you an hour of use from just 10 minutes plugged in. The onboard noise cancelling employs CVC 8.0 microphones to actively remove ambient wind noise for clearer calls.

While a bit bulky, the durable aluminum charging case protects the earbuds from crushing impacts in your pack or pocket. And the Z2 earbuds have been cold-tested to function in temperatures as low as -25°C/-13°F so you can rely on them no matter how low the mercury dips.

Why It's Ideal For Cold Weather:

The TREBLAB Z2 provide reliable wireless audio and seamless wearable comfort across a wide range of demanding winter sports and conditions. Their weather-resistance, stable fit, and extended cold-weather battery life let you focus on the action instead of your headphones.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 3

Sony WH-1000XM5 - Premium Noise-Cancelling Over-Ears

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4/5

+ Pros:

  • Industry-leading noise cancelling technology
  • Plush leather ear pads block out cold winds
  • 30 hour battery life with quick charging
  • Multipoint Bluetooth connections
  • Lightweight, comfortable fit works well with winter hats
  • Touch controls let you easily control music with gloves on

- Cons:

  • Expensive price point
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Large ear cups may be uncomfortable for some


The Sony WH-1000XM5 over-ear headphones represent the pinnacle of noise-cancelling technology and premium audio performance. Powered by a newly developed integrated processor V1, these headphones have the edge over competitors when it comes to blocking external sounds. The eight microphone system provides crisp voice pickup and adaptive ANC that automatically responds to your environment, eliminating howling winds.

Plush synthetic leather and foam ear pads envelope your ears in luxurious comfort while forming an effective seal against cold air and gusts. The oval ear cups are slightly angled to naturally fit the shape of your head. The headband shape evenly distributes weight for long-wearing comfort under winter gear.

Bluetooth 5.2 provides reliable wireless connectivity while multipoint pairing lets you quickly switch between two devices. Sony backs the XM5 with 30 hours of battery life, and a speedy 10 minute quick charge provides 5 hours of playtime. Touch controls keep playback accessible even with heavy gloves on.

While not fully waterproof, the XM5 build can withstand light rain and snow. Overall, the Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones provide complete comfort and truly first-class noise cancellation for uninterrupted listening through harsh winter environments.

Why It's Ideal For Cold Weather:

Combining top-tier active noise cancellation, plushly padded premium comfort earcups, all-day battery life, and intelligent features, the Sony WH-1000XM5 over-ear headphones deliver an unmatched listening experience regardless of the cold weather.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 4

Bose QuietComfort 45 - The Noise Cancelling Veterans

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4/5

+ Pros:

  • Industry-leading active noise cancellation technology
  • Weather and water-resistant design
  • Plush synthetic protein leather ear pads
  • 24+ hour battery life per charge
  • Simple button controls are easy to use with gloves

- Cons:

  • Bulky design less portable than earbuds
  • No multipoint Bluetooth pairing
  • Sound quality lacks clarity in treble tones


With each new iteration, the Bose QuietComfort over-ear headphones continue to be industry leaders in noise-cancellation. The QC45 model takes proven technology and optimizes it for better performance in any environment including winter weather.

The synthetic protein leather ear pads offer plush cushioning against the cold while forming an acoustic seal. Volume-optimized active noise cancellation uses microphones inside and outside the earcups to counteract external noise like bitter winds. The acoustic design provides immersive sound quality to distract from frigid temps.

The buttons on the QC45 are sized and textured for easy control while wearing thick gloves or mittens. Bluetooth 5.1 provides reliable wireless connectivity to your device. The rechargeable battery delivers 24+ hours of power and can function in sub-zero temperatures. The durable nylon headband stands up to squishing under knit hats.

While a bit bulky for packing, the QC45s are ready to stand up to the elements including rain, sleet, and snow flurries. For those seeking premium noise cancellation headphones with proven winter weather protection, the Bose QC45s deliver comfort and audio immersion.

Why It's Ideal For Cold Weather:

With weather-resistant materials, plush synthetic leather earcups, intuitive physical controls, and industry-leading noise cancellation, the Bose QuietComfort 45s allow uninterrupted listening in even the most severe winter conditions.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 5

Apple AirPods Max - Seamless Apple Integration

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4/5

+ Pros:

  • Excellent active noise cancellation
  • Breathable knit mesh canopy stays cool
  • Apple H1 chip enables seamless device integration
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Spatial audio support

- Cons:

  • Very expensive
  • Case doesn't charge headphones
  • Limited water resistance


Apple's premium over-ear entry brings customizable active noise cancellation and the Apple ecosystem's signature seamless integration. The H1 chip in each earcup enables easy pairing, device switching, and hands-free “Hey Siri” commands even mid-workout.

The breathable knit mesh canopy headband and memory foam ear cushions make the AirPods Max comfortable for lengthy wear. No heat buildup underneath winter beanies! Spatial audio with head tracking creates an immersive soundstage that surrounds you in music.

While battery life reaches 20 hours for media playback, there is no low power mode to conserve charge. The included case only protects and transports the headphones rather than charging. The anodized aluminum and steel frame gives rugged durability but isn't fully waterproof.

Overall, the AirPods Max offer outstanding Apple device integration, noise cancellation, comfort and sound quality. Just be prepared for the very high price and lack of weatherproofing in wet winter conditions.

Why It's Ideal For Cold Weather:

Seamless pairing and control with Apple devices combined with breathable comfort and surround sound make the AirPods Max a versatile high-end option for enhancing cold weather adventures.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 6

Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless - Premium Sound Quality

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4/5

+ Pros:

  • Audiophile-grade 7mm transducer drivers
  • Soft memory foam earpads provide a comfortable seal
  • Intuitive tactile controls work with gloves
  • 60 hour battery life
  • Robust metal construction

- Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Noise cancellation lags some competitors
  • Tight clamping force may cause discomfort


Renowned German audio brand Sennheiser built the Momentum 4 Wireless to deliver superb fidelity and dynamic sound. The large 42mm drivers with Mylar diaphragms generate exceptional clarity across the frequency range. Bass has impactful thump without muddiness.

Plush memory foam earpads mold comfortably around your ears, passively sealing out ambient noise and icy winds. The sturdy metal headband and nylon sliders feel built to last. Instead of touch pads, tactile buttons provide control while wearing thick gloves.

Pairing is a breeze with Bluetooth 5.2 support. The large battery delivers 60 hours of listening time between charges. Noise cancellation from the 4 beamforming mics removes lower frequency rumbles but falters with voices and high pitches.

Overall, the Momentum 4 Wireless brings Sennheiser’s signature sound quality in a durable wireless design ideal for cranking tunes to distract from the cold. Just be prepared to splurge for the premium audio experience.

Why It's Ideal For Cold Weather:

With plush memory foam earpads providing a tight seal and 60 hours of battery life driving sublime audio quality, Sennheiser’s Momentum 4 Wireless headphones let you crank immersive tunes to conquer winter’s chill.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 7

Jabra Elite 7 Pro - Well-Rounded Wireless Earbuds

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4/5

+ Pros:

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Good passive noise isolation
  • 8 hours battery life
  • IP57 dust and water resistance
  • 4-mic call technology for windy conditions

- Cons:

  • Noise cancellation is just ok
  • Only IP57 water resistance


Jabra's Elite 7 Pro earbuds strike a balance between portable size, durability, battery life and audio quality. The angled design naturally fits most ear shapes while the silicone EarGels passively block out ambient noise and wind chill.

At just 6 grams per bud, the Elite 7 Pro are lightweight enough for comfortable all-day wear. The IP57 rating indicates resilience against both dust ingress and water immersion making them rugged enough for most winter activities.

Battery life reaches a solid 8 hours per charge with fast charging support. Four built-in microphones employ Jabra's wind noise suppression algorithm to filter out disruptive gusts for clearer voice calls.

Active noise cancellation utilizes feed-forward mics but struggles with voices and high frequencies. While well-rounded for most use cases, the Elite 7 Pros lack some premium features found in pricier earbuds. Overall, they strike an attainable balance of winter-ready durability, battery life, and audio.

Why It's Ideal For Cold Weather:

Lightweight with long battery life and weather-resistant construction, the Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds deliver core features necessary to power through winter's worst while staying comfortable.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 7

Sony WF-1000XM4 - Premium Noise Cancelling Earbuds

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4/5

+ Pros:

  • Best-in-class noise cancellation
  • 8-hour battery life
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • Foam ear tips provide comfort and seal
  • Fast charging - 1 hour from 5 minutes charging

- Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Bulky case


As Sony's flagship earbuds, the WF-1000XM4 deliver elite active noise cancelling performance in a portable wireless form factor ideal for winter use. Dual noise sensor microphones feed the newly developed V1 processor to eliminate ambient noise across the entire frequency spectrum.

The IPX4 rating indicates resilience against splashing water from rain or melting snow. Eight hours of battery life keep your tunes playing even in frigid temperatures. Placing them in the included case for just 5 minutes provides 60 minutes of playtime.

The ergonomic tri-hold design and soft foam ear tips provide a stable, comfortable fit while blocking external noise and cold air. High-resolution LDAC codec support and 6mm drivers produce dynamic, immersive sound.

Touch controls let you manage music and calls without taking off gloves. With premium features rivaling over-ear headphones, the 1000XM4 are arguably the ultimate earbuds for undisrupted listening in winter. Just be ready to pay for the privilege.

Why It's Ideal For Cold Weather:

Unmatched noise cancellation, water-resistance, long battery life, and supreme comfort in an earbud design make the Sony WF-1000XM4 the earbuds of choice for immersive audio through harsh winters.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 8

Beats Fit Pro - Secure Fitness Earbuds

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4/5

+ Pros:

  • Secure wingtip and eartip fit
  • IPX4 sweat and water resistance
  • Transparency mode amplifies ambient sound
  • H1 chip for Apple device integration
  • 6 hours battery life

- Cons:

  • Noise cancellation lags competitors
  • Bass-heavy sound isn't for everyone


With an innovative wingtip design, the Beats Fit Pro earbuds deliver a remarkably secure fit and integrated experience for Apple users. The flexible wingtips lock the buds in place during rigorous workouts and winter activities where earbuds often fall out.

IPX4 water resistance ensures they withstand sweat and precipitation like flurries or sleet. Transparency mode uses the mics to amplify ambient sound so you remain aware of your surroundings for safety.

The Apple H1 chip enables hands-free “Hey Siri” access and instant pairing with Apple devices. While noise cancellation reduces some droning sounds, it doesn't measure up to Sony and Bose's algorithms. The sculpted acoustic architecture retains Beats' signature bass-forward sound.

For Apple devotees seeking workout earbuds that won't budge during winter training and sports, the innovative Beats Fit Pro make listening secure and distraction-free. Just don't expect the absolute best active noise cancellation.

Why It's Ideal For Cold Weather:

The wingtip and eartip design ensures a secure winter workout companion that stays put despite the cold while Apple H1 integration simplifies use.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 9

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds - The ANC Leaders Go Wireless

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4/5

+ Pros:

  • Class-leading active noise cancellation
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Unique StayHear Max tips provide a secure seal
  • Simple touch controls work with gloves
  • 6 hours battery life

- Cons:

  • Bulky case is tough to pocket
  • Bass-heavy sound signature


Bose brings its renowned active noise cancellation technology to a totally wireless form factor with the QuietComfort Earbuds. Microphones inside and outside the earbuds counter external noise before it reaches your ears, great for blocking bitter winds.

The IPX4 rating makes them sweat and weather resistant. The StayHear Max silicone tips securely lock into the contours of your ear for a close seal and grippy hold during winter activities. Touch controls on each earbud allow easy adjustment while wearing gloves.

At 6 hours per charge, battery life is decent but not class-leading. The bulky charging case provides an additional 12 hours but is tough to fit in slimmer pockets. Deep punchy bass gives music energy but overpowers mids and highs at times. Still, for legendary Bose ANC in wireless form, the QC Earbuds deliver.

Why It's Ideal For Cold Weather:

Proven Bose active noise cancelling technology in weather-resistant, wireless earbuds with a secure contoured fit make the QuietComfort Earbuds a great ANC option for winter.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 10

Anker Soundcore Life P3 - Budget-Friendly Basics

⭐⭐⭐☆☆ 3/5

+ Pros:

  • Affordable price
  • IPX5 water resistance rating
  • 7-hour battery life
  • Four built-in mics for calls

- Cons:

  • Bulky design sticks out of ears
  • Mediocre noise cancellation
  • Tinny, unbalanced sound


As an affordable option from trusted brand Anker, the Soundcore Life P3 earbuds provide respectable features for the price. While not exceptional, they deliver sufficient quality for casual listening in cold weather.

The IPX5 rating indicates they can withstand sustained spray exposure, handy for snowy and rainy conditions. Battery life reaches a solid 7 hours per charge. Microphones employ cVc 8.0 tech for better wind noise reduction during calls.

However, the large housings look and feel bulky protruding from the ears. Noise cancellation successfully reduces low rumbles but allows in midrange sounds. Audio quality feels unbalanced favoring boosted bass over crisp mids and highs.

For cost-conscious buyers wanting basic wireless earbuds that won't get ruined in the elements, the Anker Life P3 should meet needs. Just expect compromises in fit, sound, and noise isolation compared to premium options.

Why It's Ideal For Cold Weather:

Affordable price paired with sufficient water resistance and battery life make the Anker Life P3 viable for basic wireless audio while braving winter's worst.

Conquering Winter Elements: Tips For Using Headphones in Cold Weather

Investing in a quality pair of cold-weather headphones is only half the battle. Taking proper precautions before, during, and after use ensures your headphones endure freezing temperatures while keeping your ears warm and happy. Follow these tips to avoid audio disruptions and maximize enjoyment during cold weather listening sessions.

Best Headphones for Cold Weather image 11

Guard Against Moisture Damage

Frigid conditions can lead to condensation forming inside headphones from temperature fluctuations. Moisture damage is one of the most common headphone issues in winter. Here are some tips to keep moisture at bay:

  • Allow headphones to warm to room temperature before taking them outside to prevent internal condensation.
  • Use breathable mesh headphone bags rather than sealed cases to allow moisture to escape.
  • Place moisture-absorbing silica gel packs in storage cases or bags.
  • Wipe off snow or frost buildup on headphones before bringing them indoors.
  • Allow headphones to fully dry before storing them after use.

Prevent Battery Drain

Lithium-ion batteries used in wireless headphones drain faster in cold temperatures. Follow these tips to conserve power:

  • Keep headphones pocketed close to your body for warmth when not in use.
  • Place headphones back in the case periodically to allow batteries to warm up.
  • Disable unnecessary features like active noise cancellation when not needed.
  • Carry a portable charger or battery case to recharge on the go in frigid conditions.

Keep Ears Warm and Cozy

Avoid painful ear pain and headaches from frigid ears by:

  • Wearing a fleece neck gaiter, headband, or beanie over your ears, underneath the headphones.
  • Using over-ear headphones with plush leather or velour earpads that form a comfortable seal.
  • Applying petroleum jelly to protect ear tips from freezing.
  • Taking short listening breaks to warm up ears every 30-45 minutes.

Clean Away Salt and Grime

Road salt, dirt, and grease buildup can damage headphones after winter outdoor use.

  • Use disinfectant wipes on earpads and plastic exteriors.
  • Clean metal headphone parts with rubbing alcohol.
  • Use compressed air to dislodge debris from crevices.
  • Change removable earpads regularly to avoid dirt and skin oil buildup.

With thoughtful care before, during, and after use, your headphones will deliver reliable performance all winter long. Don't let icy conditions leave you in silence. Implement these tips so you can keep the music playing through the coldest activities.


Can I wear headphones while wearing a winter hat or beanie?

Yes, over-ear headphones and many earbuds work well with winter hats. Choose over-ear headphones with thick, padded headbands that grip securely without sliding off. Earbuds like the Beats Fit Pro have wingtip designs to keep them anchored in your ears under headwear. Just beware hats that fully cover your ears can dampen sound quality.

Do headphones work well in sub-zero temperatures?

Many quality headphones function in extreme sub-zero conditions down to -20° Celsius or lower. Seek cold-weather specific models rated to these temperatures. Storing headphones close to your body helps keep batteries and internal components warm enough to function.

Why do my headphones die so quickly in the cold?

Lithium-ion batteries drain faster in cold temperatures. Wireless headphones are more impacted than wired. Choose headphones with larger batteries or quick charging features. Carry an external charger and keep headphones insulated near your body heat when possible.

How do I stop my headphones from freezing against my ears?

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on earbuds and ear tips before inserting to prevent them from painfully freezing. Use over-ear headphones with plush padded earcups that form a comfortable seal without direct skin contact. Take short listening breaks regularly to warm ears.

Can headphones get damaged if exposed to snow and rain?

Prolonged exposure to heavy rain or snow can damage headphones without proper water and weather resistance. Choose options with IPX4 rating or higher for weather-proofing. Wipe off excess moisture after use and allow headphones to fully dry before storage. Use moisture-absorbing packs in cases.

Should I remove Bluetooth headphones before coming indoors?

Yes, leaving frozen headphones on while coming into warm rooms can cause condensation issues inside the earcups and electronics. Allow headphones to warm to room temp before use. Consider wired headphones if constantly moving between cold and warm spaces.

Listen in Any Weather: Conquering Winter with the Best Headphones

Braving the bitter cold is so much more enjoyable with great audio to keep you motivated and entertained. But freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on headphones not designed for the elements. Choosing an option with weatherproofing, extensive battery life, and warm comfortable fit enables uninterrupted listening even in the harshest conditions.

Over-ear and earbud models each provide potential benefits depending on your winter activities. Combining the insulation and sound isolation of over-ear headphones with the portability of wireless earbuds gives you an arsenal to suit any cold weather scenario. Implementing protective care and maintenance habits extends the lifespan of your gear.

While no headphone is absolutely impervious to extreme cold, brands like Sony, Bose, Apple, and others engineer models to thrive and function where others fail. Investing in headphones purpose-built for freezing environments allows you to focus on the action or destination rather than audio disruptions. With music, podcasts, or calls to keep you motivated through every blizzard, you’ll wonder how you ever braved winter without them.

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