First Earphone Choice to Run Wireless



  • up to 9h play
    2h charge

  • Passive

  • Secure fit
    with earhooks

  • IPX 7
    water resistant

  • Compatible
    with ALL devices

  • Entry-level sports earbuds with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Enhanced audio reproduction encourages and motivates
  • Designed to stay secure and comfortable in use
  • 9 hours playback from a 2-hour charge
  • Make and receive calls without interrupting your session


  • Entry-level sports earbuds with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Enhanced audio reproduction encourages and motivates
  • Designed to stay secure and comfortable in use
  • 9 hours playback from a 2-hour charge
  • Make and receive calls without interrupting your session



Hear bellowing bass, lively treble, and mellow mids, using only the latest technology, and get your body in tune and your mind in focus. What more do you need? Treblab XR100 wireless earbuds are totally made to satisfy your sports and workout demands.


Anatomically designed to achieve a comfortable fit, the sweatproof and water-resistant XR100 earbuds won't fall out no matter how energetic you are. So don`t be afraid to try them—hey are designed to be the best earbuds for running, so they will impress.


Swap from tunes to chats at the touch of a button. With 9 hours of playback time, you’re always ready to go. Isn't it a dream to forget about charging for at least as long as your workout lasts? With Treblab XR100, you will forget about it for a full 9 hours!


Still searching for soundproof earbuds? Well, we’ve got the answer for you. Ear tips will keep volume levels at an eardrum-friendly level. Say no to background noise and hello to blissed-out beats.


With the built-in microphone and controls, you can make and receive calls with superior speech clarity, and there’s no need to stop what you're doing.

  • TREBLAB XR100 Earbuds
  • 3 sizes of Silicone Eartips
  • TREBLAB XR100 Carrying case
  • Cable Clip
  • USB/Micro USB Charging cable
  • TREBLAB XR100 User Manual
  • Manufacturer reserves the right to change the package contents along with the product upgrade. Due to this, you may come across customers' photo/video reviews showing products/accessories that have been already upgraded or no longer included in the package. To learn the actual information, please check IN THE BOX section.


Ask a Question
  • compatible with laptop?

    TREBLAB earphones easily connect with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

  • Can I talk on the phone with these?

    Yes, just pair the earbuds Treblab XR100 with your mobile through Bluetooth and you can talk up to 9 hrs.

  • Application needed? Compatible with ipad pro and macbook?

    XR100 are compatible with iPad Pro and Macbook. Treblab earphones are compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and no special applications needed.

  • Do these come apart so you could only wear one earbud at a time?

    No you can only use them together as they are connected to each other by a wire. 

  • Are they sweat proof? I sweat a lot while running

    Yes, the XR100 are IPX7 earphones. Meaning XR100 will not be damaged by rain or even in the shower.

  • Is the sound output Stereo or Mono?

    TREBLAB XR100 headset has Stereo Audio Output

  • Why every time I turn them one they turn off even though they're charged

    It might be something connected with a battery issue. 

    Note that the maximum playtime (up to 9 hours) can be achieved when the conditions below are met: 
    - You’re using 60% of the maximum volume 
    - You have a good Bluetooth connection 
    - You’re not listening to music and answering phone calls at the same time 
    - You’re not charging the earphones while using them (the charging time will be much longer) 

    Please clean the charging port and the charging cable "head" with a small soft brush as this can be the cause of the issue. 
    To eliminate the possibility of a faulty charging cable, please try to charge your earphones with another charging cable (another power source/another adaptor).

  • What class transmitter does the XR100 use?

    The XR100 headset is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 (i.e. the intended range is up to 33 feet).

  • Do any of your headphones have an ANSI certified noise reduction rating? If so how many db's of noise reduction?

    All of our headphones/earphones are not a professional tool under any circumstances and it's not required strictly for them to be ANSI certified (unlike the headphones used in planes or in noisy production environments). They are designed to improve the overall experience while listening to music.

    Our earphones noise reduction level mainly depends on how properly they sit inside of your ear. The average value for all of our earphones is around 15-25dB. 
    The average noise reduction level of protective plugs is 33dB.

  • How do I replace the earbuds in XR100's?

    In order to change the foam ear tips comfortably, kindly follow the next steps:

    1. Put the rubber inner part of the foam ear tip on the top of the nozzle. 
    2. Rotate and push down the ear nozzle, trying to firmly "wrap" it into the inner rubber part of the ear tip, applying a kind of screwing movement.

    One of the key moments here is to gently push the earphone nozzle into the foam tip inner circle while rotating it back and forth at the same time! Kindly note that you don't want to push it inside too hard in order not to damage the foam tip itself.

    In order to change the silicone ear tips, follow the next steps:

    1. Turn over the ear-tip upper cover
    2. Rotate and push the ear-tip tube to cover the ear-tip pillar forcedly.

  • Where can u get foam eartip replacements.

    if your purchase is still under the warranty, please do not hesitate to contact us via Kindly provide us with the order details in the message and we will be able to send you the ear tips free of charge.

  • Is the ear loop removable in the case you would not find it comfortable?

    Unfortunately, the ear loop is not removable in the models Treblab XR100, XR500, XR800. However, loops are made of pretty soft and flexible rubber and the complaints regarding it are extremely rare.

  • Is the over the ear loop hard plastic or flexible rubber/silicon?

    The earloop made of flexible rubber for the best fitting and comfort.

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