Treblab RF100

Excellence in Wireless Sound And Look

 Treblab RF100 wireless headphones were made for real connoisseurs who demand nothing but the best quality sound from Wireless earbuds. Most advanced components, improved Bluetooth technology, Qualcomm's aptX nearly lossless audio bandwidth amid very low latency. The result is Bluetooth earbuds that sound very similar to studio quality sound reproduction.





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No Hype.
No Wire.
Pure Sound

    Rock-solid bass, super-crisp treble


    With expandable foam ear-tips


    Removable ear hooks for extra comfort


    With build in Mic


    Bluetooth 4.1 pairing in seconds


Switch gym to office, switch crazy beats to important calls, switch mood, switch location, switch priorities - RF100 will fit. With sound quality, amazing for wireless earphones, and water-resistant construction packed in stylish and secure design, RF100 are the trend to follow.

Sound + Style

The RF100 look amazing, but it's not just about the look. If you want to be comfortable and move undisturbed, you will love the practical no-danger-wires design of these bluetooth headphones.

Be the best you can be

Created to offer you a jewelry-like feel, the RF100 earphones look as stylish in an office as they do in the gym. Use the built-in mic for a conference call during your morning jog!


  • 1


    4.1 CSR

  • 2

    Bluetooth profiles:


  • 3


    CVC 6.0

  • 4

    Operation time:

    up to 9 hours

  • 5

    Charging time:

    2 hours

  • 6

    Signal range:

    38 feet

  • 7


    displayed on device

  • 8


    multi-device connection

what people
are saying about us

what people
are saying about us

In the box

  • TREBLAB RF100 Earbuds
  • TREBLAB RF100 User Manual
  • TREBLAB RF100 Carrying case
  • Cable Clip
  • 3 sizes of Silicone Eartips
  • 3 sizes of Expandable Foam Eartips
  • USB/Micro USB Charging cable

product overview

product overview

Treblab RF100
Treblab RF100
Treblab RF100
Treblab RF100
Treblab RF100
Treblab RF100

Treblab RF100

Premium Wireless Earbuds

High-tech design with luxurious metal plates make RF100 Bluetooth earphones a beautiful accessory you'll want to show off to your friends. While removable sports ear hooks and magnetic housing provide extra options to ensure superior comfort and security with all your daily routines.



  • True HD lossless sound
  • Stylish & fit: magnetic housing + removable ear hooks
  • Water-resistant IPX6 construction
  • Long playtime: 9h play / 2h charge
  • Easy switch to calls with built-in mic
  • Bluetooth 4.1: quick pairing, steady connection





free shipping on all usa orders!


Customer Reviews

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  • 01.

    How can I be sure I don't loose my RF100?

    There are three reasons to feel completely safe about that: 1) RF100 don't fall of when you don't use them, because there's a magnetic housing to wear them around your neck; 2) they don't fall off when you use them, due to securely fit expandable foam eartips, and 3) they don't fall off when you move intensely, because removable ear hooks prevent them from that. So, in short - they don't fall off.

  • 02.

    How can I register my TREBLAB RF100 for warranty?

    Please, fill out the form "Warranty" which can be found in the lower section of the website.

  • 03.

    Can I pair TREBLAB RF100 with my TV, iPhone or Android device?

    Yes, your TREBLAB RF100 can be paired with any TV, iOS or Android devices via improved Bluetooth 4.1 technology. RF100 supports multi-device connection and can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  • 04.

    What is the Bluetooth signal range for TREBLAB RF100?

    TREBLAB RF100 Bluetooth signal range is up to 38ft, you can use your earphones wirelessly at home or at the gym, without having to carry your phone or another device on you.

  • 05.

    Can I accept phone calls with these earphones?

    Yes, you can answer the calls and talk on the phone with TREBLAB RF100. Just touch the *HOME* button when someone’s calling and touch again to hang up.

  • 06.

    Is this waterproof, can I swim in the pool with them?

    TREBLAB RF100 are water resistant, meaning they will not be damaged by rain or even in the shower - but we strongly do not recommend using them in a pool.

  • 07.

    What is the battery life of TREBLAB RF100 wireless earphones?

    TREBLAB RF100 wireless earphones have up to 9 hours of battery life.

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