Bluetooth Wireless Headphones and Earbuds under $100

We design our bluetooth earphones to merge motion and music, because they are better together.


    Elegantly fit for your dynamic lifestyle

    • High-fidelity audio with aptX™
    • IPX6 sweat proof
    • Designed for sport



    Grab fun & run

    • Ultra lightweight
    • Secure-hold magnetic element
    • Sweat resistant



    True revolution in wireless headphones

    • Beryllium best sounding
    • True wireless technology
    • Portable charging box



    Exceptional sound + Portable charging box

    • Beryllium HD sound
    • X-Drop earfins
    • Water & sweat resistant



    First choice to run wireless

    • Designed for sport
    • IPX4 sweat resistant
    • Secure-fit earhooks



    Water-resistant workout heroes with HD sound

    • Up to 8 hours playback
    • IPX7 water resistant
    • Secure-fit earhooks



    Put some fun in your run!

    • Custom adjustable ear hooks
    • Bluetooth 5 technology
    • 9h play, 2h charge



    Your perfect sports companion is here!

    • Up to 9 hours playback
    • IPX7 sweat proof
    • Modified secure-fit earhooks


  • TREBLAB xRun

    • Ultra lightweight
    • Bluetooth 5
    • True-HD sound



Our line of sport-focused headphones and speakers are built to make your workout flawless.

Enjoy the convenience of wireless sound that’s durable, convenient, and with battery-life that will outlast you.

Hit the gym with our earbuds and experience unbelievable HD sound, water-resistance, and forget-they’re-there comfort.

Try our speakers for your next poolside or cycling adventure and marvel at how much incredible sound can come from something so light and rugged. With TREBLAB, it’s just you, the motion, and the music.

What pay attention to when trying to choose the best Bluetooth wireless headphones under $100

When looking for the best Bluetooth wireless headphones for yourself or your loved ones, what are you considering first? The price, the characteristics? Or, perhaps, you’re getting confused because you do want to pick the best true wireless earbuds and meantime not to break the budget.

What would you say when finding out that fully wireless earbuds with all cutting-edge characteristics can be served under $100? Let us help you choose the best ones.

Pay attention to who produces Bluetooth earbuds under $100

Do you know that plants assembling electronic items manually still exist? Obviously, it affects quality immensely. And they still sell them with nice misleading photos. So, the first step is to find a reputable manufacturer which stays behind its products.

At TREBLAB, for example, every single phase of production is being strictly supervised.

It is in the soul of the Productech Corporation famous for its brands TREBLAB and DICTOPRO. Since 2015, we are constantly and carefully selecting our production partners from among 100s of factories choosing the best ones to collaborate with. The representative of Productech visits electronics makers and inspecs them on every single stage - from pre-shipment to container loading. We also team-up with factories for research and development in the field of sound innovation.

We pay special attention to the sound quality, assembly process, durability (water and shakeproof) and other aspects from the 50-point checklist. The latter is a bible for every manufacturer.

With TREBLAB, you’ll experience what it means when the company cares.

TREBLAB does not only provide high-end audio products but stays behind them. It means we give you a 1-year guarantee, a 30-day promise of refund or exchange.

Check out the design of the best earphones under $100

When surfing Amazon for wireless earbuds under $100, did you consider how exactly you’re going to wear them? Or it’s better to ask what type of earphones do you prefer. Why? Because there are so many of them!

Let’s say, you bought the best in ear headphones under $100 (you read the reviews, did your research, googled the company, contacted support etc.). The shipment arrived and you discover that you feel somewhat uncomfortable. So let us give you an overview of the most popular designs you might see:

  • On-ear: these are headphones with slightly smaller ear cups that snug on the ears. Are they the most comfortable? It’s more up to personal preference. Speaking of the sound, they might allow it to leak out, but not considerably.
  • Over-ear: the headband and ear cups cover a head, and the cups hug the outline of the ear. These noise canceling headphones keep you immersed and isolate the sound to great margins.
  • In-ear: the earphones go further into ear canals which provides near-perfect isolation. The best in ear headphones under $100 are less likely to drop out of your ear when you run, jump or kick, which is excellent for exercising.
Note! Do not confuse with in-ear monitors (IEMs) earbuds, specifically designed for musicians and audio professionals and used in live performance or studio recording.
  • Earbuds: these ones do not go as far into the canals as in-ear headphones do. But they are more likely to fall out from ears. You’ll make sure that the best Bluetooth earbuds under $100 have fantastic sound quality as well.
Note! If you’re looking for 2019 best in-ear monitors (IEMs) under $100, be it earbuds or headphones - this is absolutely another category of items.

Examine the characteristics of affordable Bluetooth earbuds

So, what exactly should you pay attention to trying to choose best true wireless earbuds under $100?

  • Audio/Sound: Without weighing significantly on the wallet, the manufacturers of Bluetooth earbuds under $100 can manage to give you the quality of sound that won’t even expect. Actually, the sound can be super cool, like in TREBLAB J1 that go with aptx and cost only $40. Some headphones provide extra bass - for the same inexpensive asking price.
  • Wireless range: What’s the desirable distance you want the truly wireless earbuds to transmit? It depends on your needs. Do you intend to travel far from your music source or keep it in your pocket? The average range is about 30 feet.
  • Battery life: You’ll be able to keep them running for about 9 hours on a single charge, which is just impressive. Some headphones - up to 35 hours. Also, a lot of earbuds under $100 come with accessories such as charging case (super convenient) that might make your experiences super cool.
  • Shakeproof body and water resistance: It’s huge, this promise! The best true wireless earbuds under $100 have IP4-7 ratings, which is from water sprays to water immersion up to 3 feet respectively.
  • Voice Assistant integration: Earphones makers add voice recognition for Google, Siri or Alexa Assistant. To remind, it is still for 100 dollars! And, this also means, there is built in microphone for taking calls.
  • Some other goodies you’ll love about affordable Bluetooth earbuds, such as adjustable headbands and ear-hooks, memory foam ear-tips of different sizes, color options, USB cord, charging case, built-in microphones for phone calls, etc.

Decide on the most comfortable price for Bluetooth earbuds

Although you have the opportunity to buy the items fully equipped with the aforementioned features under $100, you might consider other options at a much lower price.

TREBLAB understands the specific needs of every customer. This is why you can find the category of wireless earbuds under $50 or even $30 with yet good sound, design, and durability options.