Wireless earbuds and earphones: must-have for running

Wireless earbuds and earphones: must-have for running

Running is not only about sports shoes and a bottle of water. There’s one more thing that will definitely help you not give up the idea of getting in shape after the first week of jogging. You do need to put on wireless earbuds or earphones. And here’s why.

True wireless sports earbuds “help” your mind

In the USA, about 60 million people did running, jogging, or trail running in 2017. The primary reasons were to improve fitness, lose weight, or enter a race.

To start running as a fitness routine is one of the Americans’ New Year resolutions. However, only 8% of people meet them, according to the research of Scranton University. Moreover, Strava, a social network for racers and cyclists, found that Americans are more likely to give up fitness decisions until mid-January.

Here’s the thing: if you don’t “help” your mind, it will tell you how hard it is to practice sports. But how to get the best of it? By focusing and excluding many other things that distract you. That’s why runners use true wireless sports earbuds to stay concentrated on music or interesting podcasts and not on hardships.

Three fireproof reasons for using wireless earbuds

These sports items are definitely necessary for beginners, experienced joggers, and professional athletes.

First of all, they are cordless. Who wants when navigating between steep paths to get caught in wires? By the way, you can pick earphones with tips or simple ones, but both wirefree for sure.

Secondly, their undeniable asset is the best sounding resolution purposefully for running - the true HD 360° Sound. The latter is intensified by a brand-new Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a bass boost function. Moreover, there’s also a famous passive noise-cancellation solution that blocks loudest sounds from outside. This perfect combo creates the best vocal experience a runner might have on the move.

Thirdly, all wireless earbuds are water resistant, and the latest versions comply with the IPX7 Waterproof Standard. That’s why you can see them as waterproof Bluetooth earbuds on the market as well.

What does IPX7 mean? If you drop them in water up to 3 feet (1 meter), they are still going to work.
By the way, the Apple Watch has the same designation.

Wireless earbuds are fave items of tech-savvy, pro sound geeks

Here’s why runners who are also audiophiles love wirefree earbuds or earphones - it’s about the quality of the sound transmission.

The Bluetooth 5.0 version significantly increases the wireless earbuds’ range, bandwidth, and other sound capabilities.

If you see them with the aptX mark, it means they have the most efficient compression to provide high fidelity audio.

The fact that earbuds have beryllium speakers represents one more advantage. The choice of such metal is not random. Among all the metals, this one contributes the most to the sound transmission.

True wireless earbuds fit in your sports outfit

The last but not the least benefit is most items have an ergonomic shape and look pretty in the ear. They make a sports look absolutely cool.

Successful racers would agree that sports is also about the right mindset. These items help set it from the very beginning. They also serve to level it up as long as you level up your sports goals.

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