Simple Exercises You Can Do at Home by TREBLAB

Simple Exercises You Can Do at Home by TREBLAB

Who says you need an expensive gym membership to get in shape? It is absolutely possible to get a general, full-body workout without either leaving home or emptying your wallet! With this goal in mind, we asked our fitness experts to create a simple workout plan to get in shape fast. You can do the whole thing easily anywhere, without the need for lots of fancy equipment. Once you nail these seven moves, you’ll be able to target all the essential areas in a few minutes a day.

    • Bodyweight squat
    • Push-up
    • Mountain Climbers
    • Plank
    • Bodyweight split squat
    • Single-Leg Hip Raise
    • Burpee with Push-Up

The routine is quick, and it will get you noticeable results. Stick with it and you’ll see—and feel—a stronger, sleeker, sexier you in no time! Now match this up with the right playlist, and you’re on your way! 



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