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Samsung Gear IconX vs AirPods vs Treblab X5

A good pair of headphones can be a life-saver — they help with focusing on work, sitting through a long commute, or waiting in line. Still, sports and running are the number one headphone uses.

By: Aleksey Makohon Date: 11 / 11, 2019 Updated: 14.05.2021, video review added
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A good pair of headphones can be a life-saver — they help with focusing on work, sitting through a long commute, or waiting in line. Still, sports and running are the number one headphone uses. With an upbeat track, it’s easier to run up an uphill street. Pounding the pavement without a pair of great headphones as a companion is just not the same. 



Truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds (2020 upgraded)

7h play + 4 charges
Passive noise-cancelling
IPX4 water resistant
Compatible with ALL devices

Unrivaled Sound Quality And Range

TREBLAB X5 use expandable silicone-tips to reduce outside noise so they can deliver clear, crisp stereo-quality sound thanks to the advanced 8.2mm drivers.

Long-Lasting Battery For Your Busy Lifestyle

X5 truly wireless earbuds can last for over 35-Hours with the portable charging case that can recharge them up to 4x with charging time taking only 2H.

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Choosing the right model of headphones for running may be challenging. There are many factors to take into account when choosing earbuds — including battery life, comfort, sound quality, and sweat-resistance.

In this post, we’ll review the most popular models on the market — pitting Gear IconX vs Airpods vs Treblab X3 Pro. You will find out about the pros and cons of every model and will buy the right one for a productive and enjoyable workout.

Table of Contents

  • Treblab X5 - Always the real thing
  • Samsung Gear IconX 2018
  • Apple Airpods
  • Samsung Gear Iconx vs Airpods vs Treblab X5

Treblab X5 - Always the real thing

Treblab X5 - Always the real thing

The shiny black newness by Treblab, the X5 are all set to get involved in the IconX vs AirPods skirmish. No doubt, Samsung’s and Apple’s products are heavyweights that have pride of place among the all-time best earbuds. But Treblab’s model is a highly promising newcomer that is about to deprive those of the competitive edge. To do so, it brings boast-worthy features at a fraction of the cost.


They are a great choice for running — they are compact, easy to manage, and offer an excellent sound quality. 

To figure out why Treblab X5 have the potential to join the Samsung Gear IconX vs AirPods confrontation, explore some of their features first:

+ Pros:

  • Unrivaled sound and call quality. Treblab X5 use expandable silicone-tips to reduce outside noise so they can deliver clear, crisp stereo-quality sound. They also have a built-in CVC 8.0 mic for unparalleled call reception.
  • Long-lasting battery life. X5 can last for over 35-Hours with the portable charging case that can recharge them up to 4x with charging time taking only 2H.
  • 3 sets of ear-tips for maximum comfort and security. X5 come equipped with three sets of different-sized silicone ear tips as well as anti-fall ear fins that conform to the shape of your ear.
  • Great Bluetooth Connectivity. Treblab X5 can easily pair with any Apple or Android device via Bluetooth 5.0. The connection stays stable within a 33ft signal range.

- Cons:

  • No quick charging and access to EQ

Samsung Gear IconX 2018

Samsung Gear IconX 2018

Samsung Gear lost the Samsung IconX vs Airpods debate due to the fact that this earbuds line had a well-known problem — a short battery life. Even a fancy heart rate tracker couldn’t make up for the flaw — that’s why the brand decided to strip them in a newer model. IconX 2018 might not be able to follow your heartbeat — but on the upside, it lasts for 7 hours. 

Comparing Samsung Gear IconX vs Apple Airpods, the former got a ton of positive reviews online, along with rare criticism. We took our time to examine the model — here’s a deeper look at its drawbacks and advantages: 

+ Pros:

  • Samsung Gear integration. You can use the Samsung Gear Manager to oversee all Samsung devices — including wearables, VR headsets, and earbuds. The app offers 4 GB cloud storage, sharing tracks wirelessly, and effortless switching between songs. 
  • Battery life. Samsung Gear IconX has 7 hours of battery life for playback music and up to 5 hours of Bluetooth, smartwatch, or smartphone streaming. The charging case is equipped with a 340 mAh battery.
  • Water-resistant. Samsung Gear IconX complies with the IP67 rating; the company advises against the use of Samsung gear Iconx 2018 in a swimming pool. To preserve the quality of your gear, make sure to dry the headphones thoroughly if they made any contact with water. 

- Cons:

  • Expensive set. Samsung Gear IconX 2018 is not the cheapest option for running — you’ll have to pay $199 per pair and the case comes with the headphones. 
  • To some, earbuds don’t fit well. The ear-tips are a little small for an average ear — it can move around as you run. 

Apple Airpods 

Apple Airpods

Gear IconX 2018 vs Airpods is a controversial debate as both models have clear pros and cons. On the one hand, the Airpods are hard not to love, with a sleek design and a well thought-out feature range. On the other, control and synchronization issues are impossible to overlook. Here are the pros and cons of this polarizing model that you would either love or hate with a passion. 

+ Pros:

  • Easy to use. When talking about IconX Samsung vs Airpods, Apple Airpods boast a more intuitive design — connecting them to a device is smooth and effortless. For one, the headphones will automatically connect to your iPhone. You will be able to track the battery charge of the AirPods and the case via a smartphone. 
  • High audio quality. AirPods transmit the sound clearly, yet it’s not too heavy. You will enjoy the depth and clarity of the lower tones, and high-frequency sounds are not too harsh on the ears either. 
  • Sleek design. The pretty design is a major vote in favor of the Airpods when comparing Airpods vs Gear IconX 2018. A modern-looking lid opens effortlessly, and the headphones come in and out easily. Ergonomically, they are not a 100%-hit, but they truly look as good as new even after weeks of consistent use. 
  • Fit the ear perfectly. Airpods are a good fit for running as they sit tight in the ears, don’t fall out with every head gesture, and put no pressure on the eardrums. As any earbuds, they have the inconvenience of requiring charging, but this is the trade-in for not having to put up with swinging cables. 

- Cons:

  • Large EMF output. Wearing the Airpods for a long time is comfortable, but potentially dangerous. Comparing Airpods vs Samsung Gear IconX, the former emits a higher amount of radio-frequency, sending out small doses of radiation. While there’s no conclusive evidence in favor of the fact that headphones lead to neurological diseases, scientists recommend limiting your Airpods time. 
  • Bad microphone quality. You might hear a slight hissing in the output, not to mention sound distortions. The Airpods microphone is fit for accepting calls, but not for audio recording. 
  • Poor Siri integration. AirPods have a significant delay between speaking a command and the voice assistant processing it.
  • Impossible to take out of the case with one hand. The lid will shut down unless you hold the case with both hands. That’s why taking the headphones out and holding the phone simultaneously is impossible.

Samsung Gear Iconx vs Airpods vs Treblab xFit

To make a definite choice of your next headphones for running, take a look at the comparison chart for Apple AirPods vs Samsung Gear Iconx vs Treblab xFit — it has everything you need to make an informed decision. 


Treblab X5

Samsung IconX 2018

Apple Airpods

Radiofrequency output

20 Hz — 20 kHz

20 Hz — 20 kHz

2db — 60 Hz

Microphone — 45 Hz

Battery life

Up to 7 hours + 4 additional charges with Charging Case

7 hours 

24 hours




No IP-rated water resistance

Sound quality








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