How You Can Benefit From Bluetooth Technology

The advent of Bluetooth has made wirelessly connecting devices incredibly easy. Bluetooth is a user-friendly, flexible alternative to both wired connections and other forms of wireless, such as WiFi. You almost certainly own at least one Bluetooth-enabled device, even if you never make use of it.

We’ve put together this blog to help those confused or unconvinced about the benefits of Bluetooth. These are just some of ways you can benefit from using it.

1) It’ll make your life simpler

Bluetooth devices connect to each other really easily. All you need to do is set one device to ‘discoverable’ and then use the other device to scan. Once they’ve found each other, they’ll pair automatically and be ready to use. Connections rarely drop out, and if they do, they usually repair automatically within seconds.

Compared to hunting around for the right cable, or having to go through the process of using password protected WiFi, Bluetooth couldn’t be simpler.

2) It means you can listen to music wirelessly

Bluetooth has lots of useful applications. It can be used to connect keyboards and mice to your computer, for example, or to share data from a camera or another storage device. But for many of us, the most important use of Bluetooth is to listen to music.

Wired headphones are an annoyance, with wires that get tangled and get in the way while you’re trying to walk. If you’re into sports, wires can be even worse - easily getting pulled out during a run or gym session. Bluetooth headphones change all that - you can listen to music without wires getting in your way. Bluetooth speakers are also fantastic, perfect for holidays or garden use.

3) Bluetooth is universal

Bluetooth devices are all compatible with each other. If you buy a Bluetooth enabled device, you can be certain that it’ll work with any other Bluetooth device you own. That makes it easy to upgrade when you want to. Most Bluetooth devices will pair with numerous others at the same time, so you don’t need to keep reconnecting. So, your Bluetooth speaker will connect to your phone, or your laptop, or your tablet, and you can switch seamlessly between all of them.

4) You don’t need any special equipment

Wireless connections that use WiFi rely on having access to a router. Bluetooth doesn’t. All you need is the devices you want to use, and you’re connected, anywhere you are. You can even turn non-Bluetooth devices into Bluetooth ones with a small, portable dongle, although it would be unusual for a device made recently not to be Bluetooth-enabled.

5) You have control over security

Like any wireless network, Bluetooth has its security vulnerabilities. But unlike WiFi, it’s easy to make it very difficult for would-be hackers. Simply set your devices to ‘non-discoverable’ and they can’t be found. You can still use already paired devices when you’re in non-discoverable mode.

Bluetooth has changed the face of wireless technology. If you’re not yet using it, you should be. Why not take a look at the TREBLAB range of Bluetooth headphones and speakers?