Brazilian Butt Workout by TREBLAB

Brazilian Butt Workout by TREBLAB

Looking for a quick way to build the derriere of your dreams? You may be tempted to just rely on squats and hope for the best. But if you’re serious about getting that Brazilian Butt, you’re going to have to work those glutes from every angle! Here’s a fantastic workout routine that will tone and sculpt your backside in just minutes per day. Each move was chosen by our experts to give you maximum results while avoiding injury. You won’t need any equipment, and the whole video lesson takes less than a minute. You’ll learn how to do the following three moves with perfect form:

  • Donkey Kick
  • Heel Sky Raise
  • Lower Half Lunge

It’s fast, effective, and easy to do anywhere. Best of all, it’s kind of fun. So put on your favorite tunes, turn up the volume, and get your butt in gear!


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  • Samantha on

    Hey, thanks for the video! Turned out very helpful. Will add to my daily sports routine. Actually I wasn’t thinking about music as someting to help me work out. Looks like it does, huh! It’s so hard to do stuff in the gym when there’s no music and you focus on hardships. Anyway your tools make sense for sure!