10 Best Apps Every Runner Needs To Reach Their Fitness Goals

10 Best Apps Every Runner Needs To Reach Their Fitness Goals

There are hundreds of apps aimed at helping you reach your fitness goals. But who has time to wade through them to figure out which are best for runners? Our experts, that’s who! So without further ado, here are their favorites.


(Free, iOS & Android

This app incorporates route mapping with some solid tracking features. You can choose among over 70 million pre-planned routes or create your own. Every route you map is saved, so you’ll be able to remember that incredible ocean-front run you took last summer. MapMyRun lets you track pace, distance, elevation, calories, hydration, and nutrition. It also integrates with many popular wearable trackers, like My Fitness Pal.


Couch to 5K

(Free, iOS & Android)

This popular app is designed to get you off the couch and on the road. Couch to 5K will have a novice runner ready for a 3.1-mile race in just nine weeks. In just three 30-minute workouts per week, it guides you through run and walk intervals, while the virtual coach gives you motivational tips. Log your data after each run, and share your successes on social media as you work up to that first race.

For a little healthy competition, you can see how you compare to the routes and paces of others.


(Free, iOS & Android)

If you’re looking for a social-focused running app, Endomondo is worth a look. Like lots of apps, it allows you to track your duration, distance, and speed. But it also lets you send encouraging messages to your running friends and compare other people’s times with your own. Create routes, track hydration, and set up push reminders to make sure you get out for your scheduled runs.


(Free, iOS & Android)

Want your music to keep up with your pace or your heart rate? Or maybe you want the music to set the tempo to keep you up to speed. Either way, RockMyRun has it covered! Choose from thousands of pro-DJ mixes, sorted by cadence and genre. Or set the station, and the app will deliver the right songs to keep you moving. A perfect mate for those incredible TREBLAB sweatproof earbuds! Coordinates with your phone’s accelerometer or any Bluetooth heartrate monitor.

Zombies, Run!

(Free, iOS & Android)




(Free, iOS & Android)

Compatible with over 50 GPS devices, Strava provides in-depth tracking and a wealth of social features, too. Just upload the data from your GPS device to store or share with friends. For a little healthy competition, you can see how you compare to the routes and paces of others. Find local running guides, races, and clubs. With Strava, you can feel like part of a team—even if you choose to run alone.



(Free, iOS)

Research shows the simple act of listening to the right music while you run noticeably improves both performance and enjoyment. WeavRun is a simple app that selects pop songs to match your stride. You’ll quickly see how properly paced music helps optimize your cadence, which actually helps you run further and faster! Don’t forget your TREBLAB water-resistant earbuds so a little sweat—or the odd rainshower—won’t spoil your fun.


Nike+ Run Club

(Free, iOS, Android)

This app provides all the tracking and motivation any runner could want. There’s personalized planning through their virtual coaching, joining challenges with other runners around the world, and integration with native sharing extensions, so you can share your results to any other app on your phone. You’ll have access to pro tips, guided runs, and other content like custom playlists.

iSmoothRun Pro

($5.99, iOS)

This is one of the most-advanced running apps available for iPhone. It sports an impressive array of tracking tools—from basics like distance and time to advanced features like heartrate, cadence, weather, and street names. If you love interval training, you can set custom intervals and schedule a workout plan that will help you meet your goals. All Bluetooth sensors and ANT+ hardware are supported, and it even allows you to upload your data to any other service you like.


(Free, iOS, Android)

For a free app, RunKeeper offers a lot. In addition to some solid tracking features, it includes personalized routines and motivational tools to keep you moving toward your goals. Once you’ve set up your plan, it will send reminders to help you stick with it. And RunKeeper shows the numbers that prove you’re making progress./p>


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